Turnover Mcgee
Isabel Puente
Hey coyote
man i cant imagine the bugs in a rain forest lol love the vid
Adrian Serious Gamer
snakes bother me, spiders bother me, bugs bother me, my brother bothers me
He's good but Steve Irwin was better.
Tina Peddie
Has coyote got bit by a milk snake yet?
Alisha Robinson
I got her cousin saw the snake before it was big and a mouse
Rosa jokester
Wow all of the snakes I've seen from y'all and personally but I had a professional with when I met some snake and the snake y'all handled ARE BEAUTIFUL and so was the frog it was cute I saw a tree frog this morning it was fast one too and LOVE YOU GUYS
X beastxedits X
I live the snake episodes Keep them up
Kimberly Alfaro
Him: Touches everything
Me: Okie Byyyyeeeeeeeee
Kimberly Alfaro
Him: touches everything
*Me after I see one thing: Is sprinting the hell out of there
Handling snakes:fine.tarantulas:fine.rats:fine. But cockroaches oh heck no
The Real Doctor Who
8:25 The snakes like why no this can't be happening
Marshmallow Kid
Red on black,friend of Jack
Red on YELLOW,kill a fellow
Why do you put on a hat at night?
Sam Taylor
viet nguyen
oh she
brighteyes 2006
Who else noticed the snake next 2 him when he nelt down
Trash KatPanda
The coral snake when it left he was like BYE BI$H
The most dangerous thing on earth is.

The walking stick.
J Gates
Guys watch my videos on yeah boy
Victoria Hergert
Coyotte why do u use a walking thingy 🙁
Khya Rodakowski
i literally yelled out "THERES A SNAKE NEXT TO YOU" and i thought he heard me.
but remembered he couldn't hear me because hes on a screen.
JeffTheMoose :D
When he crouched down I was like hmmmm cool SNAKE!!!!!! SNAKE!!!!!!!!! xD then he found out I was like phewww like if u agree
"No, It doesn't bite. Which is good for me!" BOY! YOU'VE GOT BITTEN BY BULLET ANTS!!!!!! WHO CARE IF THAT BITES YOU!!
Autumn Newkirk
Every where u go do u get bit by ever animal u catch !?
Alien vs Predator
Anybody else think that the glass frog kinda looks like a gummy frog
Jack Williams
Please keep doing these kind of videos i love them all and can wath your channel all night :) keep it up ill be keeping in touch with this channel for a long time
Eva Froese
I'm glad that they release the animals unharmed when they're done examining them.
I think I am crazy cause I see a person at the time of3min like if you saw it
Sheccid Briseno
Why do you like exploring a lot ??.
Nick plays_101
oh sheet LMAO
Anne Mackenzie
my real name is finn
Taryn Tyler
I love this channel so much! I'm learning so much about animals and nature!! Someday, I wanna be brave like you..because right now...I can't seem to pick up spiders..or sqirrpions. (I think I butchered that) But some day..I will find the rarest of animals and maybe get along with the wild. That's my dream, because of you. Thanks Cayote.
Erika's Games
Erika's Games
Will fortan XD
Thida Win
You are one madman
Coyote out here getting two-for-one's like it's black friday at snakes r us.
Aaron Larson
When you grab a snake by the head like that, how do you let him go without taking a bite? I've always wondered, because snakes are one creature I've always wanted to handle and be around, but I'm worried of taking bites
Isabella Beym
I'm your biggest fan Coyote!
Alfie Bryant
4:06 there's a worm or something on the turtles shell
v va la vodka
im coyote peterson im about to enter the wifi hot spot zone with my iphone to play clash royale
Clorox Bleach
7:35 he just wanted to get a sneak peak on the new vid
April Brisbois
Is the Viper
April Brisbois
Randy otron rko
Ching Max
animal freak
Coyote Peterson I made a video just for you and its called this video is for you your the best!!!!!! and mark and mario too!
Swag Swaggerson
I'll be walking this exact park at night with the owner in a few months. Looking forward to it!
Saber Spider
Have you seen my snake video it came out 3 mins ago
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