Matt Damon Interview for The Great Wall

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Jono and Ben sit down with Matt Damon to talk about his new film The Great Wall

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Nikeysia Butler
HERB Gaming
I miss the afternoon show on the rock with you cunts :(
Beast Mode
Did u meet Ksi?
Scott Jackson
Donald Trump's new favourite movie!
Adam C
Australians have funny accents xD
Angela H
Ben stole the show XD
Stak Hickey
Plz go back to friday
I wonder if trump has monsters fighting over his wall
best show ever how you going Jono and Ben?
Great interview lads.
Trumps wall will be sooooo much better than this wall xD
Gus Berger
Hey Jono and Ben your shows awesome
Rahil Singh
yo early squad
Gus Berger
3ed like 3ed view
Endkiller 7
love your show!
xX Hoodini Xx
first or second also hey jono and ben
Joe Buley
first comment
Hey Jono and Ben!
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