10 Photos That Caught People Looking Very Jealous


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Adam Comedy
Am I being jealous if I make this expression 24/7 by this logic?
Renen Baskerville
Bitch you got hella fucking annoying voice is this ho high lmao
Dave Nix
these people don't look jealous,they seem to have a look of disdain on their faces
fuk u
Charlie Callcut
What a load of old codswallop
Alexis Ruybal
I subbed!! Can you shout me out please!!!!
Austin Whitman
no. most of us can't relate to the girl on the right. the majority of us aren't confused whales who grew legs and doesn't know how to get back to the ocean.
3:04 the face you make when you ordered before somebody but they get the food first
fuck you.
Franz Schönherr
Wave McKenzie
"That guy" is Jamie foxx 😂😂😂
she sounds retarded
Just Me
think im toooo stoned for these ones..
Joshua Zeidner
what was with the random star wars references in the ice cream picture?
Thure Christensen
Isn't all of these examples of envy, not jealousy?
Envy is when you want something someone else has, and jealousy is when you're afraid to lose something you already have to someone, isn't it?
English isn't my first language
philipp wilkendorf
Just watch the first 19 seconds of the video and you have alreaddy watched 10 fotos that caught people looking very jealous
Vanille Glaceau
Richest is always way too much talk/intro.
iron jeager
the one about being alone is definitely me with all of my friends
Derek Vartanian
the hungry one is me every time I see ice cream
Abhilass N
this is jst bullshit
David Ward
I felt retarded as I watched this
Florian Klink
I honestly don't see anyone looking jealous in the picture at 2:40.
Septic Soul
ur a shit channel
Anti Angelofmusic
I just wasted 4 minutes and 40 seconds of my life
Joe Wanish
you are all SHEEP
Caleb Sherman
You showed every picture in the beginning. Then you show them again. This time with unnecessary commentary. No. Bad.
Don't even joke about "forever alone"

this shits real bro and i've been living this life for YEARS
Kris K
If i hear "WIX , need a website do it yourself" I am gonna lose it !.
Jack H
00:20 ... lul nope nigga fuck off
Clemens Kindermann
For sure Sophia Loren wasn't jealous but found that Mansfield was dressed in an inappropriate way.
Allen Crowley
i'm envious that someone who doesn't know the difference between envy & jealousy can put this on the internet
John Macfarlane
Ya know what the richest? FUCK YOU stop TELLING people to subscribe it will not work you fucking shit hole show.
Stuart Price
3:04 Chicken flavour?
Feather Butler
in that picture of Jamie Foxx eating the cake is fucked up!!! that's his little sister, who has down syndrome!!!
Loki Lyesmyth
This channel and these videos are fucking cancer.
Sandro Bilbeisi
it should be entitled " Very Envious " , not " Very Jealous "
Dan J
Andy Murray is the most miserable dickhead in sport. He needs to cheer up more and show better respect to those who talk to him. Just watch ANY interview he's done.
Jacob Voss
top 10 people who drink water?
Damian Madrid
This might be the worst video on youtube.
James Hardy
wow, your content about very not important thing really wasting 15 M+ people time
Mike Scan
Why does this only have 22,283 dislikes?
yesevil naes
can't believe the way you diss a girl who is bigger.. this video make you seem heartless and uncaring.. you lot are a joke.. taking piss.. tut tut
constantin barbu
so what if im fat, im still the strongest in the group and most others , strength of a fucking rhinoceros !
Thumbs down for scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Ok wtf am I watching
No Lies
Reminds me of 1920's black Wall Street!
Jon Goldney
Maybe take some of the crap off the screen so people can see the actual photos. 3's enough and I'm out. Ciao.
Holy shit this list sucks, just give up!
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