10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

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There are so many preconceived notions each of us hold about general everyday things, that aren't always as straightforward in reality. As you're going to realise, there are so many things in the world that aren't exactly what they seem, meaning many aspects of your life are a lie! 
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Andrei Flores
pine apple grow on ground by using their hair leaves thing
Cody Fost
What the hell?! Thought this was going to be about government conspiracies for some reason. Lol
I fucking hate how you have that "about to laugh" tone in your voice.
John Barras
I already knew that pineapples did not grow on trees I know this cause of a minecraft mod I have
Rename this "when a European crawls out from under a rock and learns normal things"
Rocket Mister
The last one because they still use paint in england
Ah the brick laying machine lie, such a good lie. That machine requires several operators that still need to slot bricks into it in the correct pattern.
the vast majority of road striping and whatnot is still done with paint. Back when I did asphalt paving, seal coating, parking lot markings, road buttons, etc. most paint was just sprayed on with a lil gas engine powered paint cart and stuff like handicap spot markings are done with big ass stencil. The thermoset tapes aren't necessarily easier to apply or cheaper, but they can be pretty convenient
Aimless Wanderer
wow. who the fuck thought pineapples grew on trees? I live in hawaii. I really thought it would be more obvious
ahmad mifzal
the only thing is a lie is a cake
Casper Ko
The guy wasn't using a flame thrower he was using a blower torch. They are two very different things.
Logan Pait
This vid is a lie
Teina Kingi
"Marry o kart"
Risal Ranas
Hey I'm interested to know if I was wondering

Read more
Risal Ranas
The bricks were making me feel kinda ezee
Mermaid Kirra
After the 5 one i was thinking who's the real captain crunch if the character is a imposter
Z. J.
But, and again a huge BUT. This is happening only in USA. You can't cheat people from Europe like that.
Kevin Chen
If pineapples grown from trees and fell and hit our heads just like how the apple hit newtons head
We wouldn't discover something new, we would be dead
Jason Mamaat
I knew most, like number two
Joseph Hu
My life is still not a lie
John Smith
i love your veideo
Tigers are Great
I freakin love Toad too!!!!
Icanseeyou Inmyeyes
no wonder why we are so fucking lazy and watching youtube
Ronindaman Rodriguez
Have you ever thought that toad in the super Mario show isn’t cannon
IQQY Does stuff
The Mario show isn't canon
It's my first video on you're channel and It's not like I'm going to subscribe . Sorry.
My first reaction ➡️milk is actually glue 👏🏼👏🏼😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😂
For the duct tape I don't know about the road but in the grass It's paint cause they can't put fire .Anyway if they melt the duct tape It becomes paint (or something like that) logically.
And for the brick one time the handy men's rebuild the sidewalk and they put the brick with their own hands . Brick by brick . IN FRONT OF ME.
About the milk it's false : Every day I eat milk ... the cereals are sticking to the spoon right but one time I went to a farm I saw how they remove the milk from the caw then I taste it and there was no difference between the two products
Chai Yew Jin
Stroker Ace
Why wasn't religion on this list? Religion is the biggest made up bullshit of all time.
Rose Priora
Honestly who thought that pineapples were grown on trees?
Lol nr 2 i remember it being in the national news when it was invented. Notice the website on the brick laying machine ends with .nl
More than half of these a bs I have work for domino and Pizza Hut we have never use a machine to put sauce on a pizza, a lazy pizza shops might use that tool but it's very unlikely
Keyser Soze
"Any naval officer who commands a ship is addressed by naval custom as "captain" while aboard in command, regardless of his or her actual rank, even though technically an officer of below the rank of captain is more correctly titled the commanding officer"
Black Vapor
There was an advertisement just before he revealed #1.
Black Vapor
11. The cake
Goldenboy gamer
Mmm... 10:02
Wesley Jackson
speaking of road markings (number one in video), when will the US get cat's eyes like the UK so we can see the lane at night!?
Yves Sch
soooo.... how dumb and unobservant are you? (should be the name)
Jamie Gallo
I didn't know that was a hat that Toad wears, but I always thought it was. I didn't think it was his head.
Really?? My life is a lie?? LoL little fucking retard 😋. Didn't even watch. Saw title. Clicked. Disliked and now explaining to you: retards can't many things in this world and YouTubing for a living is not one of them. Mmmmkay little retard? Mmmmkay 😋 have fun little retard.
SnowFlake Chan Vlogs
I knew the pineapple thing
Yongjing Sun
Well i know that pineapple actually grow on trees
Cuz i have seen it with My own eyes on trees
Dovydas Radauskas
5:17 fidget spiners on whels
Daniel Sutphin
Captain crunch..... STOLEN VALOR!
Danilo Manrique
Holly Frantz
What ridiculous person ever believed pineapples grew on trees?
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