Jeremy Clarkson tries the meat-free "Impossible burger"

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Can this burger save the world? Meat is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases. Hence Bill Gates and Google's latest big idea: a meat-free burger made in a laboratory from plants, but which bleeds and sizzles. Now it's coming to Britain. 

Watch Sunday Times Driving columnist Jeremy Clarkson take the Impossible burger challenge.

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Captain Eagle
The thing is , meat helps your body the burger taste's like meat , but it's not meat , you still need to eat meat to get all the nutrients
What a cunt
Daithi N
What's with the subtitles?
James Baker
I've been there lol
and sat at that table
Paul Chaos
The thing is, most vegetarians go vegan because they don't want to kill the animals who suffer in factories or die purposeless because of it. Although it is a solid argument, it has one huge flaw: There are plenty of other customers who will buy the meat anyways. By not buying meat, you aren't solving a single thing
Kk Corov
"Look, i'm not a vegetarian, but if you are a vegetarian, you have to eat how i say you should."
"Psycho" is how you pronounce beef in my native language.
if i was to have a vegan burger or whatever, i'd rather have a veggie burger much nicer
lol, eat some seeds and shit on sandpaper
Meat causes greenhouse gases...humans get the whole species to extinct, which is more urgent? Dic*heads.
Daniel Santos
This guy is a hero !!!
Hally 4009
he then later went in tot he kitchen and smacked the chef because he thought it was slightly cold.
cooking with Berke
ı got a mcdonalds ad before the video
cr pk
i would not mind a veggie burger if it tastes good. When i was on highschool, my school had a meat restriction so we only had the option to eat burgers made of meat substitutes. It was quite good but was soaked in cheese, which in my point of view defeats the purpose of being healthier.
The burger was not fresh ? 10hours not refregirated ? And it's supposed to be a good news ?! XD RIP Jeremy.
phil hindu
If you are vegetarian why would u want anything to taste of meat? Just eat meat if that's the case
Panagiotes Koutelidakes
Fun fact: the cameraman not knowing was actually the right thing to do: that way, the cameraman is incapable of giving away which food item was which without meaning to, such as a sudden smirk playing across his face, a shift in stance, that sort of unintended action. This is how you actually run "double-blind tests" (and that's where the term comes from, in that the person assisting in running the test is not aware of some key factors which could cause the aforementioned sort of influence on the final results).
Anything Jeremy Clarkson finds uninteresting is like;y to be a game changer a few years later ( remember Tesla?)
TheTruth Spy
WAKE UP SHEEP, DONT EAT ANIMALS. ITS INSULTING YOUR DESIGNER. Govern = gubernare = latin = TO CONTROL, ment = mens = latin = MIND. Media, money, politics, history, education, religion, pharmaceuticals, ATOM, nuclear bombs, 6 billion population, galaxies, planets, space, space travel, ball earth, gravity, evolution, monkey man, dinosaurs, forests, mountains, volcanos = LIES. YOUTUBE - FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05 (first video), YOUTUBE - THE FLAT EARTH THE FIRMAMENT THE DOME ABOVE US (first video).
H Kay
Legendary Twat.
Scott Clarke
He's all for people doing what they want until it comes to food 😂
Some Random Guy
Cell-cultured meat is simply the future. Vegetarians need to stop pushing these awful meat replicas, and work towards the inevitable future of growing meat in vats in massive factories. Then everyone gets to eat ethical, delicious, healthy meat, for extremely cheap.
Roger Crouch
So they served him something that could have been lethal.
Connor Remnant
Why would a vegetarian want a burger that tastes like meat if they are avoiding meat in the first place😂
Steve Armitage
I love how Veagans and Vegewhat complain - get over it - eat what you want do not seek to impose on us what we eat
Steve Armitage
Its simples - I eat meat - as did my antecedents - get over it - we are meat eaters
Marcus walker
That restaurant seems to be cleaning free those tiles are totally disgusting
gaurav borkar
U know about this Vega shit that's come up I live in India and a solid population is vegetarian but I can tell you with certainty that it contributes to no benefits or anything the simple reason is that we have evolved in such a way that the diet should be omnivorous
The main reason why many people become vegetarian or vegan is morality. They enjoy the taste of meat, but don't enjoy the idea of killing. That's why vegetarian food tries to mimic meat. It's a way to give up less when quitting meat.
I love meat but I wont eat it because of all the pain it has caused my family. My grandpa ate a burger a day and guess what died early of a heart attack. Everyone I see in the U.S is fat and depressed cause they eat shit. I want to live happy, I don't want to fear going to the doctor, and honestly I don't really miss eating junk food. If I really want steak I can have one maybe on occasion, but I see no reason in throwing my life away just for a burger. So many health problems are from diet, the fact of the matter is most Americans are extremely deficient in the vitamins they could easily get from simply eating more greens and veggies. A real shame... American culture is drugs, alcohol, shitty food and an early grave. I am not a slave, and I refuse to be kept chronically ill because thats what my culture promotes. I want to live long and experience life to the fullest.
Meat is King and will be always
David Hughes
Eating meat is fine although people don't only eat meat as some vegetarians or vegans seem to claim (probably vegans, it's like a cult). You have to respect countries in Europe and other countries that eat every part of an animal. Countries that seem to only eat a small part and waste the rest of the animal should switch to this burger.
Coke and Coke zero taste the same, say no one ever. That why lab burger and meat taste different.
see you in the bathroom
I want this "meat" so bad. I don't care about the meat industry at all; it's horrible. But sadly, cattle will still be slaughtered for their body parts besides for leather. Despite the slander, like me, there are millions of Conservative Republicans who DO care about animals and the environment. This is why the Liberal Democratic BS troublemaking has to stop.
anast dime
All these fckin taste addicts.. i wonder if some body part of your mother tasted even more delicious than a beef burger you would eat that too right? Who cares about health, huge environmental impact and some billion sentiment animals that have same feelings as your dog and some of them have a bigger IQ than your beloved cat and dog when they taste so good right? Perfect reasoning. Keep shoving carcasses in your throat till you clog your arteries and leave this planet in peace.
The Narrator
The most ironic thing about vegans is that they try to make it taste like meat. The hell. You know it tastes bad, you know you can't get full enough, you know you want meat as your body tells you to eat damn meat, then you don't.
she spat on the meat one. the reason why she look inside xD
2:21 Smug Face
They should put that product in MREs.
He's smashed here.
John Lee
TIL - The British have their own word for parakeet.
I understand the whole thoughts behind not eating meat but... I mean they were born for a reason and without that reason they probably wouldn't have been born. Also the reason people don't eat vegi-meat isn't because it tastes gross it's because frankly they just don't care and if they do it isn't enough to stop them. So really the only way to get people to use vegi-meat is make it have the same texture(currently impossible), either taste the same or better, and be cheaper(BIG ONE) or the same price. Even then it will be difficult most likely because a lot of people have heard of tofu and how gross it is generally.

Although the idea of growing meat like from stem cells and what not actually sounds like a really good idea. We should really just invest money into that.
Dodo Bird
Why not just eat regular meat?
Duncan Bananatyne
eat like a budgerigar
They call me Mr. Bombastic.. xD Love him, man.. lol
Fleur Willems
Guilt scan button penalty grandmother army incentive close
Sgd On cars
45 years of solid smoking 😂😂😂😂
Tom Ricci
Flying Burgers from LA to London? Fucking wankers.
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