Ryleigh Brassard
The only things good about preagnency is you can eat as much as you want scream at your husband to give you food and the baby. The bad things are that u can not sleep you have to give birth to a tiny hooman
Hayley Danae
I have to wear one of these in 2 days for child development 😁😁not excited
The Masked Newfie
'Are you drinking your baby' I just chocked when he said that
Cherry berry
Ned are you drinking your baby😂😂
Stephanie Mukai
They should've put something on their hips also!
I perfer dogs over babies, lol me
London Blue
"I prefer dogs over babies" meeeeeeeeeeeeee
Wendy Dunlap
Eugene even looks good pregnet
The only thing they didn't try is they can't eat surtan stuff
Nerdy Cuber
Eguene:I prefer dogs more than babies
Me: Same

Sorry I spelled your name wrong
Kyle'strials &tribulations
Well that's what you get for even thinking about doing that. View my page for real wisdom n knowledge.
beckz _101
Im 4months pregnant and its a nightmare
Ewan’s Channel
I nearly chocked from laughing at this 🤣
Ping Ling
"......How much pizza do I get to eat?"
Best thing I heard so far
Nathan Thompson
The amount of sass Keith has at 4:33 "how f*cking dare you?" 😂😂😂😂
The Pokemon Master 365
"Ned are you drinking your baby"

Wendy Gutierrez
Eugene was the only one who had a picked something fashionable
Why Dont We 4 Life
I had to use those in school. lasted 2 weeks. it killed my back
yo Barbie
And this is why if I get married my wife is having the baby or we are adopting. Just because all my life I've wanted to be a mother doesn't mean I am willing you rip open my vagina to my butthole. All kinds of love for women that do.
Keith we're going to McDonalds


Keith because F it

Emily Harris
Eugene is definitely my favourite
CyberKATTT00 funntdo
Lee Lee Is me
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Calise Mendes
i dont wanna get pregnant omg
If this were to happen to a man,

they would say, FETUS DELETUS
Tabitha Rippy
4:37-4:40 killed me
The Minecraft Queen// TMQ
My hairstylist is pregnant I’m so excited
Yasmin Bond
“It’s nice to know your body wants to destroy you” ~Eugene
“Ned are you drinking your baby?” ~Producer
“How much pizza do I get to eat?” ~Zack
“I prefer dogs over baby’s” ~Eugene

What the hell are these people😂
Yasmin Bond
“It’s nice to know your body wants to destroy you”

Yasmin Bond
“Who doesn’t want to have kids”, “I prefer dogs over baby’s”
Danielle Coghlan
Damn Eugene. He looks good in everything
3:24 Eugene’s ankle Jesus Christ
Megan Oswald
I always say “strong back, strong baby” because of this video and people look at me like I’m crazy

Thanks boys
Proxy Creepybear
Zack is me 🤣 "how much pizza do I get to eat?"
Sofia Loves pizza
“How much pizza do I get to eat?”
Anna Helena
1:25 I died😂😂
"Ned are you drinking your baby?"
ɮʟʊ ʍɨʐtt
"I prefer dogs over babies" me 😂😂
Baby Kennedy
Do it for 24 hrs pls
Sputty Camper
I got an ad that started with "parenting is hard!"
Z Grace
why am i laughing and crying at the same time
Jet Paskinski
"The hardest thing about being a mom is loving the thing that's ruining your life" Keith, that's exactly why I don't want kids. I will end up killing them
Harry Potter
I don't know if I want to have kids anymore.😉
Urara Bridge
I remember being pregnant with my son (he's 22 now), I used to ride my mountain bike around town till I was about 8 months and the doctor used to see me on the road out and a bout and yell out "You're going to drop the baby!!!"
Christina Lucero
1:25 rip
Valentina Colorado
3:25 eugene foot 😂😂
The Random Channel
Zach : "How much pizza do I have to eat?" Me: Same, Zach, same 😂😂😂😂😂😂
1:38 The real question here.
A&J In A Great Big World
"Ned are you drinking your baby"

Already dying of laughter😂😂😂
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