Kids Hysterically Cry When Parents Scream at Them For Prank

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Did a Maryland couple harmlessly prank their children or outrageously commit child abuse? In a video on the dad's YouTube channel, DaddyOFive, the mom holds a bottle of magic disappearing ink. "I'm going to squirt it all over his carpet and start flipping out," the mom, Heather, says in the video. Then she screams for her 10-year-old son, Cody. "What the [bleep]!" she screams. "I didn't do that!" yells Cody. He and his brother burst into tears, shattered to be so falsely accused.

The GameNoodle
They take those pranks to far
Suz Eee
wtf inside edition got word of this and still nothing is being done by the law? makes me sick. this is why worse things happen. You can't leave anyone in that situation and expect a good outcome. I pray for the children.
Andii The Yandere
this is mental abuse, like cody the one with the glasses it the main one whos in the ceanter of everything. I think they need to tone it down a little.
Secret ???
Oh yeah this was on fox 5 news
Jade Undertale
i would have busted their heads open if i was their kid. those parents would deserve the injuries
Pika Honey_
And now kids
Thats how you raise a suicidal child
Alberto Guardado
oh how did my family get there?
Fara Tara
Jerks Just Jerks
Wow, no matter how these so called parents choose to paint the picture, this is 100% abuse.
lorenzo sosa
the last kid with black glasses said No with an upset face
Jennie Adams
I can't even finish watching this. It's so awful how they're treating him.
Marcos Torrez
"It looked to me as they wer scared" u dont say.
Lizzy Cat
XD for al those but hurt peeps who get all sad about "PRANK" they did't hit them? Ok the would have been a horrible prank but they did not do that so shut up GEEZ
Misty Frost
How is this funny
Aidangaming 678
Daddyofive more like daddyoABUSE ALERT ABUSE ALERT
Kawaana Hoo Kim
this is not funny at all. for all we know that kid could have had a heart attack from being so overwhelmed...stupid pranks...stupid parents
DaddyOFive made it finnally
Hellokitty 2001
Why the hell do the parents do that to the poor kid
U R.
Pure evil.
Panda Kid
He's 9 loser his birthday is May 18
Matteo Pesalovo
That's both not funny and embarrassing for the parents. Shame on them.
Anna A-K
Why would someone do this to their children? They're basically using their kids as props or toys just to get fame. I feel bad for the childrenπŸ˜”πŸ™β€
Emily Carey
How is screaming and cursing in RAGE a prank? Wonder what actually happens in that home when the kids actually act up.
Abigail Shields
this is sick who could do such a thing to their children. they look tromatized. thus is horrible.
Jay P
The doctor looks like Gus from Breaking Bad
Arlin Rakas
That is so mean!
Charly 05
I did not know Daddy0five was on news
Dnm Reppent
Dnm Reppent
Child abus
Josh Moon
I've seen worse. There IS worse. As long as the parents don't do it again, whatever.
The Wardenn
Spacegerbil Prod.
Those retarded ghetto white trash jerks.
Captain_pro 304
Did they delete there YouTube vids!!!!!!
this is a terrible prank i hate them
tail feather
Apparently, their channels may get taken down. Watch any of the videos. They're chilling.
those kids should call the cops no joke intended
Stewart Family
voted worst parents in the world.
Olga Adele
Julie Bluebell
Pure white trash parents. :(
LoonyMeg Games
this is cruel for the kids
Naomi Davis
Pranks make you laugh not cry
xena andj
psychologically ABUSIVE MONSTERS!!!!!
Erina Sasaki
This is absolutely disgusting this isn't funny
Tis ok
There is so much more...they body slam this poor little boy. This is clear child abuse because of greed. Sick sick parents.
Haven the Maid of Space

Take the kids away!
Lightningboy King D
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