10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

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There are so many preconceived notions each of us hold about general everyday things, that aren't always as straightforward in reality. As you're going to realise, there are so many things in the world that aren't exactly what they seem, meaning many aspects of your life are a lie! 
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WRONG they are painted in the US still
Reaka Johanson
Pineapple grow on trees 👍
Bobby Hempel
The plastic markers are usually temporary. I used to be the guy that pulled them up before they painted the stripes
Muallim Cekic
isnt the show non conaginal so the "hat" is not a hat
Anastacia Pulman
the bricks I never knew
Whynotdyz youtubeaccount
does anyone elese think his voice is soothing?
Ryan Walsh
So amazing... uh, no. And that is NOT a flamethrower you scumbag. It's called a 'blow torch'. It makes me sick that you morons actually make money from these shitty misleading videos. I really hope the average person in 2017 is not as misinformed and clueless as you people assume, otherwise there is just no hope for humanity.
eva wiltse
the pineapples r from TREES?????????
Ryan Walsh
Nobody thinks pineapples 'grow on trees'. They obviously grow in the grow and look like the yucca plant.
Steapunk Stanley
I know that pineapples grow from the ground after watching Bob the builder
seeya later
They put them slits in concrete because concrete expands so it needs space
Kevin Phillips
I read a manga called (a I love you) where she would make food out of oil glue and paint to make it appear just like it did on the magazines and on the TV because she didn't know any better and didn't understand that humans need actual sustenance not glue paint and oil to live
Every Thing
Who's reading the comments while watching?
Donald Whitty
You need to get out more.
Teddy Walsh
My family used to call Toad "Diaper Head."
The mario show is not canon
ivy lam
Chup Bluearrow
But with toad the tv show isn’t cannon
#4 is a LIE
T Tihema,Tairua Tihema Knight
Painting grass😂
Dark Lord
I knew nearly all of them apart from the seventh
He got it from reaction time
Shaikh Jasim
u can already know from its name [Toad]
You talk about thermoplastic stickers for aes to get the vid to 10:02
Lenard Jiro Bumatay
they use real machine to paint in the road. i saw many
Najiya Faye
The part about folded towels he told is false, I've worked at Walmart in the domestic department one night and the towels come pre folded in little packages and they just get placed on the shelves. This I believe is true even for target, bed bath & beyond, etc......
Hey Mr.Beautiful
and Dude.... Pineapple does have seeds, its like a very small pips, its in and at where the pineapple eyes are, if you cut it properly and carefully scrape where the eyes been, you can quickly find the seeds, although they are small and brown like, I haven't heard of anyone yet tried and grown plants out of them.
LPSCherry AJ
this proves this video is a lie.
Mister Fishlips
I really hate these fucking channels.
The bricks #2 Is really a fact cause I go some places and they way how I see bricks on the ground I have to wonder, is it hand done this
Thomas Badberg
Exept that’s a lie on toad, SMO confirms its part of their head
Brayan Contreras
"...and number 1 ... " " "airheads have gum now"
killer g
Brush Blast
Football fields don't have real grass it's rubber grass
Kreig Dernier
Not an imposter crunch’s rank came as a result of a field promotion in the bloody Kellogg-General Mills battle.
Kusum Nepal
I already know about toad.
Mr kell Mr kell
The supermarkets
Dark Matter Twilight
What? How did people think that pineapple grow on trees?!
Praporgescu Adrian
In Romania the brick pavements are put together by hand.
Gravity Creep
Here in Malaysia we still paint the road using those spray machine's heheh
jerry hilaski
Angela Pambid
The towel stack is not true
Emily Kelleher
The road markings doesn't mean my life is a lie it means this video is
I went outside and felt it and it was paint
Jason Dank Memes
I actually noticed the glue thing while high once. Changed my life forever.
William Spatz
That show where toad removes his hat isn't Canon toad has a mushroom head
Am i the only one who never actually thought about how pineapples grew before this video? 😂
Do not use a tv show as an example
joey decillis
bill kyle
I already knew that pineapple thing
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