Clean Bandit - Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass [Official Video]

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Video produced, directed and edited by Clean Bandit.
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Thank you to our dear friends from Moscow, the wonderful cinematographers Anna Patarakina and Daria Novickaya for helping us shoot this video. Also, thanks to Frank Vervoorst who was our fixer in Cuba.

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2:24 look at the dude at the letf lol
asta kjærsgaard
lime water? COOL!!
Antonella Bitonto
A Song many good
ernestina javier
Like Si Hablas Español...
Gautam Srivastav
I'm dedicating this song to Chester Bennington
Ingresos *
OMG escuchando y disfrutando Clean Bandit en Lista de Reproducción y descubrir que el video es en CUBA. Lo mejor que no solo es lo típico, la Habana Vieja, sino que rescatan la belleza de Pinar del Río con Viñales, el Salto de Soroa y sus Terrazas. Obvio que sale mi Habana y Varadero... pero por poner otra cosa aparte de estos lugares, soy feliz
Matthieu Bernard
Love your musics :p But What's your names ? xD ( Frenchs like your musics too ) ^^
ItsSkyTime ItsSkyTime
her voice is bad and annoying
ItsSkyTime ItsSkyTime
worst music video ever
Yonathan Rialdo
Erik Ambarita
0:45 boomm
sexy😳😳😳 i wanna hug you kiss you😂
Gabreala Marshall
All the profits from the video will go to the repairing of the violins that we destroyed.
emmanuel boateng
probably one of the best song they've ever realised ,it s a pitty that s so less considered
extra ordinary = very ordinary?
ana cleide
very good voz
JG Garcia
2:16 she's so sexy 😍😍😍
Yosvanis Montano
love CUBA
That moment when you find this video and you realize that it was made in your country (CUBA) lol. Love it !!!
Randy Leon
I do not like this song
Natalia Coutinho
music extraordinary beatiful ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍
Twilight Mac
God I love these guys so much!!!! <3
Salma Cruz
1:20 ¡LITTLE MIX! 😍😍
Poor violins
Edgar Joya
I only see coments from people that talk english and I'm from Colombia ... I doesn't understand so good coments I'm feeling confused 😭😥
daichi travel
31 million views,the amount of views even pewdiepie can't achieve these days.
kinno bitou
FOR THOSE WHO ARE SHAMING THEM FOR DESTROYING THE EXPENSIVE VIOLINS. They're not. Those usually arent expensive and are made in China (in factories), and or in disrepair, sometimes the repairment money costs more than the violin itself.
hoang nga
new song is very good
Rabbit Potato
It's a piggy 🐷 ❤️
lame choreography for this kind of music
Mikhael Anderson
Is there a name for those like howling vocals yu hear at the start? You hear them a lot in electro and especially trippy music. Anybody knows?
doğukan Bulgurcu
2.24 :DD
guitar killcount: godlike
Junghoon Choi
So great music u are producing. I send my love to u all.
ernestina javier
Amo esta cancion
Lucas Skamla
Amazing song. Also Sharna and Grace are beautiful
Hưng Vũ Huy
I can't stop listening to this song.
Michael Corrigan
How come the Indian looking guy Is not in their newer videos anymore
Brennan 360
They all look like their twelve
Ruby Devine
Who's here 2017? When I was 8 I danced and sang to this song with my friends :) It made me happy and joyful
Elena C
Is it just me thinking the music is so similar to "Moon Shines Red - Jamie McDell"? :(
Sentinel Clash
I love Sharna bass
lol that one girl smiling at the camera
Tiago Martins
I love this MV so much! love the song... makes me feel so good...
wolfhero 111
my fav song
and everyone from clean bandit look pretty and handsome. i love them four
Mike B
i've heard that song in the cofee advertisment on tv
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