This is Why You Don't SUCCEED - One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

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Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, and social media addiction.
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Surprisingly insightful
Stop and analyse each and every sentences of his I bet you'll realize that much of his arguement is based on emotions(inspirational isn't it?) rather than hardcore facts ...
Example : People(teenagers) who use facebook more tend to be more depressed as compared to other users .. But the fact of matter is I don;t use much facebook but still whenever I am depressed I rather read books and listen to podcasts (admittedly for long hours) but no social media ..
Statistics maybe good to understand bigger picture (the patterns?) but remember our individual habits are based on so many fucking factors ..

I challenge the speaker to express whatever he wants to say in symbolic logic then we will be able to see how much of his arguement contains solid logic and how much the so called emotional LOGIC!!(a hokum)
Saurabh RAJPUT
indians r surrunded by their relatives like him
Ya Boi Bob Ross
My channel is better!
Bob England
👏👏👏👏👏👏 go to restaurant with friends ..and only one person bring a phone just to call Uber and take some pictures ....oh Lord this man is a such charlatan
Thomas Kilpatrick
awesome advice, remove the false echo and the sad stringy debilitating music...
Einstein said, if you read books too much, you will not think and ideas will hard to come out. Books? We use cell phone thats better! We search informations(bullshit)... thts why each day we need to stay away from our phone and think! Einstein said, logic will bring to limit , but imagination will bring to infinity... what i do when i away from my phone? Im an artist so i make new characters from my imagination.. and this idea can connect to other things! Im a coder too so, maybe i can plan what game should i make or how it works.. after commenting on this, i want to put my phone away, and let my imagination go crazy...
Did you add firkin melancholic music to his speech? WTF? Some people don't really deserve to have access to technology, because they have delusional ideas that their "poignant" music -- and "commentary" music -- and "listen to how endearing this is" music ADDS to the content. VIDEO ARCHIVE person? Yeah, you got 4 million views, but you also really annoyed a lot of people. What you've done is exactly what he talks about: YOU PUT A FILTER ON HIS SPEECH. It didn't need it, idiot.
Angus Much
Sanchali Roy
it's a great motivational talk...
Hummmmmm The facts ... Love this show and your guest ...
This guy talks like he's saying something SO profound, so original, something no one else is saying...
leelee 89
Imagine his phone rang
Thank you, this explains a lot in my life. I am offering a service I believe will help business owners promote
swoogdy songs
It is true it does take time to get good at stuff
CleverPlayOn Words
Its ironic that a video on YouTube made me realize that I spend way too much time on YouTube
Max Rocket
Is he frustrated?
Aidan Griffiths
Every young generation is complained about by the older generation of the time. Nothing new
Marcus Tapper
It sucks that after 2020 there's gonna be no more people like him
John Dizon
thank you very beautiful.
Emma Philomena
Well i agree learning patience is super important. But something that guy should take into account is that we are fed up with corporate bullshit. There is too much outdated bullshit in corporations. Make companies a more humane place that's important. Because millenials need deeper meaning. They don't want to be corporate drones working like robots till they are too old to enjoy. That's why many of us want to be auto entrepreneurs. Finding good balance between life and technology, alright. Maybe 24/7 emailing and expecting an employee to be super connected all the time is also another piece of corporate bs.
My alarm clock was 6 € 15 years ago and still works. With almost the first battery. Sustainable way of waking up!
Well pointed out a few things. Addiction to virtual world and the danger of getting success immediately everywhere.
But why that melancholic music?
Plisskenetic SD
They should cut that stupid piano music
I always worry about loosing my money, I have a small business, any advice?
Chiara A
I dunno about you guys but this made me cry.
Katie Toschlin
His suggestions of alcoholics are quite inaccurate.
This whole video is bull shit. My generation is under paid, under appreciated, and in massive amounts of debt.
The problem isn’t social media.
M. Muffet
<3 <3
Dave Mercer
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Pratik Patil
We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves.
kevin agee
he's not really saying anything. yes, some young people use the computer too much, some don't. yes, some young people like to job hop, some don't.
M Soundarya
Zorana Vojnov
He's hot dou
The music may not be required..
Jignesh Acharya
sakshi yadav
I am watching this video sitting with everyone waiting for class to start.
Soon we are going to have phones embedded in our brains and we will be able to check text messages through our eyeballs while talking to someone. It isn't going away, but this was still a good talk. The sappy music really hits you in the feels.
Ray Graves
Most of you think this man is right.
Your IQ levels are low.
I am 20 and was raised by a single mom.
My mom gave me everything. From cell phones to computers etc. I have a full time job I have my own place and a girlfriend I love. I learned that there is a superficial reality and is that if the cyber world. Unfortunately if you are a brat you will always be one. If you are depressed you will always be and that’s because you are gifted and lazy. And listening to this man is also an addiction.
Rick Meir
so true
Gregory May
$8 alarm clocks don't work very well - I had 2-3 of them.
Suki Gaddu
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing of our modern dilemmas
Sharon Austin
IM A NEW SUBSCRIBER TO YOU & THIS WAS VERY INFORMATIVE AND YOU SAID IT MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD, U R A WONDERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING SPEAKER‼️💯. I feel that ALL PARENTS & teens (born 1984 & up to present day) should watch this excellent video! I was born in the 1960's & see how many are born, feeling entitled! Do they deserve that ( U fill in the blank _________)? Probably not & as stated in this video it is true in many ways, thru no fault of their own. I've seen it time & time again, in the workforce, at the supermarket & out at social gatherings; it actually hurts me inside that I feel like shaking those parents by the shoulders and showing/telling them what they are creating. By this point it may or may not continue. I see lack of appreciation for anything! I want, I want! It is the parents fault to a large degree, that if they instilled the proper principle of life, as they grow, than by the time they become teens (and they w/be influenced by THIER peers!), they will at least have given them the social skills, they must work for what they want, if u break it, u must pay for it!

