Ria L
his wife is beautiful.😍
Eyad Hussein
Hehe.. I don't care.. hmm
MsNandi Marie
Marion is amazing!
it's ok I find this family adorable ,these things happens
Marion is too darned cute!! Lol
Ariyal sirrah
man that wife! You had one job!!! lol
Hazyl Strength
When the baby slides in "they see me rollin, they hatin"
오래된 차 오래된 차
.... white guy get all the nice girls zzz
le fric
I lose it when the wife slide in lol
Lee Bailey
We have the same name Yellow Sweater Crazy. ps (all Marion's are a little wild)
Oh they got the nanny too
chees burger lady
is his wife chinese?
Christine P
death to humans
Don't trust White People!
damn, son
YOANNA8291@gmail.com yo anna @tokomo.ne.jp
Jason Eckard
God, I lose it every time the second kid walks into the room.
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