Ezra Klein: 100 days of Trump’s flailing presidency

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Governing is not a reality tv show. 

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What we’re learning, day by day, is there’s no magic to Trump. When he does things people hate, he becomes unpopular. When he backs bad legislation and bad processes, the bills fail. When he doesn’t prioritize staffing his government, his government doesn’t get staffed. When he doesn’t choose aides who know how to manage a presidency, his presidency careens forward unmanaged. When he doesn’t spend time learning about the policies he backs, he’s unable to persuade the American people of their benefits. When he doesn’t build deep relationships with the legislators in his party, he proves unable to corral them.

Trump has not found a shortcut for American politics. To succeed at a hard job, he has to work hard in ways and at tasks that he has, thus far, shown little aptitude for or interest in.

Trump himself may never be a normal president, but the system he leads remains more normal than many expected. While it's easy to imagine scenarios where that ceases to be true — a terrorist attack, for instance — the fact remains that so far, incompetence, not autocracy or even ruthless efficacy, has defined the Trump administration. He has achieved much less than his predecessors at this point in their presidencies, and he has done so at great cost to his own popularity. Trump is struggling with the same veto points and limitations that frustrate all presidents, but he is further held back by his own inexperience and undisciplined approach.

It is possible Trump will yet recover. But it is also possible he’ll enter a failure loop, where his unpopularity and his scandals and his failed initiatives and his poor management lead to more public anger and more aggressive congressional investigation and more failed initiatives and more fracturing and infighting among his staff. The 2018 elections are a long way away, but Trump is off to a very bad start.

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eva maria
Its only going to get better. Jk
Prins van Oranje
I don't see or hear any facts. Just "Blah blah blah Trump is cancer, Trump is destroying America, blah blah blah."
hal 2000
Ezra Klein - The best topic/issue researcher - love every single analysis you do - keep them coming.
Luis Garcia
guys guys chill it's just a prank,the camera is right there
William Parkinson
America doesn't believe in this fuckboi he should just resign or kill himself either way we don't need him 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👎🏻
Donald Edward
I heard that kindergarten was complicated for Trump but he loved military school cos he had a uniform strong men with ranks like captain, major and colonel and lots of talk about girls. Nothing too hard there.
Noah Mills
The markets have been going up under his presidency
Valli Yantolo
stop using poles dog
Now...do I upvote this because the video was thought out, interesting, and logical...or do I dislike it because it's on a topic that no one should like, namely a low-quality president?
President Donald Trump
Ezra really hates Trump huh.
Trump 2020!
Gas prices falling, stock market rising, value of dollar rising, unemployment falling. What a horrible president.
Adam Cvik
Mark H.
What is with all these people in the comments section who are criticizing the video or the views of the people who run Vox? To those people: "why are you watching?", and "you know this is a liberal channel, right?"