Life growing up s/not be like a Carnival, i.e., as I grew up in a welfare family w/out allot of money, ( and our economy today is bad) so my siblings and I walked around the grounds and would get a treat & we were only ALLOTTED X Amt. Of tickets to go on rides. We would talk & have fun figuring which one ride did we want to go on & why we like it, but another wanted to go on a slower one. We take turns, go together, we walk by exhibits and discuss what do think about what's inside the "Amazing Freak Animals, or the Strongest man & bearded lady). Dad would each pay for us to go in & see for ourselves & we would come out all excited to tell him what we saw & dad would ask us questions - THANK YOU MOM & DAD IN HEAVAN FOR TEACHING US IN SO MANY WAYS, WITHOUT US ALSO KNOWING IT WAS A LIFE LESSON! We would walk further and go on the merry-go-round" as a tradition, all together. I loved the speeding rides & did the tea cups with my brother, we walk & talk & get some cotton candy to share. We laughed, we talked, we learned & it was the best time ever.

Today, I go to Amusement Parks with parents & see their kids running from ride to ride! There is no time for family talk, they are so anxious to get on that next ride & that's all they care about! The tickets run out, no problem, let's buy some more. I'm smh- even the parents hardly talk to me, they are zoned in on THIER phones or watch the kids ride by. Parents sit back & to me w/out that interaction of "family time", the kids may of had fun, cried if they were too small to go on a certain ride that the sister wanted to go on, I'd have to jump in, and take the smaller one one a smaller ride, so this was hidden from the child, not to deal w/another outburst or tantrum. Give me, give me, give me. This annoys more than I can say. It is the same as when parents take kids to the mall, most times. Myself, being a step-grandparent, I would take they out to instill what I see lacking. I would take them to a movie & it was ones birthday, so we go to a cool tween store & let the Birthday Girl go pick out an entire outfit & we w/pick out some jewerly together to a accessorize. So I'm holding on to the youngest & told her that u know this is your sisters birthday & that Grandmom doesn't have allot of money, but let's get you something that u can wear to school tomorrow. I set limits as to what could be. I took them to the Amusement park & did exactly what my dad did w/us. Do you know that we all had the best time interacting and they tell me today how they will never forget that day, or the day we did this or that! Do you see where this is leading? Maybe it is the Grandparents who should intervene to teach and instill the values of certain things in life. But I'm a Step Mom too, so I see that at 25 yrs old that they don't know how to do a check book? They need tires for THIER car, but u bought them a _______ , on THIER birthday. Why not buy the kid tires and a little something.. Teach them responsibly! I blame the parents, cause what was not taught in school, the parents should teach them in everyday life! Husband's (2 & that's it! lol) have raised have raised good kids, but and it's just a totally different world today & I'm trying to catch up.
Dustin Jackson
Love it!!
Dino Kujundzic
I get it. Im 19. Of all my 19 years of life i was never addicted to my phone i did sometimes play on it but thats when i had it for the first few months then i got bored of it, i never had any need for my phone but....theres always a but....My friends are all on social media they almost never wanna go out always on the computer. But when they want to go out they want to go drink and get drunk go to a bar a club which i hate to do cuz i dont like hanging around drunk people its rly frustrating and awkward, and i hate alcohol. Although i do have an addiction and thats driving cars which i cant do cuz i cant seem to find the right kind of friend who likes cars and is trustworthy. My friends are the type as soon as i act out wrongly on them they would shove me out and not call me for days and even weeks. One time i got mad at them cuz they wouldnt pay for me ( i gave them my money!!!) and they got mad at me they thought i was mad at them i even called them later it was short skype call, and we were basicly not talking for 2 months cuz of something stupid. Do you know what i found out why they woulndt talk to me they thought i was being conceited and a narcissist who doesnt give a damn about anybody. Around them i always have to watch out on my choice of words and how i act unless i do that i will get shoved out which i dont want. And i am always nervous did i say something wrong or did i do something wrong i am never relaxed around them.
Influence Industries
Absolutely love it! Let's Influence the world together!
I'm so glad to be an exception to most of this. my parents didn't treat my like the second coming of Jesus Christ and taught me that life wasn't going to be easy, don't make the argument that I'm poor or something and that's why because we're middle to upper class. I touched social media once in my life and after a week never touched it again. I met my beautiful girlfriend at an anime convention and chatted with her for 3-4 months before she agreed to go out with me and now after dating for 3 months we're great. I definitely feel like I'm doing something at my job even though I work at the lowest possible tier in the company. The only thing he was right about was my phone usage which is definitely a problem but overall I've never been happier.
Matt Williams
Why does everyone laugh at everything when it’s not even funny? Lol
That was amazing
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