Athufa abdulrasheed
yeyy! I am from Maldives😉
Wilma Myllyoja
"Biggest fear: Trump 2016" hahaha same😂
I was waiting for Ned to say "I'm Ned... and I'm married."
The gay guys are SO FLAMBOYANT! It was almost cringy... And I'm gay, so that says a lot.
hussain yunus
Abigail Frazier
The gay couple is so cute ❤️✨
MarsArgo ComeBack
"I'm sorry but you are not goals..."
Everyone in 2017
My memes are as dead as harambe
"Oh my god, this one's hard!" that's what she said.
Shorouk A
5:36 😂😂😂
Victory Salta
awww... I love claire she is sooo cute :)
Oh Snap
Back when Evan wasn't fit... Lol
Yiling Diep
One of the girls I think her name is Jen is in the 4400 as Tess
Evan and Claire are an item??? I could have thought he was with Kelsey I.
Ximena Nuria Mayté Lozada Bernardo
the host in this video smiles like an idiot -_-
Trump 2016 cri
i bet that wasn't even his underwear XD
anukesh dharmale
Ned didn't say he's married !!
Euan LP
trump=failure of course lol
The Worthless Shadow
Instantly likes because of gay couple.
Aliyah yhung
bruh how is that last couple still together
alexis loves bands
"You guys are not goals" lmaooo omfg
Crimson 紫苑
"Please take your underwear and leave the studio."
Arianna Parker
i have a fear of underwear piles omgsgdgdubdidbdjdbdhdbfvfv
Anthony Tom
Joey Shea
Drinking hot chocolate in a can fun cup ha
Youna McGrath
I'm so jealous of Claire... damn that Evan is hot
I thought this was a new video cause Evan and his girlfriend.... but it's actually a year old and I'm thinking hOW COME WE'VE ONLY DISCOVERED EVAN THIS YEAR he's been here for a while
Keegan Forrester
jen looks like a pornstar that i have seen before
Pineapple Plays
Tbh Evan's girlfriend, Claire, looks like Jessica and SinB had a baby😂
Shannon Ridge
Oh my god Ned's Married?!
MARS mars
im suprised shane wasnt the host 😂
There's one chick just screeching
I live on kauai
Kay Duff
Isn't this a re-upload?
Eda Mai
Evan and Claire seem like a poison couple
Why do asian girls so pretty
Henry Hunch
I'm heartbroken, evens not dating kelsey
Kimiko Phantomhive
Idk about you but I think pirate underwear is goals xD
The geeky Dandere
I met the gay couple at a fitness event the blonde one was a host and the other was just there
Jeffrey Legay
Why isn't Ned and his wife on here cuz we all know they're relationship goals
omg Brandon is so attractive :3
That one. Couple had no points how did they get 3?
Les Anderson
"I definitely prefer him without underwear"
Ember Athena
I'm kinda sad now. I didn't know Evan has a girlfriend. I totally shipped him with Kelsey... anyone else?????
Shelby Weathersby
Goodbye 🎶 goodbye 🎶 you were good but not good enough 🎶
Just a potato on Her computer
I love Brandon & Craig they are so funnyy😂😂
Carmen Homan
these ARRRR my pirate underwear

see what I did there
Sam Camangian
I see evan, i click
Some1 somewhere
he has a big thumb lmfao ...
Veronica Michelle
I wish Safiya was still on the show so she could do this with her boyfriend :(
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