*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17

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If we don't count the stitches I got from getting my wisdom teeth pulled, then I am 100% stitch free. And all my bones have stayed in tact, thanks bones.

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What The Man
When you see your parents having sex
Icy Gaming
OK I'm just throwing that out there OK. RIP HEADPHONE USERS!!!
NewN4ME Gaming
Teacher : theres math test tommorrow

Me : 0:52
Teresa Hernandez
0:52 is the best part
That One Random Bystander
0:52 Me when I realize it's Monday
No One
0:52 when i set a alarm for 1 PM but you its goes on 1 AM
Fire Lord0h
Anyone watching in 2017
Fire Lord0h
Guwuys youoriror bwoincing meh to hiiiiighg imam gon-hdnds
Naruni ABC
Kirk Bertrand
0:52 when u see a spider in the shower
Raichu Games
That's how he will sound if he wants to go sayain
0:52 when I found out that my girlfriend was dating meh brother.
Hope&Haven MacK
I laughed SO HARD at the time you screamed when u hurt/stood on da glass! Lol
Camden Sterling
Love you odd1sout
Winter Gold
My friend got hurt by a trampoline
Paranormal artist
Any man can dig a hole but it takes a real man to apologize
shirley coker
the scream ain’t that satisfying
XxMichaelxX Myers
3:14 Best
Dark Assassin634
holly krehl
When you get friend zoned 0:52
Blue Fire
0:52. R.I.P headphone users ears
Blue Fire
90% of the people commented of 0:52 10% commented random things
ArchoReggie and StanleySausage Ultimate gamers
Sisters hari
ArchoReggie and StanleySausage Ultimate gamers
0:01 look at sisters fair
PanPanAnimation Tang
0:52 My life in one scream
Sparkly Snail
I found my new alarm
Just A Little Puffball On Clouds
Me when I stabbed myself with glass 0:52
0:52 When you hit million of sub
Mariana Cuteness

99 percent of the people are commenting about the scream
15 percent of the people are commeting about something else


calls random number

Person:*hangs up*

Liloso 19
0:52 when it’s time for school and I don’t wanna wake up
I was running track at at the end I had to walk back to my school I was sliding my arm on this sling and at the end of the railing there’s a random sharp blade thing and my palm just sliced through it and that was when I yelled the f word for the first time. That happened like a year ago and I still have the scar.
Evie McKean
Who here is supposed to be doing home work?
Sajahd Alkinani
YouTube watcher
Watched this 3 Times
It’s so funny
Dulguun Ch
That sound to funny
Iskandar Walker
i love the james is scream
When you have that evil old sub teacher 0:52
shirley coker
Kaylii Jara
This is why my brother is obsessed with your channel. You have earned a subscriber!
Hey it's not as bad as mine, I nearly lost four toes when I was 6 years old you see I had this bad habit, of climbing out windows and walking around our house, so I did it one morning and we had taken down our storm windows because I don't remember but they were leaning against the house and had blown over during the night right directly into the middle of my path, I didn't want to walk around but I didn't want to go the other way, they were too heavy for me to lift at 6 years old so I thought hey can I walk over this? So I walked over and when I got around about halfway it broke in half, there was a slab of glass on top of my foot and the other was underneath it I carefully pulled out my foot the way it came and lived my way in the house and getting to our dining room I asked my brother who was in the living room hey bro? Where's Mom? When he asked why I said I accidentally cut open my foot, then he got up to examine the damage that he walked he rushed over upon seeing me bleeding all over the floor and carried me to the bathroom to where my mom was cleaning the bathtub, after washing my foot and making sure that they got most of the glass out, they took me to the hospital and I had to get 18 stitches, the doctor said that if I hadn't pulled it out the way I did I would have lost four of my toes, and so that's my story
Kendrick Brown
0:56 when you see how much homework you have
Triple threat The Triplestrykehybrid
0:01 (see the face
GD Krack
I have lines on my chin cuz one day I was watching tv (btw I was like I dunno, 5 yrs old) and I saw some crazy guy kick someone in the face and then I thought I was really good at karate and I tried to kick really high but the floor was wet and I slipped and fell on my chin and it started bleeding like crazy. Then in another hour I went to get stitches xD
Go Viral !
0:52 when you think its still sunday but its monday
KittyMeowUnicorn928 ;3
Omg at the first story at the beginning that happened to me I slipped an my teeth dug through my lip and now I have a scar there too
Unicornhugger 05
0:52 Me on Monday mornings 😂😂😂😂😂
F.3.ZeWrichkingW123 King
O:52 when you crash a new car
fashionette dominguez
I subscribed jams
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