*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17

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If we don't count the stitches I got from getting my wisdom teeth pulled, then I am 100% stitch free. And all my bones have stayed in tact, thanks bones.

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Leandra Kelley
i love his scream
C.A.T.Whisker Roblox And More!
Just press 7... Trust me
Łę çäptåįñ
0:52 0:58 my ringtone.
0:52 when it's the start of the school year
0:52 - 0:55 my new ringtone
Turun Ambartanen
"She was in a wheelchair for sic months, but these injurys are all understandable"
yeah, sure .. go ahead...
Literally haven't seen a comment NOT about the scream
replace when darth vader is saying NOOOOO and put his voice in it
who here tried to stand on a glass cage i did not lol sounds fun though
My name is Faith!
Shakir Siam
I was so sad 😭 when your are bleeding on your foot
Mal Pixelated
Alondra Hernandez
0:52 YOU IDIOT😂😂😂
Said Fayad
And thats how the 3 amigos somehow died off one by one...
awesomemaster 1
am I the into one who watch him scream like ten times I'm dieying right now
0:52 when you keep on getting killed by a hacker and throw your controller
Axron Gaming
TheOdd1sOut I have a scar on my foot
LucarioFanGirl 3
rip headphone users
kara taft
0:51 I laugh so hard I mean him screaming
Itz Scawr SlayzAndPlayz
0:51 me at the first day of school
Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 55, "Eroica" - Scherzo: Allegro Vivace
0:43 anyone else notice R.I.P. in peace? lol
Christian Valdez
Odd one: maybe I could stand on that?
John cena: are you sure about that?
OwenColinRyan Myers
0:43 why does it say rest in peace in peace
that moment when you stub your toe or hit it against a table....
Torin Studley
when I fell off the counter my teeth dug into my toungue and I have to live with it forever.
AJ Pennington
Skyler Nye
yaya so funny.OUW! thanks now i am def because of the screem.
Banana Chips
Snow Wings
0:53 that scream tho 😂 😆
The Best Channel In the World
Amelia M
there an be headphone warnings
kicx ho
0:52 my reaction to windows vista is dead
Dilophasaur Raptor
Dilophasaur Raptor
'I wonder if I can stand on that'
Famous last words
Gavin Dhaliwal
Wait I don't see how it is possible to bite your chin, did she break or dislocate her jaw or something?
How do you download the scream's audio
Umbreon Moon
At the first frame you can see a face in faiths hair
I somehow broke my ankle and it took about 1-3 months to recover

I was so popular

Jordan Panevski
0:52 when there isn't any bacon at the store
Sude P
ur screem XD LOL
firedragon 3344
i need a 1 hour version of 00:53
i was in a water park last week and a guy in a slide thought it would be cool to jump to gain some speed. He hit his head 3 times and fainted in the pool (and obviously the water became red after that)
95% About james scream
5% something actually intersrting
Angie Combs
my sister had glass in her foot too and she still says sometimes it hurts
Isadora Rojas
The same thing that happend to your sis happend to me but in the lips
Isadora Rojas
The same thing that happend to your sis happend to me but in the lips
Sheeps can fly
1:01 same bro same
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