Now, I would watch Fox News reports to do what you do, but I tend to seek comedy from the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Christian Gomez
Denise Eugene
LMAO! A joke ! Damn !
Christian Gomez
Anyone need proof of God Appointment of THEDONALD! Everything you push to blame Trump for, simply brings the democrats to the ground, stupid quick 😇. My democrat party is being destroyed and it's beautiful! Corrupt republicans will also fall. Hopefully now, democracy is reviving! Go THEDONALD, keep showing your supporters (Winning!)! Maybe liberals and rest of sleepers keep getting stung by GOD'S appointy🤝🍼
The liberal bullshit detector is over 9000 from Vox!!!
Trump's evil, so obvious to all but fools will take him down.
it's good to hear a REPUBLICAN talk about another REPUBLICAN
Wolfgang Breitenseher
When did the USA ever had an unemployment rate of 4%?! Maybe this figure is the delusional one that only counts the lay-offs of the past 6 months. The real figure is 23-26%. Counting all unemployed people vs. total possible employments no matter since when they are out of job. The total debt of the USA (taken all together) is 206 trillion USD. Twice the worlds GDP (excluding US GDP). The USA can't pay back their debts anymore. Printing dollars doesn't help. Making wars doesn't help. The intelligentia is to 80% from abroad and will leave the US as soon as the circumstances are worsening there. The old world order is gone and the replacement is a multi-polar world in which the USA is only one player amongst many others. China has more GDP than the USA and soon India will take place 2.
Tina Clark
Dear Ezra, just watched your beautifully written piece on Nov. 8. I'm frustrated having spent a couple of hours this morning trying to come up with a similar thought, but without the historical perspectives or elegance. Thanks for your work. I was reflecting on why his base -- 38% support -- never seems to break down. You hit the nail on the head -- its fear and loathing of Democrats. How we feel about Trump may feel similar to how the right felt about Obama -- without the racism, Russian election interference, firing of the FBI director, inadvertent disclosure of classified information -- to the Russians, etc. Keep calm and carry on.
Vox is anti trump its funny desperately finding bad things released a video on clinton and how great she is hiliary is a monster who kills and steals from people how come vox doesnt talk about that
Edward Schtuph
Good video, seemed reasonable (though a little biased). The only issue I had was that ending phrase, "the 2018 elections are a long way away". As a liberal, I have to say that was very cocky and obnoxious. It's those little remarks that exacerbate the division in this country.
Chengfu Saechao
underSTAFF?!! because
nobody wants to work
for TRUMP.His presidency
is a JOKE..
Where do all these downvotes come from? Are there actually people disagreeing with this?
Ezra, you are missed on nightly Cable News. Glad to find you!! Andy Lack could use a swift kick in his RW nut sack. Perhaps Lawrence can do it on his way out.....
warning trumptard triggered alt righters incoming!
tremer 2009
Thanks Vox.:)
The Gaming Devil
Trump should run for a third term I know he can't but he should
Dial Hollar
And so we hear from another "Alt Reality".
vivek kailash
Which company milk is that??
Parvez Meherhomji
Inescapable failure loop.
Audrey Ty
Politics isn't really business. It's a mess.

I will admit he has went back on a few things (personally i think he was misinformed a lot) but your narrative is a bit biased -
There has been 0 evidence of the Russia claims, with Maxine Waters ultimately admitting that, the so called "unconstitutional Muslim ban' wasn't even a full Muslim ban, it just slowed income from six, not all middle eastern/Muslim countries refugees to the United States. Not to mention the economies numbers are at the highest they've been in a very long time.
Allen Shen
Well, when Trump wins the 2020 election, I'll come back and laugh at you all.
A. Roarz
After watching this video I still don't understand why Vox won't supply its employees with something better than 2$ H&M t-shirts.
Notice how they used the word "flailing," but the word they're really trying to inject in your head is "failing." The Mainstream Media uses subtleties and ambiguities in their titles like this all the time to sway the opinions of the population. Do not trust the Mainstream Media (Vox is MSM too, don't let some effeminate hipster with the thick glasses fool you).
eELijaNilLs HD
2018 election?
Harish Hp
I'm here to see trump supporters get butt hurt
Hearing Colours
God, how has nobody else been bothered by the annoying sound of his mouth? It sounds like somebody fisting a jar of mayonnaise. Ease up on the tongue action.
Prashant !!!
unpredictability gives flexibility in policies according to changing times, its an art if u use it properly ~ Sun Tzu Art of War !!
Claire-Muriel Maslen
what would happen if the trump goverment "pulls out" (oh dear the double meaning is so bad) vice president to be president? reelections? what would happen if the public wanted to take him out early (can they vote on it?) do they know about 'coup' thats been hsppening a lot in Australia recently?
Trevor Wilford
That's some real bi partisan reporting Vox. Quit stirring the pot by increasing tensions between the voting public. Offer facts that represent both sides, and let your viewers decide. Garbage video.
It's been getting worse for him day by day.
John Yeo Suryawan
Next video: How To Impeach A President.
MP Akira
It all goes to democrats covering 3 faults and not the 100 correct and right things he has done, cover what he has done good instead of constantly spreading hate and brainwashing all these people it's so wrong
MP Akira
One of the reasons the healthcare didn't even come out was because the democrats were way too mad about him appealing Obama care they didn't even attempt even try it. No way it could be more consuming and weak Obama care was
I kind of just feel sorry for Trump. At the end of the day, he's a reality tv star whose in over his head and who is too egotistical to admit it.
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