Why Hollywood Won't Cast John Cusack Anymore

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John Cusack has played some of the most iconic roles of all time. From Say Anything to High Fidelity, Bullets Over Broadway to Being John Malkovich, Cusack has charmed audiences for decades. But although the talented, versatile actor has been in the business over 30 years, his career isn't what it used to be. Why? Let's take a look back and see why John Cusack hasn't graced our screens for a while…

He called Hollywood "a whorehouse" | 0:23
Writing films | 1:02
Politically active | 1:43
Aging out of the rom-com | 2:55
Straight to DVD | 3:59
Critically ignored | 4:40
Things to come | 5:13

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moist faucet
i like the movie Cell....but the ending is terrible.
Jason Hallowell
Maybe because he doesn't totally give a fuck about money... he's had Kickboxing and Martial arts to feed his soul the last 30 plus years.
Linda Fuller
John Cusack... one of my favorites... would love to have a reason to go to movies to see a CUSACK FILM...
amy m
Better off dead. “ I want my $2”
Mary Magdalene
I like this guy
"Cusack is clearly passionate about the idea of Freedom of Speech" ... Hahaha, are you kidding? He is most definitely not.
Lisa Simpson Rules
present news prove that Hollywood is a Whitehouse an abusive place with loads of rapists and morally bankrupt people in charge.
John Gunnerek
I really like John Cusack and being politically engaged in freedom of press doesn’t diminish that
Cabo Dude
Hollywood IS a whorehouse. The truth hurts.
The_ Joker
Great actor! He still won’t kick the crap out out of these Hollywood morons
Jack Bull was great. His dad wrote it I think. Love and Mercy was great too.
Mr, Boo Boo 1972
People are idiots, plus how do we honestly trust the numbers. In the end.. I don't give a shit. John Cusack is an Extraordinary Actor/Writer, Director etc.
Jeff S
Soooo, according to IMDB, John Cusak has been in a released movie almost every year since 1983, and Looper says he isn't getting cast anymore. Soooo, that makes the people at Looper a bunch of fucking liars.
Billy Bobb
Who cares who Hollywood casts. He would not care. Get over it.
Markku Lankimaki
Just watch the shit show they made out of Stephen King's Cell...he's the new Nick cage
Pine Crone
Will always love John. God bless America
Jack Nelson
John, PLease, Please look at this, you idiot. What the fk are you doing..ur one notch away from acting oblivion...w the likes of Darryl Hannah...Todd Bridges..what are you in a eight movie contract??? Raven sucked...Now...whats this post apocalyptic, terminator ripoff movie thats out now...you are soooo much better than this..your acting style shines through,..everyone else ..are they really actors..DONT JUST TAKE ROLES FOR MONEY..IDOIOT..TAKE YOUR TIME ///BE PICKY..EVEN IF IT TAKES TEN YEARS..YOUR AT ROCK BOTTOM..SOON NO ONE WILL CAST YOU...IDIOT..
I don't think he's got much left. I just watched "Singularity" and I think it was actually worse than "Cell".
I'm still trying to figure out how and when Nic Cage went from "talented, award-winning actor" to "walking punchline"!
Paul Livesey
Brilliant in FROZEN GROUND. He got so into that character.
Maybe directors are afraid he will karate kick them?
HOLLYWEIRD IS A WHOREHOUSE A self absorbed house of hyperbolic over-rated sexual disoriented misfits.
A present day land of Sodom and Gomorrah
Matt S
Big virus going around that makes every asshole with an accent make a video about an actor
Peter van der Zee
and yet he is in a hollywood blockbuster.......eat dig channel :) reference singularity
Chris Burnsed
It’s because he’s a fucking cock!!! I met him in a suite during a San Diego chargers game and he’s a genuine fucking dickhead.
Kellie Arrowood
He is still acting this video is stupid
Eba Erco
I like your movies
Jim Workman
He's always been a exceptional actor. When the time is right and when it's on his terms now, luckily, he'll be back to whatever movies he wants to. He's totally right about Hollywood...but that's not the only place to make movies anymore. He'll shine no matter what he does next...
DVD Guy That
I just came here to say the title of this video makes no sense and to thumb down yet another inaccurate Looper video about actively working actors.
1408 is the shit
Simon Day
Looper should stop doing this. It's incredibly negative and quite damaging. This is just trash talk.
I lost some respect for him, I saw him give an interview where he was totally discrediting Jeremy Pivvenand you see Jeremy Pippen in a lot of his movies
gross 2!!!!
lessly carthan
$2 dollars
Its Joselyn
I love john, I love his movies. I think he’s just doing other things other than acting
Update he's got a new film coming out singluarity looks good to :)
...Because he uttered something to the right of Che Guevara?
Gerry Maloney
Well I guess you're wrong on them casting John Cusack because he's in the new League movie singularity so once again someone that's made it YouTube video is absolutely 100% wrong
Rick Turner
people hate the truth, it always hurts to realize your as bad.
I spent years thinking he was the cop who drank the bottle of piss in Dumb and Dumber.
Auzzy Friez
The Thin Red Line.
Jerry VanNuys
There was literally a trailer for John Cusack's new movie "Singularity" that played right before this video started.

It that is not the YouTube equivalent of a liar being bitch slapped, I don't know what is.
Probably reported some homo sexual predator.
Cusack's "Grace is Gone" is a very good flick. A father dealing with tragedy. Painfully honest and cathartic.
However he's right about Hollyweird. I don't blame him for abandoning that shithole.
Anton Nym
I loved him in Pushing Tin, and especially Identities
jesse villanueva
Great video! THANKS!
Nora Halpert
As it happens I never liked John Cusack. I never thought his sister or he are good actors. From my view point he stinks as acting.
Andrew bowlgarte
I like him more now!! Thanks
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