Haschak Sisters - Slumber Party

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Hi Guys!  Hope you enjoy our new original song, "Slumber Party!"  This music video was soooo much fun to make with our friends!  :)  We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Our names are Madison (16), Gracie (14), Sierra (13) and Olivia (11) and together we are the Haschak Sisters! We have been dancing all of our lives and LOVE music!  We started this YouTube channel to share our music and hope you’ll join us on our journey!  We love meeting new friends!

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We love you!! xoxo


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Head feeling like it’s gonna pop (pop)
From all of this homework, somebody make it stop
You? I got like three APs all A’s no B’s 
I was up ‘till like 4 something o’clock
I don’t know about that but i know about THIS 
We already started working on our own guest list
Madison!  You know you’re gonna miss your favorite little sis
So we gotta try and spend more time
Done - I’ve been lookin for a break
What about?
All that other stuff?  It’ll have to wait
Think about it - Calling our friends up
Rent movies, buy makeup, and anything you can name
You got a lot going on but pretend
There was just one little rule you could bend
well, my calculous test is on monday by sunday i’m…
ok fine i’m in 

Ain’t got no time for any drama
Check your problems at the door

We got one life
To live it up and feel alright
Call up our friends and we’ll invite
All of our girls to chill
Let’s have a slumber party
Tonight hope we don’t start a pillow fight
Dance till we see the morning light
Wish it would never end
Let’s have a slumber party

The mood is set, the vibe is tight 
We on netflix, with another movie night
We’re gonna, braid our hair
and paint our nails
We on snapchat, gotta get the filter right 
We wanna keep it young and fun and free
We’ll fill our whole camera roll with some funny selfies
It’s getting really late and they’re telling me to hush
I think i’m on a sugar rush

Ain’t got no time for any drama
Check your problems at the door

We got one life
To live it up and feel alright
Call up our friends and we’ll invite
All of our girls to chill
Let’s have a slumber party
Tonight hope we don’t start a pillow fight
Dance till we see the morning light
Wish it would never end
Let’s have a slumber party

Ain’t got no time for any drama
Check your problems at the door

(repeat chorus)

Mermaid 107
Mermaid 107
I love you💗💗💗💗
Mermaid 107
Daniella Rojas
its my birthday today can i get 10 likes😄😄
Aja Roberts
is grace gay
amei este video
Afandi Yousoff
i love the song
Tedoradze Tedoradze
Jessa Marie Pili
i can recite it nowww
Ruwan Wijesinghe
can you put a new song
Heera Khan
No boys allowed. Girls rock!!!!
Iliano Vermeeren
Zo een goed liedje
Rj Ahmed
u guys are amazing
Liv !!!!!!!!!!!
Foo Tball alex
i love you gracie my best <3 <3
Cool Freeze
Love it too and I probably watched it more than 30 times we are like twins
Roasted Gamers
I've listened to this more than a hundred times
alan pang
The one in the onesie looks like Gracie and the one with the heart top looks like Madison
Ivie Ogudu
Do what's on your phone
Kate M
I'm going on holiday tomorrow can I please have 50 likes
Krystal King
are you fack singing im not being mean i ges weat to know
Aňulka Bambulková
kdo je tu z Česka?
Lucy Songs
Congrats for having 2 million subscribers
mej jej Jäderberg
April Roybal
I love you
Laurie Wilson
So cool you guys should make more
Fatimashehan Abing
sierra is beautiful
tina firds
U guys are so PRETTY😍!!!!!
Rayna Sabah
Sierra is looking very cut.....
Nabila Sackllah
I love it
I saw Liv so I made this joke:
Lyric line: One right to LIV it up for me! :D Lol
Moca Daniel
hey It is my birthday today can I please get 50
Priscilla Liu
how tall is Olivia? not meankng to be creepy but I'm 12 and she looks taller than me.
Kennedy A
This is so cute and good
I love this song
Liyah Veras
its fake its a fake wallpaper its not there room
Isabela Davalos
love this song oooooh
Soha Malik
olivia look like barbie so cute
Tonia W
I love you
IF my dad saw my room after that, he would ship me to Africa...
Jesus Conrado
you sing is poop
Lunamoon77 77
Diana Eli Camarillo
me encanta ver sus videos pero la amiga de grace lo arruino no tiene animo😆😖
Summer Leone Vlogs
When Mr.Hashchak threw Justin out the door it looked like Uncle.Phil on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air throwing Jazz outside 🤣😂 like if I agree..!
Giselly Santos Silva
Oi gente sou muito fã das haschak sisters(hi guys,im very much a fan of haschak #brazil
Ariel Yslas
Love this video
Maria Gladis
my haschak sisters
Mignot Mengsha
I ❤️ your music and I love to have a slumer party 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Angelina Popette
1am the dad comes and sees 😴
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