Bruno Vasconcelos
Crina Cosmina Schuller
František Hůlka
Detektif craft
God_God Ghost
dis is funny
Mathias 0908
Godt byger
Manha Haroon
Hà Xuyên Lưu
Janice Maglasang Atentar
bla bla
miger no
Random guy 12345
Great stop motion
spiderman and elsa how original
Ceedyn Jackcummings
These are good ideas to do with ur left over lego pieces
Manpreet Kaur
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Quynh Nguyen
James Burden
Dragon breath
Gilang Refal
chicken nuggets
I like the animations but i hate the sounds but still cool👍👍👍
nuno gamito
Im love chanels for lego animations im subscrite in your chanel
Papinnawit Chomkoh
I sub
Eddy de kock
Spider Magic Family
funny lego, my soon very like
Сергей Гаврилов
Nintendo Gamer
People in comments have no idea how long this takes
Isaac Holden
song name?
Peashooter Asaf Adif
ya cllo
Ethan Dubin
Lol this stuff is not real
Lue Hale
Woow that's amazing
Irshad Altheimer
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David Solano
Alex Friday
Lucy & Ryder Graal
Really good video but the use of sound effects a lotttttt
Raquel silva
catnoir llyod
its alright
Rosangela Silva
Wiling Rodriguez
Stop showing baby shows and start shopping big kid shows
You have. GoodvLynette Henry
What can you do that
Anna Berowska
Boti Tóth
dis is not funny
Cookie Cake
Raage Roar
Cool m8
Veronica Avila
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s De Naeyer
Good stop motion 👍
Bill Ciphergamer
Não gosto muito desses barulhod
Teuku Afriza
อนาวิน พทไสย
Random dance Clicker151
This looks fine for kids
XxCocPrincexX 13
This is some great animation , so i say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Nuno Vieira
꾸 꾸
So~~~~~~~ good!
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