Feisty Snake Slithers into Internet Cafe - Extended Version


Occurred on April 8, 2017 / Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong, Thailand

"A rat snake almost bit a customer in the internet cafe."

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maria estrada
that snake was sneeky lol
Lalita Prasad Singh
Kushagra Rana
The guy being brutally kicked at 1:51 felt pain after 10 secs @ 2:01 ...damn it snake!!!
aput android
Mohd Sady
lol his legs like roadrunner sia...wkaakakak for no reason he kick his friend.
Ali Khaled
that drop kick thou XD
The snake was like, "Chill, bro. it's just a prank! There is a camera over there and there. We do this for YouTube. I have like one million subscribers.
Commando Squeak
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope All kinds of nope!
The Ymid
One word. . 'Shoes'!!
Sharon Lassiter
When he went on the floor and began to spin around like the Three Stooges, I was in tears
Andri AM
just plant ward and sentry bro !!!! nice prank
Wild Bee
And the only smart one was the girl who left the cafe! ha ha ha ha
kirby kirksy
surprise mothafucka
Eric DeBlanc
super "fake"
cier mousse
Thankfully it was only a rat snake.
estaba campeando para atacar
Belinda Gabriella
that's one super fast snake.... didn't know they could move like that. haha. its gotta be a prank. :P
Ashalee Thomas
my guy kicked the Shit out of the other one 😂😂😂
Harsh Thakur
Dropkick at 0:11
Arvee De Castro
this is the fastest way to learn kungfu.
Nanda Eka P
ngangkang eh ngakak
Beto G.
Why are they afraid of Taylor Swift?
hilarious, had me befuddled...that is extremely bizarre behavior for a rat snake...then it occurred to me that it might have been that the snake had chased some kind of prey animal into that corner and lost it...still in hunt mode it went after the first movement it saw, thinking it was the prey it was initially after...unfortunate timing for the Thai boy but f'kin funny as hell for the rest of us...
Valava Valava
nice prank
Taufik Ismail
wkwkwk, when his down after kick his friend😂😂😂 nice prank, snake
Al Trmzzy
Life hack #040817: When being attacked by a snake, fly kick your friend to get it off of you.
Edisi Terhad
its a baby medusa😁
Ordinary Human
poor guy minding his own business, but got kicked in the abs and snake thrown at him ....haha
Ari Fajrianto
boys who wear a red shirt instead kicked LMFAO
Max Bellido Alfaro Bellido
Looks fake to me.
Watch the door knob when he opens the door, is that an arm reaching in, but blurred out?
Outside the snakes tail appears to hang up on something that has probably been edited out.
Kid that gets knocked down puts his hand up to his head in an unconvincing way, to give an explanation why he did not react sooner to even begin to get out of the way.

Nice concept and convincing reactions though, deserves to go viral for effort.
You can see a girl at 1:55 running away. She doesn't give a shit. Typical.
Thanthan De guzman
Ohh it's slitherin slitrin ohh watch out! Watchoutt!!!! Ohhhhh r.k.o from randy orton!!!!!
I did it
haha hahaha that first guy and the jump into the air. hajahahahahahaha
snake : it was just a prank
was the snake poisonous?
phuong vo
dont you hate it when that happens?
jancok arab
play at 0.25 speed it more dramatic XD
Isssss a prank
richard l
that guy owes alot of money to the owner and the snake is the debt collector..
Paul Juma
So nobody cares that everyone is barefoot and in pajamas?
i think on youtube pranks with snakes jokes at first
Vietboy Gamer
it only want to use the internet poor guy.
Ace Megajam
The way the man ran at the start XDXD😂🤣😂
Pussy Lord
That's one slithery snake
Jin Kazama
That thing had motive
watch the start and skip to 4:00
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