Angel's Melon Smoothie - Night Life with Beautiful Girl | Thai Street Food in Bangkok Thailand

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Hello Everyone., Welcome to my FOOD and TRAVEL Channel.

My name is Waa Usap. I live in Bangkok Thailand which is the city that has lots of Street Foods all around, I like to walking around and buy some delicious foods from the markets and Also I love TRAVELING and i would like to share my memory about my trip in this channel with you.

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michael nguyen
anyone knows her name ?
A beauty
hakim fahrul
a very High Quality girl with extremely very good shape and figure... very hard to find a girl like this these days...i think she will marry angels and she will enter the paradise and god loves her very much..
Duy Thai Nguyen
Carlos Gonsalez
I'll do so many crazy sexual things to her using that smoothie is not a joke !!😘😘😘😍😍😍DAM SHE SEXY!!!😋😋😋😋
Cantik, tapi gue ragu tuh cewe apa cowo yah ?😥
Trung Nguyễn
Nếu mà là gái Thái gốc thì đen thùi lùi mà xấu vcl luôn,nhưng nếu gái Thái mà lai với người Hoa thì xinh và trắng.
God must have made her with patience .
paopao well
so beautiful no dissapointed visit here
headly 6strings
Damn she is beautiful...I'm going Thailand...!
Tien Thanh
Nice tits
Clay Burton
60 Baht is like 1.30 GBP. Shit dude, Here in London you'd be paying atleast 4-5 GBP for a smoothie. Something as fancy as the Smoothie she made? even more.
jom perez
shes a man...sheman.!
i am gonna take her out when i get there.
ratty potter
the problem is that in thailand that could be a man..... also take the make up off and let see how she/he looks
May May
She is a woman 100%
Chris. Harfoot
I don't think for a moment that she is a man , and if she was what difference does it make?. She is selling smoothies.
Prapasorn Nontrawilas
Fuck y'all!! You're literally woman mate! Bc I'm thai woman as well Xx how you dare say she were a ladyboy! Coz she's not a ladyboy! 🖕🏾
Vitalstatistix Stats
I will pour the smoothie inside her pussy and then drink it..
zombieที่รัก 89
หน้าไม่รับแขกเลย ต่อให้สวยแค่ไหนก็ดูไม่มีเสน่ ไม่น่าคบ ก็แค่สวยศัลกรรมไม่ได้เกิดมาแล้วสวยเลยซะหน่อย
jkkumpoo khampoo
จอย น่ารักโคตร....
Marco Polo
Meh, whats the big deal, all the guys look like that over there.
Ten Eleven
That smoothie in the melon husk would cost a lot here but I wonder how much it cost there.
Ka Red
Gái thái dể thg thật... đa số toàn lai
อำนาจ ทรัพย์เงินทอง
michael de saint fai lan
oh so beautiful .i want to marry her....
I wish I had a girl like her to make me drinks all day
Alvinne Coles
Pervert stalker and creepy much? LOL
Correction please!!!

Angel's Melons (plural!) smoothie.......
instagram of the girl?
AWWWWWWW, I am amazing !
Eric Besmonte
So many fucking maniac here
aunty Joey
Nickolas MacLeod
She's the most beautiful thai girl i have ever seen in my life.
maybe she a man
James Sikdar
She looks beautiful than most of the Hollywood actresses
Sheen Petroleum
so beautiful girl
Adam Mp
Wuttichai watcharagomen
Man or woman don't even care if shim looks so beautiful
you're in thailand, it's a man.
I'm not sure if this is real or .....
Sergio Shark
i love you
Sergio Shark
i love you
Shardul Pawar
what is the name of the Market
Kevin Lau
legit real beautiful girl
Wen Hun
慕名而来 专门来看这位泰国小姐姐的 长的真踢哎木的好看
Comida Asiatica en Guatemala
Like if you thought it was your phone ringing...and stopped to video to verify it is not.
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