romy saputra
im afraid of the gay
Morgan Ann
"Im very confident because I help her with laundry " 😭
Maritoni San Jose
brah it's anna
I prefer him without underwear.
Gabriela Zambrano-Ortegon
"His finger flexes really well" 😂😂THATS how she could tell??
0:21 jen reminds me of pam from the office lol
Jade AssassinWolf
Brandon and Craig!! The intro. I am laughing hard because how Craig acted lol
Melvin Chan
That's enough Internet for me today
Willow Star
I went to the Monterey hotel with my friend. we also got free cookies
zickey Thenerd
If you are in a relationship with a woman you should probably be fearful of departments stores
Arianna Toyz
This should honsetly be a TV show
Ana McWilliams
im sorry but.. you are not goals
Roob Trulso
That pirate underwear guy has some very thick eyebrows
Friendz Dek
0:24 hi welcome to chili's
Kendra .L
I did not know that Ned was that "TALL"?!
Panicking G noted Pilots
"I definitely prefer him without underwear"
1:16 but i ship it...
Mia Camille Mailhot
Temari Uchia
Evan and Claire are goals
Infinite Donuts
OF COURSE Ned is host of a love game show!!
the last couple was GOALS AF
BlueThe Husky222
Im sry but u r not goals!! -ned 😂😂❤️😂😂😂😂😂
sam M
Confused I heard Claire say this is Evan before the third couple...

She's so funny "we're not married YET"
Galaxy Bubble
Even and Claire! So cute!
rip the couple in last place they missed like all the questions
Welp, we wouldn't be able to do this challenge! We both go commando lmfao.
JopS z
i live in cancun
Alex Castillo
She missed the second r in Monterrey
Athufa abdulrasheed
yeyy! I am from Maldives😉
Wilma Myllyoja
"Biggest fear: Trump 2016" hahaha same😂
I was waiting for Ned to say "I'm Ned... and I'm married."
The gay guys are SO FLAMBOYANT! It was almost cringy... And I'm gay, so that says a lot.
hussain yunus
Abigail Frazier
The gay couple is so cute ❤️✨
MarsArgo ComeBack
"I'm sorry but you are not goals..."
Everyone in 2017
My memes are as dead as harambe
"Oh my god, this one's hard!" that's what she said.
Shorouk A
5:36 😂😂😂
Victory Salta
awww... I love claire she is sooo cute :)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Police
Back when Evan wasn't fit... Lol
Yiling Diep
One of the girls I think her name is Jen is in the 4400 as Tess
Evan and Claire are an item??? I could have thought he was with Kelsey I.
Ximena Nuria Mayté Lozada Bernardo
the host in this video smiles like an idiot -_-
Trump 2016 cri
i bet that wasn't even his underwear XD
anukesh dharmale
Ned didn't say he's married !!
Euan LP
trump=failure of course lol
ᴛʜᴇ ᴘɪɴᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ
Instantly likes because of gay couple.
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