10 Unbelievable Look-Alike of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

MPtop10bollywoodUnbelievableDoppelgangerlook-alikeFamousCelebritiesShah Rukh KhanPriyanka ChopraRanbir KapoorSalman KhanSonakshi SinhaParineeti ChopraJohn AbrahamAnushka SharmaNana PatekarSaif Ali Khandeepika padukonebestaamir khanzee tvtv actressunknown factsdivyanka tripathi10 Unbelievable Look-Alike of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

10 Unbelievable Doppelganger  of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

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Description :

1. Shah Rukh Khan & Ssumier S Pasricha
Ssumier S Pasricha popularly known as ‘Pammi Aunty’ resembles King Khan.

2. Priyanka Chopra & Navpreet Banga
Meet Navpreet Banga, the girl who looks exactly like Priyanka Chopra.

3. Ranbir Kapoor & Junaid Shad
Ranbir Kapur is a bollywood actor, and he has millions of fans in India as well as in abroad. But a guy from Kashmir “Junaid Shah” just looks like him.

4. Sonakshi Sinha & Priya Mukherjee
Meet Sonakshi Sinha’s look-alike, Priya Mukherjee. Priya also chooses to wear identical clothes to Sonakshi, picking saris similar to what the desi belle has previously worn.

5. Salman Khan & Najeem Khan
Meet Najeem Khan, Salman Khan’s look-alike. Najeem is a big Salman-fan and his look is so similar to the hunky Khan.

6. Parineeti Chopra & Harneet Singh
Parineeti Chopra’s lookalike, Harneet Singh, is from Delhi. She is pursuing her Masters in Fashion Designing from NIFT.

7. John Abraham & Mubashir Malik
John Abraham found his doppelganger in Mubashir Malik, an Author, presenter and a representative of the Imran Khan Cancer Trust. The resemblance is truly mindboggling, right down to the dimples.

8. Anushka Sharma & Nazia Hassan
Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan and India’s Anushka Sharma look alike.

9. Saif Ali Khan & Indian Oil Attendant
This Indian Oil employee who looks exactly like Saif Ali Khan.

10. Nana Patekar
Nana Patekar and his look alike.

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Hello, This is Moumita Pal Here. I declare that all slideshow belong me. Photos all are taken form Google Image search and using advance image search option. Music are taken from you-tube library..

Humayra Malida
I watched this bc my dad looks like Salman Khan
Khandu Yangfo
sharuk ranbeer and prinyca are all hv same clone
kishan kushwaha
sidhe sidhe side by side photo hi dikha skta
Huma Faazili
No match between parineeti Chopra and Harneet singh
Arshad khan
no match
Ashik Rahman
Back ground music ???
Mark Anthony
Hey there u guys can even put my image for SRK it looks the same
Priya Trivedi
whats the tune?
sana S
Omg saif lolll
Afatika belieber
omg rip saif Ali khan😂😂😂😂😂
Nabeel Jan
Fatima Khattak
nazia hassan 😍
Vanisha Krishnani
Salman's look alike follows me on Instagram
Rehan Gill
Salman Khan & Husnain Saleem
Top Soccer Supplier
pakistani Salman khan (Hassaan) is carbon copy of Indian Salman khan
pakistan zahid
real is real always we love shah rukh khan
pakistan zahid
bkwas work
Wafia Meher
I just dnt agree with the SRK n parineeti wala match.!!
Mohammad Nashim
sirf jon ka pic ',salman khan, pryenka,, anuska ...and ...sonakchii....ka sachaa hai ...
messi goals
salman isint match
Subhabrata Sanyal
faltu ka video
Jyotsana Singh Singh
John's look a like is damn close!!
shiza raani
just weast of time that vid
shahid kapoor
yasmeen akhter
3' 6 7 r perfect match 3 is unbeliveable
yasmeen akhter
3' 6 7 r perfect match 3 is unbeliveable
yasmeen akhter
3' 6 7 r perfect match 3 is unbeliveable
Hope u cud cut down the drama in ur video
Hope u cud cut down the drama in ur video
jay venkata satish kumar pamerla
full fake don't fill us
ashraf ali
bagher makeup k ye adakar apne humshakal walo se ziada badshakal honge. Q
Abdul Hameed
This video may freak these celebs as they spend Thousands on Cosmetic Surgery and make up. While their look alike are natural and even better.
Tanjum Ferdousi
waste of time... 😒😒
yoosu yousef
total fake
Usman Gul
I think 1.2.3 pictures are fake
Sal Salz
wow ranbir kapoor one was identical and priyankas.
Salman khan lookalike was nothing like him.
lol saif ones funny lookalike
Lurisa Skoda
123 r alike
noor kaur
Salman khan is not
Truth Seeker
our office boy looks like Saif Ali khan
Miss Ammy
nazia hassan was so beautiful..dont match her with anushka
Divya Deo
Priyanka Chopra look-alike is in Vancouver Canada (but rumor is she has several surgeries)
SRH, Salman Khan and Sonakshi look-alike is a total fake!
Sakshi Majumdar
priyanka ki clone prfct h...its unbelievable
Kalchetty Akhila
ranbir clone tho real hai.he looks same as similar as ranbir,he is my fb frnd too:)..he is from jammu n kashmir..he looks as similar as ranbir..
Abubakar Shahzad
muje to sari vedio se acha song laga hai
Sameera Abdulmabood
fake fake fake
Feriha sarafogulo
srk and rañbir pic are total fake
anshka is match
Ahmad Fayaz
salman same is from Afghanistan and we have same sharukh khan also in Afghanistan
Human First
What's the music name?
Crystal D'souza
sonakshsi's duplicate us same
Nasir Pervez
Google (Bollywoods look alike actors in Pakistan) you will forget that video.....
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