Very first Vlog on the channel!! We went to New York & had some really cool experiences! Also Jasmines very first Ultra sound + us buying our soon to come baby clothes!! 40K likes for the next video we are grinding for 1 million subs!!

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Fredo & Jas
Very first vlog on the channel!!! WE GRINDING FOR 1MILL SUBS!!!!!!! 40K likes & we will drop the next video!!!!!! LETTSS GETT ITT MANN!!! 2x GANG!!!
Nahysha Turley
I love you guys because yall do the positive and right things . I look up to u guys love you
Masked Man
22 ev
He posted on my birthday
Mickey Purp
Man that baby is so cute in there man wish u luck fredo& jas
Torah -123
Yo that guy who didn't tip him is a total jerk
Charles Corry
I punch that guy in the face
Adzur-dee Johnson
Credo realese when the baby comes out aight
asd djs
shout out to fredo for not putting a boogie in the title
Benjamin Rogers
it was a little funny😂😂but it was messed up
Chris gonzales
Like that hat
Ashiree nicole
you should get bigger sized shoes because even tho you'd wanna put shoes on the baby their feet are still soft and small....get soft bottoms my daughter didnt like shoes in the beginning
Fussey 2405
Yooo! I got followed round Central Park by some guy smoking a crack pipe
Tye Peters
But i still like the vid
Tye Peters
So corney
bambii Tae
Live life 💓 so happy
Austin Carti
Why this video still not doin numbers
Princeton Williams
I want the shoes
Nada Aweis
Come to Minnesota I luv y'all
Girllthattss Mikee
Fredo I want the shoes size 7.5
Jayden Paige
I want the shoess!!
cole midwood
Love to win bro best yt channel ig cole_midi
DV Vlogs and Games
let's help fredo hit one million subs come on guys we can do it
kyara cash
I want those shoes!!!!!! Fredo plz
CrimeTime 519
During the ultrasound what's the instrumental??
mj with
Riyonna Minor
Fredo and Jasmine I just wanna say congratulations for everything you guys have been getting, even through tough parts in your life's you manage to stay positive and keep smiles on not only your faces but mines and I'm sure millions of others. You guys are such a HUGE inspiration to me and you just make me wanna have the perfect relationship when I'm eventually old enough, don't let none of the negativity drag you down, and keep grinding your ways to the top 💯🤘🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️.
Kalen Sirls
That man was so rude
It's a girl
Deja Mckelly
Deon DaGee
Sha'mya Leverette
Can't you make slime blindfolded
Isabelle Patterson
How cute perfect couple
Mikaela Mendoza
When jasmine picked up those shoes and Fredo said wtf are those 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Business Marketing
Why would people hate dis vid
Business Marketing
Why would people hate dis vid
you guys live in Orlando
love the hat prettyboyfredo. raiders team
cShayla Jaccinor
the baby is a girl
The reason I subscribed is because Fredo is so nice
TheNintendoDuo 64
Casey Neistat not the only one in New York killin the vlogs🤷🏾‍♂️🎥
Which carti song is the beat from? at 9:28
jonathan Nanai
What was the first instrumental???
Selyne Valdez
that guy whofake tip him is rude a mean and wont help others in need
Mariah Erter
I was 55000 to like yayyy
Eboni Akparanta
I lowkey shed a tiny thug tear during the ultrasound scene.😂😂😂
Fredrick Kingdon
that was an asshole move what dat guy did
Wealth Hines
it seems like there pregnancy took a shorter amount of time than d&b nations
billy starr
Fredo such an inspiration
Shanessa Armendariz
I love you're hat
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