Stacey Frost
i love your vids
Luis On Rice
At 5:59 it looks like he was going to to come threw the screen
Alexis stratton
you almost died
Alexis stratton
that is the coolest snake i ever seen
Mr Anklez
A snake was right behind the walking stick!
Noah Brown Brown
Or maby a snake
Noah Brown Brown
Theres a frog in the tree
Heimskr, Prophet of Talos
You deserve every subscriber you have and more.
Rvah13 rav
Wow wasn't suspecting that snake looking to look at you yikes
Rvah13 rav
Wow wasn't expecting that snake looking at you
scorpion Lewis
Mindy Shaw
Thx for everything you have tot me now I know what some tipes of snakes are and if they are posines
Ameer Abrahams
Would u wanna be there?
legit pikachu
woah there that grab on the 🐢 🐢 turtle
Brandy Gonzalez
Wow crazy
AnimeSniperWolf 17
Now on think the tarantula you found was a brachypelma Kahlenbergi I don't now my tarantulas only my Honduran curly hair

It bugged me on what it was so I looked it up and found a tarantula (Brachypelma Kahlenbergi) that looked exactly like it
Destiny Lewis
You are crazy
vin 950
Was that a fer de lance staring at him in the intro? that is terrifying.... those things cause some awful wounds. Edit- I was right! Holy crap that was a close call.
Sparky 107
Are the jumping pit vipers venomous
Tracie Johnson
At 16:33 I thought that the coral snake bit you but it was it's tale
Johnny Rodgers
I sat by a snake
Luke Roberts
who is watching this in 2017
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly
I love how you don't hurt the animals and return them to your home
Leah Eve
“mark there a snake on you”
“oh ok”
Maribel Moreno
It looked in 11:23 there was a yellow snake
Great video...! All videos on your channel are amazing. #FactsReview is my channel.Please visit my channel, if you like it then please sub. I also sub you.
Great video...! All videos on your channel are amazing. #FactsReview is my channel.Please visit my channel, if you like it then please sub. I also sub you.
Tyler 27
How do you do this kind of stuff it’s amazing
Enzo Elivia Buhay
i think its a red rump
Awesomeboy Lol
Madison J
The little frog dose not look like cermet it looks like Pepe the frog
T.R. Luxx13
I love how the snake is just chilling like "I'll wait"
Sebastian Romo
I say Red Over Yellow your a dead fellow. When there is a coral snake
Chris Nelson
Hey brave wilderness I have a pet snake And I'm so glad you didn't get bit by the snake
Cyberdashg2 789
6:02 I fell off my bed
Red on yellow will kill a fellow, red on black is a friend of jack.

Coral snake.
Lessly Callejas
You know coyote is telling us all about animals and that's what i like about thanks coyote ☺️☺️
Fluff Ball
I'm geting a bearded dragon
Wild Piano
Yesterday I had a Coral snake in my front yard and I threw a brick at it and it got stuck so I grabbed my machete and chopped it of
Morgan G
Almost R.I.P coyote
Casy da boss
16:44 omg the snake is
Bam bamerson
Pit bulls r sweet
6:59 the lance is just sitting there in the bottom left
Maria Samaguey
That is a wolf spider or trapdoor spider
micheal bithi
Im coyote peterson and im about to enter the singularity.
jumps into blackhole
Camera man: you alright bro you fell all good in there?
twinkling tuesdays
if he dies i'm not surprised
Daniel_ 400
U will love Australia
Alejandro Quesada
I'm from Costa Rica and that's a mail arboreal tarantula
Is danger NoooooooOOoOOOdles
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