DEADLY Sea Snake Encounter!

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On this episode Coyote discovers an extremely deadly Sea Snake marooned in a shallow tide pool! 

Capable of killing a human being with a single bite, the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake is one of the worlds most toxic reptiles! So when Coyote handles one for the first time he has to be more careful than EVER…one “slip” and it could be all over for him in the blink of an eye! Scary stuff! 

So will Coyote survive yet another deadly encounter or will his luck run out?

Get ready to see what happens on this very first episode of Beyond the Tide! 

Our new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! 

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! 

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Doni Amer
Try handling a black african mamba
Elite Beast25
when he fell I thought his shoe was the snake
Nnnioy The Pumpkin
Meghan em E.M.
coyote: risking death purposely
me: trying not to step on a Lego

Picks up sea snake in net, gets super excited and slips. Causing him to fall back and flip the net up and directly towards his face. Luckily it got caught in the net's slack.

Show almost ended right there folks.
I wish I was an exotic sea creature stranded in the tide waiting to be handled by Coyote. Weird? Ok.
Alden Marcos
Can you handle a belcher's sea snake?
Catherine Prieto
Snakes are awesome
Allison Crawford
this is better than most shows on discovery/ animal planet
TheCleveReaper Gaming
I hate and I will. Hand. A. Snake beat it for 2 hours and then shoot it in the head
TheCleveReaper Gaming
I hate and I will. Hand. A. Snake beat it for 2 hours and then shoot it in the head
Hoofflepoofer 274
"This is the most lethal snake species"
picks it up
Pug Potato Chips
Is it just me, or do I think the hermit crab, baby puffer fish, yellow belly snake, and baby octopus are cute
Sunny D!
your so awesome coyote!
amellia Mandina
fatma almeri
your welcome 3:27
how does a python react on sea?
Paschall Anna
I love snakes 💝
Lirai Fox
It's an eel! Oh no it's a snake! *happy* Oh it's deadly! *happiness intensifies**tears of joy*
rarest? i saw a see snake soooo close to my feet at a tide pool in sta. ana philippines! atleast i think it was a sea snake. it was orange and white striped and about 1 and 1/2 feet long. as long as i saw it, i ran soo quick i didn't even care if i slipped(which i did many times and got me some cuts). do sea snakes attack humans?
Janiyah Lair
what if the snake get eaten by a shark
TheZayProduction Upton
I like 🐍 snakes
Sarah CM
I'm sick and no one show me love 😭😭🤒🤒
Patrick William
I went fishing in a pond in Texas and I believe I saw an aquatic coral snake
Evelyn Claeys
I love snakes and the most I love is the Sea snake
Alyssa Brewer
Beyond the tide is my absolute favorite of your series!
Age First
Lots of dumbasses hitting the dislike button. This guys channel is informative, entertaining and one of the best.
morningstar nabong
nice catch
Mahra Al muhairi
what just happen to you
marcial duhaylungsod
are u kidding mi 3:36
Hernan Cortes
I died @ 2:30
Rachel Ostuno
Light Vision
You are a phony explorer but you do awesome jobs and make interesting videos, I like you.
LoneWolfEddy Bonilla
Aren't Taipans the most venomous snakes ever?
Pranav Zarekar
5:53 - 5:55 and 7:15 - 7:18 while underwater u can see a weird focus point . Ive seen these a lot while being swimming underwater too. If anyone knows then plz let me know .
Vinayak Maraj
Coyote Peterson and his crew is my favourite youtbe channel!

Luis Serrano
Some random chick to Coyote- "Is that a snake in your pants or are you just Happy to see me?

Ohh it is a snake!!!
Luis Serrano
This guy is awesome!!! And I really enjoy all these little episodes. But I gotta say this dude needs a serious doze of some ADHD Medicine!! holy S#it dude calm your hyper A$$ down my dude... lol 😂
Nom Nom Snake
Nice hat man
Jaiyah Jardine
can you do a shark video about it
Caty Padilla
Are there more venomous snakes in the world than non venomous snakes or more non venomous snakes than venomous snakes
How do you put it back down without getting bit?
WHY would you release it WHILE you're in the water
Didoce The man
Last year my dad caught a water snake we thought it was an eal so we were afraid to touch it it was white we waited till it died then we let it go
Pro Robloxerd
I believe coyote is the only big channel that never clickbaits
Deh Fantastic Bois
This guy is a freaking legend.
Vandana Lawale
you are cool but I held a little anaconda
Annette Joly
I'm kidding you rock man
Annette Joly
You suck
_lover_girl _212_
u r the best!!!
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