Giving Away All My Money


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This was an interesting and new video to make for me. Although, I've given away "more" money in the past, I've never given away 100% of my money. I intentionally gave it to the people I gave it to in the video, knowing that where I'm giving my money is where my heart is going. I want my heart to go to any and all strangers because that is who my videos deal with. If my heart goes toward strangers more, maybe I'll be less inclined to be inconsiderate in my future videos. Then there's also the poor people and the ministry I gave to, which is where I also want my heart to go toward more so.

Wow man your a awesome guy I can't believe you did that but yet again I can because I kind of do the same sometimes, I don't just go and give it out but I help with a Lil here and there or maybe if I see some one down and they need a Lil help to pick them back up. I wish I can meet you but I'm moving Friday to NC, any way man I love all your videos I give them all a thumbs up before I even start to watch them lol keep up the good work man.
Christian Howard
2:42 I'm dead.
Jarred Shep
6:55 I hear the pain in your voice hahaha. Good for you man, I know how it feels to do this.
I always see the homeless guy sitting there literally every single day (The guy that got 80 dollars)
Disfigure TV
God damn these videos crack me up
JustForFun HD
Is it just me? Or does he look like Paul walker?
Steven Holder
Cole is baked out of his mind🤣🤣
Carter M-C
I don't normally comment, but I want to help you blow up as much as possible. I liked and now commented, best of luck.
eldar ksa
This money will return to u doubled
LMFAO @ 4:02 !!!
its sick that u got the 'cherdley' T on charles ;)
Christopher R.
Everyone make sure to click on the ads and visit their websites on all of Charles videos
Nick Carlock
I live in your area and I've been trying to find you for soooo long all the places are familiar
Another Level of awesome
The first guy was not homeless or poor
post on your main acc instead of this one
Such a beautiful soul.
Gmoney Records
Can you please do a video where you go to drive thrus and just talk like a idiot it's funny as fuck
joel gaul
really cool
Jacob Helton
Charles I really hope a collab with Cherdley's is on its way...
howlongcanimakethistoo wasteyourtimekeepreading
Wow i recently got fired from that burger king that lucky sob gotta meet u i wanna me u man im jealous
The Cherdleys impression was golden lmao
Patrick Mahoney
Do you have an obsession with cherdleys or something?
captain obvious
"get outta here"

walks away
man dingo
Should've got some Pussy
When he gave that homeless man the money and he said get outta here and he said ok😂😂and walked of😂
The Original Kool-Aid Man
Love the Cherdley's shirt
Elijah L.
Did nobody tell him about the YouTube ad boycott?
Laura Sanchez
"get outta here"
"okay, sorry"
You've got a million dollar smile, boy. 8:19 and I'm dead. I kept replaying that moment tbh. ^^ <3
Hopefully this will make your day. I know this vid made mine. :))
Colin Burke
Whoever tf disliked this is a sweaty cunt
Rogue Lyrics
Astounded homeless man who received money: "Get outta here..."
Ross: "Okay... sorry."

Jack Sherwood
"Get outa here" ... "ok .... Sorry " 😆
Play Boy Agent
Always getting scammed
MaGoddess [Creative Commons]
hey that's too much money
You should come to plant city/Lakeland/Tampa you live so close to me it's crazy.
This channel is going to blow the fuck up so soon.
Cole Smith
Did you see that at 4:13
Randal TheVandal
I love your comments... He said "get outta here" and you go "Okay ill leave"
Troy S
God bless you
I'm Gary
Chris is forming
You should do cutting peoples kite string prank
Brennan Hammons
You and danny together is the funniest thing i've ever seen.
1 Mil
Does he put ads on his vids?
Austin Wonkovich
I see my boi Danile bulls at the skate park doing that Ollie for money!!!!!! #danilebulls look him up Ross that the kid doing the Ollie
Only the Facts
Get out of here
yummy blumpkins
Hey ross how often do you do this stuff off of camera
Clayton Bratcher
Crap dude I just got scammed again
You are my favorite
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