Lil Rohan
How it would be Jimmy Kimmel without Guillermo
Spooky Skeleton
Exited to see myself in the big screen
barely shows him for 0.2 seconds
Rocket & Groot
Was he actually there? 😨

I didn't notice him on that scene.
Iron hunter9860
I swear I saw him in the Guardians inferno music vid
Baked Potato pruductions
Nice laugh track maybe dont add it
Jerminator 83
love Guillermo he needs to be in more movies
he's at least in the guardians inferno music video
i never seen this show so i knew nothing about guillermo so when i saw him i was like "a latino is in this?? what was he in the movie i gotta know" well now i know
cop number 2 WOO
Michael Spohn
Guillermo's cameo in the music video is actually bigger! :-)
P.S My Grammar Sucks
That's not del Toro.Who's this knock-off???
Guillermo was actually in the Guardians' Inferno too.
Lewys Cousins
I love how he did actually get into the Inferno music video though XD
Gabriel Juarez
It's all who you know. If that doesn't prove it...
Green Whovian
A star is born
cabeza gigante
siiiiiiiiiiiiiii zacatecas yajooooooo
Leon Burnz
2:41 best part of this video Xd
hey at less guilermo got the part on guardian inferno vid clip
Kody Ballard
anyone notice that he made the New Guardians of The Galaxy Music Video
Beatriz LOVE
Phoebe Alvarado
theory: Guillermo and mike wazowski are one and the same
Bruz the Chopper
give Guillermo an Oscar already
Sonia Mendez
made me so sad that it was a joke lmao
"Give me your lisene and registration"
arturo pancardo
Ese guillermo se borro un tatuaje "a la mexicana" jajaja
Darth Howl
Check out the guardians inferno
Haseebullah Maqsodi
I Just Noticed Batista Is That Steel Dude xD
Kristen Medina
wtfff i couldnt even see him
Lego Ghost Rider
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand they FINALLY gave him a role as a space rabbit in Guardians of the Galaxy Inferno!! XD
Months later, he actually cameos in the Guardians' Inferno music video
lol at least he had more screen time at Guardians inferno
Jean Simard
GoGuillermoGo! Hee Haw!!!!
Catterina Perriere
He shows more in the funky music video than in the movie...sigh
Catterina Perriere
Poor Guillermo, that's just meany
He is in guardians inferno
The porn industry contacted Guillermo after seeing his acting prowess.
Manos Fuzzman
I wish I could be in a frame of mcu.
Jean Rolon
At least he appeared in the inferno music video
Was he really in hte movie?
Hana Baig
They put him in the inferno guardians music video 😂
DarkFlames Gaming
Welp Guillermo was in Guardians Inferno
Captain TD
Damn he wasn't lying. He actually made it to "Guardians inferno".
Magic Zucchini 71
HE WASN'T LYING! In the Blue-Ray extra scenes he is in the music video!
My mans worked hard for a little second of his face😭😭
Miguel Leon
Fuckin Hollywood
Moh Ez
Guillermo my man, you fist bumped Batista.
James St.Denis
Did he say that he was from tangled or where
Chazmin TCMgamer
This is the most hilarious video I've ever seen XD
Simple -
He's better than Matt Damon
Adler Post HC
Is he actually there?
there he is in the clip at 6:10
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