Kids Hysterically Cry When Parents Scream at Them For Prank

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Did a Maryland couple harmlessly prank their children or outrageously commit child abuse? In a video on the dad's YouTube channel, DaddyOFive, the mom holds a bottle of magic disappearing ink. "I'm going to squirt it all over his carpet and start flipping out," the mom, Heather, says in the video. Then she screams for her 10-year-old son, Cody. "What the [bleep]!" she screams. "I didn't do that!" yells Cody. He and his brother burst into tears, shattered to be so falsely accused.

Alexandre Girerd
worst parents ever this is complete madness
Paul A
Here Johnny take this pencils sell them on street corner. We don,t have any more money to feed you or sent you to school. Oh and we abandoned your little puppy dogie under a bridge we can't account for that expense anymore. He is gonna be fine, he'll just turn wild. Don't cry its just a prank bro.!!
Jack Moldee
They did nothing wrong the kids after that said that they love their parents and their lives if you guys don't understand that then I don't know what you understand. Because you guys just ruined a perfectly loving family that have fun with each other and prank each other.
Elijah wood
Terrible parents
Chris Draco
Yalll bunch of pussies. My father pulled way worse pranks on me and I'm completely fine lol. I'm beautiful and women love me
Isabelle Evans
Someone needs to call child line like Witt is wrong with them
Adam Nolazco
I don't get what's wrong with this....
Jayden Masters
no more pranct
Oleg Kovalev
Scummy ass ghetto parents
Laura Schuurmans
When parents can not cope with social media and their children learn to be careful about it..
Jesse Wolfe
Yea he always got blamed
ELITE GAMER Gaming & more

Barf Brownie And Melanie's TV Broadcasting
What if it's them just acting for the vid
Angie Kosta
This is truly disturbing.
Aidan Sollberger
If they pranked me I would say SUUT UP THAT PRANK IS STUPID
KatieAndOscarsChallangeVideos KatieAndOscar
that's really mean😠
Amy Lyon
This is horrible what horrible parents!! No child harmed mental psychological abuse!! I feel sorry for the children!!
The Bacon Master
I hate Daddy-O-Five. He shouldn't have kids.
Leah Neeson
poor kids
The cussing took it too far
DJ Awesome06
That's really mean
I think we should kill this mother and burn her to death.
Ryan Mullins
All victims of pranks don't think it's funny. You would think those kids would know it's a prank but i think this is all staged
Kenzi Lyons
I know them personally
this is what happens when rednecks marry their cousins
Sebastien Torres
wow someone should prank these parents by locking them up
Sebastien Torres
some body should prank these stupid parents by locking them up
Good job traumatizing their children and turning them into future criminals.
Anthony Dannunzio
I hate him so much
Nick Goins
the youtube channel is fake tho lol
Tinos Davis
So funny
Emily Mooradian
I couldn't stop crying. This is emotional and metal abuse.
Aday BOI
Bear Bear
Kid abused
that's how they handle their situations...
Tia Monroe
This is not that serious
Heart Iron
I'm glad they lost their kids I hope they never get them back.
HoustonRocketsFan2005 TV
I hope those parents will get sentenced to death by Duterte.
JC studios
Erika Acevedo
fat ass mother
Sonic The Hedgehog
that prank has gone too far
I think their whole YouTube nonsense is ridiculous they know how some people get and even though it is for pranks it's really not even that funny to mess with a child like that
Meadow Zangrilli
Who else also feels bad for the parents also
Heather's Video House
The children need to be all taken away from the parents and have children services do evaluations on the whole family!
Christopher Rogers
The cussing could be avoided then maybe its ok.
Gary Cable
There's a special place in Hell for these parents.
they said that it was fake...
Gaming Psycho 14
Yelling isn't a crime it was just a prank
Ava Depina
I would have done this

Call 911
Say I want new parents
*Tell reason why *

What would you do?
Brandy H
2:20 you can tell that kid hates them
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