Jeremy Clarkson tries the meat-free "Impossible burger"

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Can this burger save the world? Meat is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases. Hence Bill Gates and Google's latest big idea: a meat-free burger made in a laboratory from plants, but which bleeds and sizzles. Now it's coming to Britain. 

Watch Sunday Times Driving columnist Jeremy Clarkson take the Impossible burger challenge.

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more velocity
Humans are herbivores.
That 'viewers please note - it was not fresh' at the end says it all. Case in point, it tastes nothing like a real meat burger. Real beef improves with age - clearly vegetables don't. Fuck cows ... time for another angus patty on a grill and then in between a bun! Oh and fuck vegetarians!
Magnus Anthun
Instead of calling people who eat meat the equivalent of the scourge of God, or whatever, try spreading the word about cultured/synthetic meat. Functionally the exact same as regular meat (without fat, though, sadly), but without any of the negatives surrounding the meat industry, and potentially far cheaper per unit mass of meat than even factory farming. Research into synthetic meat also opens up the possibility of growing replacement organs, eliminating both the waiting for an organ donor to die and the need for organ donors altogether. Hell, there's even the possibility of growing entire limbs to be used as perfect prostheses.

The technology is still in its infancy, but I only see one reason it won't replace regular farming altogether, and that's if people don't know about it, so please, if you want animal farms gone, spread the word about synthetic meat. Calling people murderers won't make them agree with you. If anything it'll do the opposite.
Alexander Kruszewski
is he drunk off his ass ?
Noah Harned
Artificially making something tastes like a burger is just disgusting in itself.
Chris billing
If its funded by both bill gates and google and its a food product get it the fuck away from me.
Chris billing
i would be able to tell
I would like to thank Youtube for recommending me this video about 34 times on the Home page.
Whats the Price difference tho
sten beetlex Darma
you wont be able to experience true actual vegetarianism without exploring Indian cuisine............... fake meat and salads will not sustain your vegetarianism, veg is a cuisine by itself, imitating and replacing meat products is not whole good way of surviving in it.
Wait what? He compared the "impossible burger" that had been on a 10 hour unrefridgerated flight to a freshly made regular burger? That's hardly a fair comparison. And if he knew that the non-meat burger had been on a flight for that long it's even easier to know what's what.
... Unrefrigerated 10 hr flight... Yeah, it's going to taste different.
Corey M
That is one big piece of meat
That's the thing I don't get about vegans and vegetarians. They say we're not supposed to eat meat, but they want all their food to look and taste like meat...

If we're truly not supposed to eat meat, then why do we need vegan burger or vegan bacon?
David Karasek
Vegetarianism fails when you try to mock meat. Just accept that you are eating vegetables and don't try to fake meat products. I mean, it is fine to do that as long as you understand. But if you are a meat eater, trying to go veggie for some fucked up reason, and you eat some shitty veggie fake burger or chicken nuggets, you will be disappointed. Just cook some fucking awesome veggies.
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
POWER!... "Go and eats seeds, sit on a perch and poop on sandpaper"
Meat wins, but the impossible burger really is the best 'alternative'. Mind you I'm not a vegetarian or vegan. Just going by the reactions on YouTube.
Anti Zensur
Veggie burgers are cancer.
There's no real point in turning vegetarian (anymore), vegetarianism is really just the bridge to veganism. If you want to really stop contributing to the mass exploitation of animals etc, and really want the health benefits, just go vegan. I'm neither of them, I knowingly contribute to the exploitation and suffering... (i'm a lil bitch)
I wonder how vegetarians and vegans would respond if we developed meat in a lab or created a non-sentient species that's sole purpose was to be a food source. Really curious if they'd still protest and rebel against meat, or if they'd be okay with it at that point.
I love meat, i eat meat, but i also love all other foods. Ill eat a "vegan" meal because it tastes good. Rice and beans is fuckin delicious and cheap. I dont eat it because i want to be a vegan. I think most people are scared off when vegans or vegetarians say "YOU CANNOT EAT MEAT, MEAT IS KILLING THE PLANET AND ANIMALS!!". Having a variation in your diet that includes eating no meat some days of the week is just smart. Im just saying, in some respect, vegans are taking the "magic" out of meatless dishes by calling everything that doesnt contain meat in it "vegan", and i think some people are scared off by it, when they could just as well be eating rice and beans because its good thats not a "vegan only" meal..

