Unbox Therapy
They say the battery can last up to one week 👁️ 👁️
No, officially would be after you disable airplane mode 🤯
"Daily driver" is such gash terminology.
Nikhil Patel
Buddy -- It's been one week. Waiting for video now. Soon Please !!!!
Vivian Hernandez
I like your videos!!! Here's another question. I have not found a Bluetooth that I liked since the last Motorola one I used that production was stopped on and I don't know why? I use bests now. Only one in my ear Anna it's now wireless. I'll try to find it and tell you the name. I loved it because it wasn't on my face! But still around my ear. Not the ones you sink in your ear and block your hearing.
where is the "one week later" video?^^
Vivian Hernandez
I meant to comment I the Don't but the Note8 video. But does the Galaxy S8 plus have wireless charging and the earphone jack and waterproof???
Zack Wilson
It's been a week lew
Welcome to the dark side :D
been a week yo
Rudolph du Plooy
Waiting a week :D
Jalen Miller
Still doing the iPhone X 1 week report?
Dylan Violett
I thought Kermit the Frog was talking at the beginning...
Analiza Belmonte
Been waiting for the follow up video.
Tim Gentz
Awww, look at that cute little iphone x next to all those big android phones........
Babak Movahedi
Hey one week finished , waiting to hear your review
Timothy Nyota
Your background music is fucking annoying!
Timothy Nyota
razr looks like shit
You're old with a baby look hahaha. How can people give you credibility? It is a Mistery. Hahaha
Nguyễn Duy Anh
If I'm given IPhones and Note8, I'll take the IphoneX and sell it in my country which is like 1k5$ and buy Note8 in my country which is $800, ez profit, since people in my country is stupid, paying more for the shit quality and 2-3 years ago technology xD
Sibonguthando Khumalo
Sibonguthando Khumalo
why did I even..?
Sibonguthando Khumalo
wow,what a waste of my time
Johan De jager
When will the next video of the I Phone X one week later review be released? FYI it has been more than a week?!
Next video: "Switching to the One Plus 5t..."
Amazing that this guy has so many subscribers. Good for him, but man his content is crap..... er, non-existent is more accurate.
Alex wilson
bruh , its been a week , the hell is your x video?
Sahil RF
So sad to hear you are downgrading!!
Charlie Davis The Architect
Who gives a dickcycle heep of shit about iphones
Benjamin Lin
any updates?
Matthew Adams
Can you go LG KV20
daily reacts & interviews
Razer screen is dim
Tyler Barnes
Uh, it’s been a week
Johnny Bravo
Lew blink once if you are held hostage by Apple .
john clingen
whens the update coming out
Aisy Nabil Furqan
I like this phone
Kosta's Toy Bag
Hi Lewis your the best on youtube by far. Thanks for another awesome review. By the way your the reason why I started my youtube channel. My family and I are big fans!
Jason Li
When did the Pixel become mostly plastic built
cristian vazquez
Hey love the style the vids the puns love the channel love it even more if you sent me a phone anyone of those youve reviewed jaja hi from puerto rico. Ps send a phone jaja
Some Guy
Wheres the reviewwww????? I'm waiting for your review before I place my order haha
ali mudarres
the screen size of iphone x compared to the other phones is a joke...
amurican bastard
pardon me good sir i want to ask you regarding to my cat his breath smells like cat food how you fix this?
k C
Are you making another video it’s been over a week?
Still staying with my Android Samsung Galaxy S8 ._.
Where is ur new video im very eager to watch it
Latimier Quentin
Well, this (useless?) video where he essentially tells us in 5 minutes that he switches smartphone will pay for his next 100 "daily drivers"
Nitish Gondkar
Who cares about your switching !
It's November 18th now. No video :)
Ziyaulhoq Shaik
Give suggestion to Apple Corp Provide Dual Sim Option and Memory Card Slot
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