Conor McGregor Backstage Fights Compilation

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Conor McGregors Backstage fights

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Great Youtuber
if he loses
I know these idiotic types of people from primary school. Assholes whose only skills are insulting, arguing and fighting. He shows it all here, only difference is that he is good in the last thing I named. I hate this primitive type of people.
OG BruceWayne
Give this fag an oscar
punk fighter
He is simply a street punk without respect and simple.i am sorry because too many people like his skills and fighting abilities but this is the truth.....
Jobey Roeho
Do u notice the caps......ASSh**le? Like what was the point there
Conor McGregor is seriously a dick for no reason
Brydon Conway
mcmegor is the BEAST!!!!!!!!!!
Itzel Rodriguez
Tyrone Woodley is so fucking boring...
King Nayr
You can't change a pikey 😂
King Meruem
get thu fook ut uf here, u'll do nu'en
Yeah Conor McGregor 🇮🇪🇮🇪
abo ehab
floyed has kicked his ass ahahahahhaha
bandz dela cruz
Conor mcgregor is stupid
Pasha Legra
I think mcGregor in this video like
cheppy arsatya
keturunan bangsa viking
Sam seamonster
I like Connor he s kind of a phycho I like phycho people. Lol.
Gerardo Laredo
payaso!!! .l.
Activate STEROID RAGE. 3/4th is them acting and promoting fights
Hölger Bjömsen
I hate to see how much advantages conor is getting from dana
Rur Jiyon
~ who wanna see Brock vs canor in Backstage 😂?
3o5s Ellwu
Eddie Alvarez weakest fight McGregor had no bs aldo deserved more
Gangsta Loaded Eret
you vetter watch ur underware cuz il fuxk ya lol😂 wtfffff
ShadowMan 94
Trou du cul indisciplinés , tu m'étonnes que le MMA soit mal vu en France avec tout ces connards prétentieux sans aucune tenue...
big toe
didnt diaz or one of his mob throw the first bottle
GreatestStory EverTold
Mcgregor sees it as a joke cause he knows he could fuck them all up
khairul nizam
fuckkkingg sitt MMA.. 🙋
Russ Wong
Wtf everyone? All the comments below 👇🏼are fucking hilarious!!! All he is doing is selling his fights!!!! You listen you believe you pay and you watch! Plain and simple!!
Joshua Allen
Crackhead essays
Herodes Phillatus
Mc gregor fuck you
Zuhair Jordan
King conor
He just hates it to be disrespected. Thats all. In my opinion, he is a fair and really good Fighter!
Alex diaz
I laughed so hard when Connor popped his head up and said Pussy at :57
vincent cayer
Gsp is the best
adam leung
He is smart, just talk trash and make people mad or piss, smart real smart
More fake than Wrestling
A Simple Rose
"Take off your underwear I will fuck you"

Yo yo yo, yo, yo yo yo yo.
Josue Ramos
Take care of your underwear in going to fuck you......godim
Salimgamil gamil
the people Dont love this man
Salimgamil gamil
bad man in ufc
Jenzeflenz Congo
They never actually hit each other. All of this shit is an hoax
Hexa Fashion
"fook you"
Absolutely No fights at all..
Conor sure looked scared with khabib lol
Kimuli Aloysius
fuck you conor
Jason Smith
who is thé fighter in 2:25?
Dana coming between fighters is gonna get his ass whooped one of these days. xD
Marcus Morales
Lets support conor, plus this is funny as hell!!
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