*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17

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If we don't count the stitches I got from getting my wisdom teeth pulled, then I am 100% stitch free. And all my bones have stayed in tact, thanks bones.

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Topaz 04
I was wearing headphones man! That was loud as hell.
I am a dot.
I remember this
cringy the flipacliper
james.... i have a story to tell you... ESPECIALLY THOSE DEAR READERS

last time when i was 6 i was walking down at my long stairs and i said to myself
"hey, why not roll to the bottom?"
and i think it was worth a shot
so i layed down....
Lazy Lil Animates
Harlan Pallado
When it's a Monday During a School week and that sound it's your alarm clock
The scream just sold it
1:01 the ovel is not connected right at the top
1:01 the ovel is not connected right at the top
StayPuffMarshMan XxxX
Click these over and over 0:53-0:54
Lulu Adams
The trampoline one happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I broke my wrist and now I'm cursed with a broken wrist for four weeks!!! 😭
Toast Toast
I can't find one comment without "that scream!" :\
Aenaes Ward
i tried tow pout my cat in the bath tub he scratched me to death now i have a scar on abouts my arm i think yeah thats the stupidest fing I've ever done to XD
The sfx Queen
the scream is me when a guy in the water park sliped one me and he killed me 🤣
The sfx Queen
0:52-0:53 when i drop my new bottle of body wash in the shower and try to walk 🤣
The sfx Queen
The scream is my new alarm 🤣🤣😂 realy this is my new alarm
The sfx Queen
0:53-0:54 the scream 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Zenya Deloya
how do you make it a alarm
Zenya Deloya
my sister cant stop playing it back she couldn't stop laughing
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant
0:50 - 0:54, R.I.P all headphone users ;-;
Andrew Parker
At 4:30 was so cool
liz :3
I was running at the park one day, And, Like The complete idiot I am, I bumped into something. Now I have a scar on my forehead :P
Baqar Zaidi
0:53-0:54 Godzilla has returned.
SirXAlot Paws
0:52 when you die in a game because of lag
Tam Kumi
reads the comments
waits for the scream
0:51-0:54 when you drop the soap
Eric Amaya
who saw that face in his twins hair!
thetexan gamer
Wow I have a scar under my lip
Dog Lover
I broke my leg with my brother's friends on a trampoline once as well

It was Christmas Eve
Bel_ For_Ever
Why is the whole comment section about James' scream at :50 lol
BiggerRo !!!!!
I was sleeping then as soon he screamed i started to scream cause it was so loud i had headphones on
Fayth Coley
We sorta have the same name
Ryan Phan
When I was like in 1st grade I think I was on the playground but someone pushed me of like a swing and I fell onto the ground and SPRAINED MY ARM
Jack & Kar Bleh
I feel bad for you guys
dead bear
James is running out of ideas
Flower Child
I have a line on my chin too😂
Riell Reyes
junior and vlogs
who else noticed the le lenny face meme on 0:00?if you found it,subscribe!!!
Legendary Beast
Acid Snake
And I still have the scars on my feet to this day
Acid Snake
The same thing happened to me when I cleaned my lizards terrarium
"I wonder if I can stand on that." I will never forget those words.
DEPStrider Gaming
guys that scream startled me
Zachary Thompson
No offence but in this video you sound like you are in a 📦
connor stewart
these are the times you need life alert
0:51 me on the first day of school
Daria Manzer
When is was like 5, I fell of the kitchen counter and I bit almost all the way through my tongue....... yea 6 years of speech.
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