Family In Hilarious BBC Interview Speak Out About Viral Experience | NBC Nightly News

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“That never happened before, obviously,” Prof. Robert Kelly said when explaining the moment his daughter waltzed into his office, as he analyzed South Korean politics live on the BBC.
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Family In Hilarious BBC Interview Speak Out About Viral Experience | NBC Nightly News

Hazyl Strength
When the baby slides in "they see me rollin, they hatin"
오래된 차 오래된 차
.... white guy get all the nice girls zzz
le fric
I lose it when the wife slide in lol
Lee Bailey
We have the same name Yellow Sweater Crazy. ps (all Marion's are a little wild)
Oh they got the nanny too
chees burger
is his wife chinese?
Christine P
death to humans
Don't trust White People!
damn, son
Jason Eckard
God, I lose it every time the second kid walks into the room.
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