Ed Sheeran - Stay With Me

Ed Sheeran (Musical Artist)British Broadcasting Corporation (Business Operation)radio 1BBC Radio 1 (Radio Station)live loungesam smithStay With Me (Composition)

Ed Sheeran covers Sam Smith's Stay With Me in the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1

the blue eye media
Fuzion HD
Dreams really do come true
Isabel Maria Cristina Cambula
I thought it was going to be awful because no one can reach Sam's vocals... Then I saw it was Ed, and he didn't disappoint
muzicka apoteka
Meni se dopalo brezobraznjivo pomalakarnjivo .
Fabian Hutan
What can’t ed sing
Fabian Hutan
What can’t ed sing
Cam asan
luv u de sheeran mai j préfère l'original avec sam Smith il y'a plus d'émotion. et 7 élégant 7 mn opinion bien sûre
Jfrancis Bragado
This is very cool song ilove you ed sheeran for this song
Nadia Gankov Figaro
Ed should do a cover of "All of me" of John Legend, it would be amazing!!
Lorie Finchiel
I'm so inlove with your voice! ❤ Can't deny that Ed is very talented.
Who could have guessed that a radio stations camera work would be so crap
Jaimy Lovenich
Check out my cover guys
W Ahmad
😢😢😢😢😢... please just stay with me...❤
PinkPineapplesStuff Pineapples
Ed sheeran I rly wanna meet u I only know a few of ur songs but they are really good at first in the song sing when u were on screen and I was like who's that but now ur one of my favourite musicians 🤣🤣🤣😪😪
Db Méndez
Great artist, not a vocalist
Leo Darkside
People Ed Sheeran writes most of the popular songs you hear to day on the radio, Even the ones by the other artistes.
Diego Loti
Kennie Kgaisamg
bby stay with mi
Jami Boatwright
Wow...he's good
fã do Felipe Neto
Porra !!! Só eu 🇧🇷 aqui ??? 🤔
Kedil Dil
Ed dont need any band just throw the man loop pedals man would be more interestinf
Sam Smith is hard to catch up with. Ed did it flawlessly.. slow claps You done did good
RsG Comix
Ed and Sam should do a mashup with this song and happier
jean michael 28
why when ed sheeran sing make me cry
Çiçek Loorey
You are și brilliant
osvaldo ocampo
Madre mia le sale mejor q a sam smith buenisimo
Joey Terrell
He doesn't have as good of a range as Sam, and doesn't have nearly as much soul and vibrato. Well done, though, the notes were on point.
Lotti S
how look the video 2017?? :)
wut if ed sheeran bruno mars sam smith did a colab together
Karelys Carvajal
Qué perfección
Jukkrit Juntawong
Gracie Hudelson
petition for ed and sam to collaborate
John Cena
He always looks like he's just woken up
I just... Love this cover is perfect
Mako k
Original is beather
Uzma Faridi
I'd listen to terms and conditions of Ed sings them to me.
Carter Phu
Dude, Ed needs his guitar at all times. He can't keep his hand steady.
omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Ed😭😭😭
Hana Taheri
He own this song!!!! He should have his guitar! It would be amazing!!!!
Na Estante da Imy
Meu vermelhinho 😍😍
Imti Lkr
You are just perfect .
André von
I love Ed but it's terrible, this dosen't add anything new to the song. It's a bit pathetic seeing him here actually. It's one thing to like a song but if you're gonna perform it, you need to add something to the song.
Vyancee Arzadon
bruno mars and ed sheeran, crazy talented people
Paola Muir
how do i love him this man so much?
มุกดา อินคง
Dimon man
Tyler Martinz
Why cant Ed and Sam collab???
Jimmy Savile
There is a vulnerable side to him without the guitar, i love vulnerable young people
Ayushi Bisht
His voice 😖 so perfect 😩😩😩
Loka por Imvu
i love Ed Sheeran,Sam Smith😍😍😍😍😍
Loka por Imvu
alguein Br??
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