Searching for River Treasure! - Knife, $40 Swimbait, 4 Sunglasses, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! See all of the finds at 3:53
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Searching for River Treasure! - GoPro, Diamonds, Ray-Bans, Costas, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

Hey guys! Today my friends and team up to search for river treasure! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

Music Provided by Ehrling "Champagne Ocean" Link:

Intro Music Provided by ProleteR - "Faidherbe square" Link:

Outro Music Provided by Flarve "Bounce" Link: 

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 5, GoPro Hero 4 Black, Galaxy S7

Coolboy 0
keep up the good work bro i already subbed
Sebastian Michaelis
How long can he hold his breath, I am impressed!
RGF // Random Stuff // Gameplays
What is the song when he was diving
what go pro is that
Kimberlea Flynn
T.J. Hogan
never caught a fish on a rooster tail? I slam them here in pittsburgh on rooster tails.
Cindy Perry
Is that a hero v five
Cody Wheeler
the white and sliver rooster tails are really good for crappie around where I live
so you just left the skateboard?
i love so much your videos dude
Edmund Leinbach
How many people are watching this at 10 PM
love god smith
that's my screen)-:
love god smith
I swim ounder lakes only
gina hitchcock
i subscribed!!!
Jürgen Kala
can u breath underwater with this mask(?)
7 SeasMyth
You can find lead all over the beaches of Hawaii lol. Only if they don't sink in the sand tho.
shadow kuruuski / Dr.MooMooPig
my grandpas name is Clifford and he was in the military
Zac Law
Go spear fishing
mr. mcgee
what was that song on
Daminick Maldonado
good video
Jvlogs 0
What type of wetsuit do you have
RAN Sports
Baaaasssseeedroooppp chhhheeeessse
Fishing and Freediving in Ireland
great video !!!
Optic VlogZz
Suraj Pedineedi
bro do some vlogs then you well be boss
Erica Armendariz
why do people just throw this sh.t away in the river like this
ROBLOX Gamer123
this is the new eminem
Dylan Waddell
I use bricks while fishing but sharks are a different story
So what gear do you use to go diving? is it like one of those anything goes activities or are there really good equipment i would need?
What Knive You Got?
viktor ohranovic
holy shit this guy talks fast
I hope U cry 115
U talk to fast
Enzo Drago
like si hay algún latino
Khang kieu
Look at 5:13
nhat nguyen
look at 3:15
mack__man Mack
Funny thing is I did that finger thing and I found a go pro it was amazing it turned out to be my friends from when we do the water jet ski
Braydon Pergram
me and my dad caught 3 with squids
Ahmad Dannaoui
My last name is Cooper
Isaac Clifford
My last names Clifford
ive used rocks, washers, nuts, lead wheel weights which can be had for. freee from autto shops, or anywhere on the ground, also i use. slinky weights with bbs in paracord as drop shot weights n they blend in perfect, rocks make exceptional camoflauged weights though
i love chris and queen awx
thats mine
Louis Pert
So cool
Levi Jurgens
Was that a condom
as a fisherman i greatly appreciate what you do because you clean up the trash left behind. thank you! oh and i should learn to do this I'd save hundreds on lost fishing weights!!!!
give me my army id
I watched this Nov 21 of 2016 and it just got re featured.
Cherry on Top
Can u do this in patoka lake plzzzzzz for some reason people say a city was flooded down there and I'm afraid to check it would be cool if u could
you make awesome video duden
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