I have nothing against vegans, btw
Jag S
did he punch any one the dirty chav?
Nigel GS
my sister dated clarkson when he was about 20 years old. I remember he was an arrogant loser even then. my dad banned him from our house for insulting our black neighbours and my sister dumped him.
he couldn't even drive a car. he left our house in tears, on a 50cc moped. it was so embarrassing.
Nothing can replicate the taste of real meat
Josh Bellingham
'You can't say, 'I want my vegetables to look like meat.' Just a thought... Why do we want our meat to look like flat circles or cylinders? The meat isn't like that, we make it like that? Presuming because its a covenant way to eat meat. So the same would be for veggie food?
Michael Sheridan
like im going to listen to some fuck eating a burger with a fork give me a break
I don't get the whole vegan thing with trying to get everyone to stop eating meat. And I also don't get the need to make non-meat items look like meat items. If you want a burger, just eat beef, or even better, a buffalo burger. If you want veggies, eat veggies. No need to make the veggies look like a burger.
Alejandro Medina
Thats what i always said, why they consume : Veg Burgers, Veg hot dog/ sausages, veg cheese. arent you supposed to be a vegetarian?
I always wondered why vegans/vegitarianns wanted replacements that looked like or fashioned like their meat counterparts. Why not make something new and exciting.
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
Well at least he didn't punch anyone this time.. Lol.
No fuck you. Meat is life.
Black Moon
A "beef farmer" ...The dude is clearly from the previous epoch.
bilal awan
if you are a vegge u can have a vegge sub ,whats the point in making vegetables taste like meat.
I love the johns at the very end. You can tell they're salty about it.
Anon anon
The guys actually got a point at the end. You either eat meat or you don't.
Smokey Bean
Jeremy Clarkson eating a burger > new BBC top gear
John Yin
Taste/texture over ethics then Jezza.
basil fawlty
Anyone want a vegetarian pork chop?
Game of Twitch
right on!!
English Heart
Maybe he should go and eat in his beloved EU. Get his mouth around Juncker's Eurosausage?
Of course if you taste them side by side they aren't going to be identical. They aren't identical. The point here is a very close stand alone competitor to beef. There is way more at stake here than a bunch of carnivores getting their panties in a bunch. Clarkson is a relatively smart man, he should know this isn't targeting vegetarians, it's targeting meat eaters. For the greater good of the planet. Use your brain.
I don't really get it.
As vegetarians,
why do you even want your food to look and taste like meat in the first place?
If you abstain from eating meat for moral reasons or what have you,
and btw, thats completely fine, it's your choice and i respect that.
But why simulate the taste of meat in this fashion at all?
This might sound stupid, but it's almost like going
"Yes, we admit meat tastes fucking delicious, but as vegetarians we don't believe in eating meat, so we'll just pretend this is a delicious animal we're eating,
but in reality it's just an algea-grain-kelp patty, so morally, we're good"
But what do i know,
I'm just a stupid steak loving, deer hunting, bacon guzzling carnivore heathen.
Speaking of which, I'm really hungry all of a sudden...
0,1% of the entire human race seen a man cooking egg omelette and giving it to a customer on bread.
Welcome to the Internet ;D
I bet that costs 2€, like completely overpriced from mcdonalds
WOW, technology
From criticizing car to food? This is rubbish. gtfo
Allan R
the man is right, if you're a vegetarian then why bother getting burger?
I'm gonna guess the burgers were at least hot, since he didn't give her a black eye.
"If you cut people will know that we're faking it... trust me."
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