Oh My God, I Can’t Wait To See It!’ Watch Joe And Mika ‘Learn’ About SNL Satire

Oh My GodI Can’t Wait To SeeWatch Joe And Mika ‘Learn’Mika ‘Learn’ About SNL Satirethe executive suites of television

It’s been a time-honored debate in the executive suites of television networks and studios for years, and comes to mind after watching the Morning Joe clip above.

Saturday Night Live began its most recent episode with a cold open that satirized the not-so-subtle and amorous interactions between co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough who very recently announced their engagement publicly.

As a very popular morning news program, Morning Joe walks that fine line between smart news conversation and the relatable prattle that make viewers feel connected to the super famous and influential hosts.

… Well file this under the later.

Mika and Joe appeared to be caught unaware that SNL opened their show ostensibly mocking the host’s secret feeling for one another.

Now, it’s possible that both co-hosts missed the segment on Saturday night, but given how wired-in they are, their public profiles and what’s going on in the world — and featured on Mediaite! — it seems rather implausible that neither had seen, or were somehow unaware of this segment. This, of course, appeared to be the joke that Mika and Joe were playing on viewers.

Mika’s reaction of “Oh my God, I can’t wait to see it” felt a little like another SNL segment from a previous time. You know, the one that featured Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell as shallow and craven TV hosts?  — the one called  “Morning Latte.”

There is no denying the popularity and influence that Morning Joe hosts are enjoying. But as is the case with almost any TV host, they are walking a fine line between authenticity and living in their own caricature.

They're kinda creepy. They look related....yikes maybe they are related.
Bruce David
The Crazy Mika & Traitor Joe show Crazy Mika, hope you don`t end up just another woman in Traitor Joe`s way like the Intern Lori Klausutis who was Found murdered in Joe Scarborough`s office. OOPS!
Stephen Rankin
they suck
lola g
The illuminati couple. Spent the beginning of the weekend, drinking some babies' blood, got turned on, and went for it, the rest of the weekend.
Noelia Jaime
I love Mika.Her face always says it all.Not a phony bone in her body.I like people like that.
Skg Gee
Spit on you two.May you two lying traitors be cursed ! Fuck you two. I bet you two will now be more prone to lying for each other in conflict of your duty to report on the truth.💩💀
jim hydle
Mika found a hole between her breast and sped to the hospital. The doctors weren't shocked only to find the old fart bags belly button.
Boris and Natasha
Sterling Johnson
Joe said lets go to France. Uncomfortable weird
Sterling Johnson
Joe say mika like he beat her. Mika
G.R, Dray
They are shit.
Jewels Star
They were taking the p1ss clearly!! Of course they were aware of it... and they were just messing about or joking... I don't know what the US is for "taking the p1ss" or "taking the mickey" but please tell you guys understand that, right? Do you honestly think they were trying to pretend they hadn't seen it or heard about it and they're commentators?? C'MON!!
When Joe and Mika get married, which gay marriage would that be?
Like those two fucking idiots didn't see it.
Ok. I'm in England.
This KAY woman, from England, had to assume an Americanesque name, so she comes up with:
What a fucking embarrassingly piss~poor attempt.
That's not even close to a name, it's more a WWE nametag.
I bet her real stupid fucking name is something like Moira Robotham.

And that fucking mess of a plastic abortion for a face.

What exactly is that Morning Joe woman's job anyway?
The Meister
boy these liberals sure have an all white cast. in fact, this show is 99% white. but hey, they want to help black and brown ppl, so long its not in their plush media world. what a bunch of phonies...
S. Bass
What a bunch of morons.
More lies from MSNBC. What a surprise!
Antoine Morin-Prévost
These two are awesome, if they had to do what they did to be together then I wish them the best.
jack johnson
"Can`t wait to see what"....Slo Joe`s little penis.
David W.
you people are morons. why obviously saw it this clip was called SARCASM!!! inwatched this last Monday morning and after the commerical break they were joking about it even more. Joe called Mika "mikaboo" and referenced if his nose hurt. I love mj in the morning. it's the perfect balance of a liberal cohost and a conservative cohost who are both willing to call out their own party in their bs. Mika critisizes liberals all the time and Joe does the same with conservatives, especially Trump. and they debate back and forth all the time too. watching Fox where they all just agree with each other about how awesome Trump is makes me want to vomit. maybe this is why fox has been slipping in the ratings and MSNBC beat them in ratings last week?? and it was Rachel Maddow who beat Tucker Carlson!!! I never thought I would see Rachel Maddow beat fox news ever!!!
Anthonyg Gordon
Come on guys, you know its already was hard for them to tell NBC a large corporation that they are getting married. You know how large businesses are when it comes to co-worker marriages and them being the biggest co host make it worst. They are really trying to keepi it professional cause really joe being a republican and mika being a democrat, it can really affect their viewers cause they know their opinions can now be easily influence by one another. They are probably doing whatever the executive tell them to do at this point.
Bones D Weiser
Mary Lou Lee
Check President out at this site DCReport.org
Emmy Johnson
It was brilliant SNL. Kate got Mika right.
Jonathan M
They took it well
Giraffa Camelopardalis
So sad they haven't seen it before going on air
Mimi Ebisuya
Congradulations Mika And Joe on your engagement! You two are are a cute couple and the banter between you guys is why I watch your show!!! :)
Gene VonderLinden
good for joe !give it to mika how she likes it ! happy times !!
L M Falaschetti Falaschetti
it's funny, IF u have a sense of humor
little lilypad
OMG, you guys realy don't understand how TV and humor works. They are not pretending they didn't see, it's a joke. Joe kept referring to it throughout the show, even called her Mikaboo.
Ha! They saw it.
Liars. Mika is so full of shit
Appliance Paul
never watched their show, and seeing what phonies they are, never will.
bondi bondo
these 2 jackasses deserve each other LOL
They tell these lies just like all the other lies.
Francis Herrera
Mika aint crazy...when the SNL skit played, her phone prolly got a couple hundred text/twitter/email messages from friends and family alone, within minutes. Aint no way she didnt know lol
Lincoln H
creepiest couple ever
Do ppl not realise they were taking the mickey, of course they saw it hence the jokes about the other guy. lol look at what they are wearing.
Nobody ever talks about the Woman found Dead in Joe Scarborough's office when he was a Politician....
Kim Morris
Of course they are going to pretend that they didn't see it!! They have children Joes child is only about 14
Yah, sure, their media friends didnt call em imjutley! Too bad these 2 couldnt be COOL and just say the spoof was hilarious. So corny to be pretend, they didnt see....quelle b.s.
I don't think they're lying. I bet they bring it up later. They seemed really intent on wanting to see it that second.
this is the funniest thing I've ever seen
Umm, Joe is wearing the exact same tie, and Mika is wearing the same colors (just reversed black sweater/red shirt vs. SNL's red sweater/black shirt). So yeah.... they knew about it. Unless their wardrobe people pulled a fast one.
Why can't they take a joke what do they have to hide huh? They have to lie and pretend?? They are both bad liars and bad actors! I'd fire them over this attitude.
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