Mini Ninja Gaming
Where's Shane??
lol why was there was a hand could it me elisa’s? Or not 701? SCARY THE TIME IS 7;01 😰
Clada Max-El
I feel like I've seen a fictional TV detective story like this...I forgot which one/when it came out...
i'm sorry
Jacob Goddard
I think that, whilst hallucinating, she 'took a bath' in the tank.
Jimmy Israel
OR, is it a giant red hand that is shaped like a chair?!
Jarrett Robinson
Looks solved to me, she was mentality disabled what other explanation do you need?
Who is Brent & where is Shane?
I like the spaghetti monster angle.
junior solis
she was doing the elavator game
Jan 23? Almost my birthday Jan 29 :33
Karen Kern
My BPM went up while watching this
Esmeralda H
Where was Shane during these???? just curious lol
Ximena Villanueva Meza
brent annoys me so much i'm glad he's not in the series anymore
Seems like in the elevator she had a psychological break, similar to a schizoeffective patient
Mila Marie Lehmann Nielsen
I think that she might be drunk or something and that se wanted a bath.
People who don't believe in ghost are like people who drowns a fish.
Mythical Koala
the water was black because they filled the tank with coke
She was sick I think, but she wasn’t taking meds so she saw/heard things.
Kelly KoldKool
I have a theory... I think a ghost possessed her and then there were another ghost which is more dangerous and the ghosts wanted to “play” with Elisa. So they drowned her, before she realised that she was drowning, it was too late. She died already
Lol why does buzzfeed copy all their ideas from YouTubers and other public figures.. Like in this one they’re copying Shane 😂.
sandy Aurora
Ms.lam was playing the elavator game or the elavator to hell
Noelle Church
where did Shane go?
Cathy Wright
who likes shane better than brent
Annette Marie
She was actually playing the elevator game
Hermaia Moira
Perhaps she was playing "the elevator game" for fun, but because something was off with her medication or she was misdiagnosed and actually had a schizoaffective disorder, the coincidentally bizarre malfunction of the elevator doors caused her to believe the game she played worked and something terrible was about to happen to her. She could have climbed the fire escape and taken her own life either because of panic or because she thought the demonic spirit was controlling her. It's terribly sad, but I don't think there is enough evidence as of now to suggest murder.
Do you think she was playing the elevator game
Okay, but, I've got type one bipolar disorder/manic depression (the most severe case of bipolar disorder, with type two being the more moderate form and on two different meds but that's not what the disorder does. The disorder causes a rapid cycling of emotions when not fully medicated.
One of the medications we take is to stabilize the hills and valleys to make their peaks much less intense. Antidepressants aide with the depressive ends of our cycles... basically, there's this chemical called serotonin in everyone's bodies that's a neurotransmitter that contributes to "happiness"/pleasure/feelings of wellness. Imagine serotonin being on a one way bridge. Serotonin, in the minds of those without depression, just crosses the bridge. However, in the minds of those WITH depression, our bridge is out. The antidepressants we intake are for the purpose of allowing our "bridge" to be rebuilt in the brain artificially. This is also why, when one is off meds, symptoms return. Your brain, having been off of these, no longer has your bridge nor a stabilizer, causing everything to go to hell in a handbasket once more.
When one says "oh well she was bipolar so", one proves one is not aware of the disorder itself, merely the common misconception. Should she have been on the wrong dosage, it would have either only somewhat lessened her symptoms or made them even worse. (You've gotta figure out what works for you.) Assuming it was the latter, in a worst case scenario, that still would not have caused her to wave her arms around or talk to the hall, etc. Other things would have contributed to that, such as things on her mind that may have caused her to talk to herself, possibly see things there that were not, what have you. Considering it has been proven it wasn't drugs of any sort, she may have been undiagnosed with something (being schizophrenic, etc.).
I'd always try to disprove things scientifically before bringing in the supernatural. This is coming from a pagan who believes in spirits, mind you.
Gaile Plays Games
Actully I think she was playing the Elivator Game.
Chely Bue
Did u noticed that the elevator open by a little and close back
She high as f***
The elevator game is probably what she did
JIZZ gaming
I am going to go watch spongebob and chill after this.
V-Tech Just kicked in
She was just fucking mental. Bottom line
She was playing the elevator game where you go to a different dimension by being in a elevator with I want to say more then 8 levels and you press different buttons and you go to the 9 floor and bam your in a different dimension
Do Martin Luther King
The reeper Does youtube
She was doing the elevator game
This looks like the apartment building from the Ghostbusters where Sigourney Weaver has her apartment and it's possessed....
TheUltimate Weipin
I think she just have hallucination or crazy
Jade Wolf
Elevator ritual
John Gabriel Ferraer
If there were ghost and he or she ghost kind you, you would turn into a ghost, wouldn't that make the other ghost feel awkward?
Lili Nassiri
When she was doing that weird thing at the elevator she was doing the elevator ga,e if you want go to Shane Dawson’s Chanel and look up the elevator game
Unicorn squad 🦄
Unicorn squad 🦄
Unicorn squad 🦄
Unicorn squad 🦄
Karla Camacho
Ray Milligan
she committed suicide , it would be very hard to carry a dead body up a ten foot ladder to put her in the tank, and she was bipolar !
I remember how it was on TV news...
elevator game!
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