Emotional Teen Singer Gets "Golden Buzzer" On America's Got Talent 2017

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Emotional Teen Singer Angelina Green  Get Golden Buzzer On America's Got Talent 2017


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Prathna Strabee
What I love so much about AGT is the way of respecting from people by standing and crap their hands and enjoy the talent💜
Waleed Khan
Can i get 50 like fo no reason lol 😂
Admin Blog
sob story just like cheat code..
Colin Pham
This honestly doesn't deserve the golden buzzer don't @ me
Yogita karache
3:38 song name?
why the bitchy comments?
Liz PhilBrook
This song has a very special meaning for me and having this beautiful young lady sing it made it even more special. A very talented performance... Watched on July 17TH 2017. My Dad's Birthday....
I really enjoy this beautiful buzzer
Another sob story, singing was ok, not great though.
Ariana Grande fan
I thought Simon hit the golden buzzer, because of the picture!!!😂 omg Im so happy for her btw😁
Luiz Miranda
What a music on final?
Don't hate on her. She might use this as another sob story to get votes during live shows. She'll say she was bullied online and gonna get sympathy again 🙄
Long Hoang
what is the name of song at the end
Wasn't her who was off key, it was the piano guy.
Ferry Ardi
the best
Romeo Chhut
I think she should sing adele!! shes amazing 😍
Alina Manolov
Judges: GOLDEN BUZZER !!!!!
mom: yes !!!!! Our plan actually worked !!!!
Melody Manzanas
This was an awful singing to be honest! There is a lot of flats. I feel bad for Mike Yung, he deserves a golden buzzer and not her. I wish Mel B and Klum was not judging this show! Sharon was way better, just saying 😏
Bella G
Her performance gave me chills! Very well done!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Nhet 0416
Does anyone know who sang the song 3:37-4:02 ..Y'knw its Goo Goo dolls - Iris.. i mean who cover it? i looove her version so much.. and i cant find the version..so if anyone knows it
please! tell me.. ill be thankful.Thank you.
Sagar Bakshi
sadly the reality team insists the contestants to bring out an emotional story which is unfair to the others y can't they only show their true talent rather than showing how miserable they are ...
firefly 234
wtf my fished died weres my golden buzzer
Brandon Watson
How to get a golden buzzer:
1. Be a kid
2. Make sure to tell your sad story even though you weren't asked.
3. Sing a slow song to amplify the sadness, plus you don't have to hit any super high notes.
4. Be attractive (optional, but it helps get everyone immediately on your side)
5. Cry
I hated this lol
Ooooh, she pulled out that divorce card. Ugh.
Kkx2 8
They want young artists, she's young and has a strong voice you really can't go wrong
She low key looks like Selena Gomez
Joan Mercy
Golden buzzers in AGT ain't taking seriously anymore. :(
no hate for her but there are other acts who were GB worthy.
Jennil Thiyam
sorry to say but this is not golden buzzer act, she is not that much good in singing, a she sings most of the part off key...her parent's divorce story earn the golden buzzer. this show kind of turn into story telling show, whoever have the soft emotional story gets golden buzzer. retarded judges.
Her voice was not that good.
Leticia Dufour
muuuuy mal porque el timbre! esta sin chiste alguno esta Angelina Green pesimo, Heidi que hace ahi de juez no sabe nada de música, fuera, debieron premiar con timbre de oro al sr del subway, que mal estan solo ven interés económico, pésimos
Fatos Morina
It doesnt always need to have something less to get something more undeserved!!!
EndDogmeatTrade NodogmeatNo
plus i wasnt taken aback by her voice, and she was off key.
EndDogmeatTrade NodogmeatNo
shes cute, but honestly shes not nearly anywhere as talented as Merrick Hanna who did NOT get the buzzer :(
Gustereophonics Jr
I'm not impressed this voice is just ordinary in the Phillippines lol Angelica hale is more deserving
Wissal Caroline
plz what's name the song she sing ?!
tracie mitchell.;
My grown ass over here crying . Great job baby girl 💋
Bingo Belly
Yashin Diamla
can i know who cover that last song? pls background music i mean
Are you serious people? THIS GIRL WAS AMAZING!!!!! She definitely deserved this golden buzzer! Don't try to dim this girl's light cause you didn't get what you wanted! Congratulations sweetheart, I hope you go far in this competition!!!
It's not even a very sad story. She needs to get a grip. Divorce is common in the usa. 40 to 50 percent of married couples are divorced. So it shouldn't be such a tragic story for this girl. It's not the end of the world and there's a reason why it happened. Some families are just better off that way. The parents can still have a civil agreement regarding their kids. She can still see and have a good relationship with her dad and mom separately.
savyash r
yup. i think angelica hale deserves a golden buzzer!!!. honestly i was more moved by her voice and felt goosebumps..
tmobile phone
i watched her on there facebook channel she is so amazing
21 Damage
All the people who has watched this video will remember this girl in future as an artist<3
No respect for Heidi anymore
what's golden buzzer
All she had to say was "I took music Seriously about ....years ago." Not "when my parents got divorced" than she wouldn't of gotten that golden buzzer... SMH
kylie hughes
i'm crying that was so amazing
Oui Non.
If you say she didn't deserve the golden buzzer, you must have a really amazing voice, a lot more beautiful voice than her, so move your ass and do the X-Factor before judging her voice which was amazing. Thank you.
All About Gaby
I know her I'm not lying
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