What's inside a Stop Light?

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We CUT OPEN a Stop Light!! Super interesting!!

Watch us get Keys to the City here: https://youtu.be/kChihXRAb0s

This was really interesting and educational! Always wondered how traffic lights work! What else should we see "What's Inside?"

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What's Inside?
Super interesting! If you learned something new, give this a thumbs up and share it with someone:) Thanks for watching!!
Kazuma Kenji
what's inside the gun
Emilio Moonan
You're colorblind
Eian Bauzon
So it will die in 333.3 days... yay math!
Jeslyn Pimentel
Wow you really can get everything on the internet
omar alexander ferman amaya
the Lens is blue cause the bulb inside is kinda yellow that makes the light look green :)
Jacob Utke
It's blue
Davis Mooney
It is blue
Rostimir Vassilev
Guys its a blue light instead a green light because sometimes the green lights dont work and they have to be a different color
Dantdm Higin
What dus the key to the city?
Daniel Duggan
the ones in Liverpool are tiny like ne half of lions size
Gurparas Bajwa
whats inside of a computer
Alim Khan
Why is your sunglasses green? We all have questions
Cray Wong
JK don't do that
Cray Wong
what's inside your theses nuts
Jasmine Keen
What's inside the key to the city
jack ferreira
Are you in Utah cuz im in salt lake city
Meek Pearson
Missy F
Floor is lava in 1 2 3

Cheater you’re in your bed
Asher Vang
Its bluegreen
Aidan Halliwell
What bb gun was that because my father got one as a child and its exactly that except brown and i can'ts seem to find out what it is
A Random Comment Passing by _
It's blue, but the light is a yellowish color, and since blue + yellow = green, that's why we see green... It is actually blue though
Dallas Wright
Wow, what a dinosaur light. Now 99% of traffic lights are LED not Icans. Time for an upgrade!!!
This is cool but it's an older style light. I'd like to see what the newer LED style lights look like. Are they basically the same thing with just LEDs or is there a lot more to them?
BNSF Railfanner
R.i.p stop light
Jordi Llach
A "stop" light? So, what do you do when the green part is on?
anisa haaji
whats inside a ps4
Michael Doerpholz
Do you live in wakita
Michael Doerpholz
Inside what city
scamp pad
He is going to grow up spoilt
Bolting Games
You could have asked if it was ok to have 2 so you have one to open and another to use in a science machine thing
The Knight-Gamez
If you get 5 mil subs you have to do what's inside a human
جومانجي السند
انت تعرف تقرا عربي
last glass is blue ,because bulb inside makes yellow light and with blue glass cover it makes green . blue +yellow =green
Griffin Hooper
I have that same gun
Logan Balata The YouTube Mistro
I think I saw a couple of bullets bounce into the grass.
Darklord 1017
Its blue green
gameing with kkplayzz_YT
The green is blue
Slow mo Jai
Vivian Cao
The green light filter likely appears blue because the stop light uses subtractive colour mixing (i.e., cyan and yellow filter to form the colour green). This filter is probably a combination of a cyan, yelllow, and green glass. Also, magenta and yellow filters are used to form the colour red. For example, the red filter was shattered the inner layer appeared yellow and red, and the red filter from behind appeared a little purple on the inside. The daylight locus (or daylight) also plays a role in colour perception.
rafferty carter-lazenbury
What's inside a taser
rafferty carter-lazenbury
What's inside a Fitbit and a Apple Watch ⌚️ also what's inside a taser
Shannon Conley
It's not a stop light! It's a traffic light!
Traffic light not stop light
Joel York
the shade is probably blue because the bulb looks yellow when on so blue and yellow makes green plus yellow though red and orange wouldn't look any difference
Lol what's inside a measuring tape
Daniel Fagundes
nao entendo porque o titulo esta em portugues
What's inside your lund.
Gage Ebert
pp sh mushen gun
Gage Ebert
pp sh mushin gun
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