Taylor Swift: …Ready for It? (Live) - SNL

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Musical guest Taylor Swift performs "…Ready for It?" on Saturday Night Live.


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K Tandi
Slay as always...
Jun Alex
Fat.. I think shes gained weight
Nick Jonas
I’m sorry but I just have to say that whenever Taylor tries to “flaunt” her “curves” it looks funny just because she’s not naturally curvy 😂😂
I just loved it
chelle belle
I'm sorry but she freaking killed it!!!she's coming for the hater
She gained some weight, shes trying to get her legs nice and thicc, very nice taylor, i noticed, "I see you" hah notice how she made sure she was the only hot white blonde girl on stage, the only other two girls with the bae faces were the ones to her left, (on the right side of the screen) and they were black and so taylor is makings sure shes the only hot white girl on stage, seriously its true you think she didn't think of that subconsciously/ ALSO she made sure she was the most attractive face wise i guess, its insane she is the antennae for many many white girls out there, they all act like her subconsciously.....
Okok Lev
fav song 😍😍😍
Her mic is way too low come on sound techs😞😩 I can barely hear her
Happy Gay Conservative
Taylor used to sing live . . .
Brinkley Pope
she's killing the game
Pickles aresofab
She's literally grown up and rocked it so well! Her 'rapping' sounds perfect and her vocals are as amazing as ever! She's come so far from "Monologue" haha
Christy Williams
You know this is the one song you can't help but dance to when it comes on!!
Misael Chavarria
She looks different 😐
Mariana Perez
😘She is perfect😍
Shayan Jameel
Just watch belong with me live version of taylor swift 😍 And you'll know WHO IS TAYLOR😍😍😍😍❤
Death By Ostrich
Adele didn't use a backing track. Just saying.
Sara Greer
People have always been about how she can't sing live. She can now and y'all just too mad to accept it so you're accusing her of lipsyncing? She isnt. The vocals were very good but by no means identical to the studio vocals. She was not lipsyncing. God. Haters gonna hate I guess.
OK! 5th harmony I see you.
I remember when she came out with with a guitar or sat at the piano and sang, now she has to have all this shit going on around her, to the point you can't hear her, and she has to dress like a cheap hooker, what a shame!!
BlinkPink Jennie Soliday
Omg !!!!! Why is Taylor so pretty !????? I love her !!! She's the prettiest woman ever ever !!! I love her, I hope I born to be her daughter so, I can look like her 😂💟💟💟💟.
Paola Pérez
Hector Alejandro Mtz
Jedi GamerKid
this song is good but her dancing is cringe
It would be dope if she made a remix with Ciara.
Thomas Gannon
She's got fat legs.
Travis Lockhart
Why is she whispering?
Gayane Abrahamyan
I think this is her worst album
Archana Sresta
You try to take her down. She comes back better. 😘
no words to describe
ali hassan
i love it
David Greyson
This is obviously not lip-syncing.
Haley Stanfield
Is she trying to be like beyoncé?
Tanner Guido
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Kevin Wiles - Freelance Photojournalist
"No one has to know"......um... you're nuts if you don't think I'm telling every single person I know, as well as complete strangers I run into on the street.....
YdaPhuck __ YouLyin?
I’m so ready the Reputation tour!!!!!
Alexandria Vinci
Amazing dance TAYLOR
Yodyiam Sudjaitham
Sarah DeBerry
I ain’t gone lie I didn’t really like Taylor Swift that much but this performance was every bit of fucking LIT! And I’m a fan now
Selma M
I don't know should I be surprised how good she is or not
I think not but stil wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍❤
Lordcrypticoftheirishlight Pussy Pounder
Let's see that bush honey.
JP jp
She gained weight which looks good on her.
Maya Vantoto
lloovvee iitt
Flor loving
1:53 dancer touched her boob 😱
Almi Ortega
What auto tune can do vs live 😂😂 OMG
Taylor's singing sucks live. I'm not a hater, I kinda like Taylor's music but I wish her singing IRL didn't suck
Snow White
I love it! Better than I thought
daniela jiaf
The mick has a snake I’m done 😂😂
Damiano Crosina
So cringy...
Jem Aeschyli
Damn that mic was the shit. New Taylor is welcomed by me
lisa brown
Are you ready for it Karlie? 😉
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