Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway and Jimmy take turns singing songs, like P!nk and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me a Reason," after running the lyrics through Google Translate.

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Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway

Anthony Baso
Jimmy has been taking voice lessons.
Anne Hathaway makes me laugh so much.
Why is Anne Hathaway not doing more music omg
wefe feqef
oops oops
Rhianna Ramnath
She is a good singer
Kim Goodall
Love reeducate :)
Anne I LOVE YOU!!! You are the most beautiful woman in the world
Crystal Argent
Can't stop seeing Amelia Gething in her
They sound good together lol
Lily Weaver
the "oops oops" killed me
I don't understand.. he translates songs from English to what?
(Sorry my english is not very good)
Chenee Thompson
Such a beauty! What a voice too!
as a bilingual i can see how the songs got to this point
Ella Groarke
anne should totally start sinigng
Madysen Gaming!
They are making a third princess dairies
Purple Foxs757
Who else thinks google is trying to tell us something

I will NOT be punctual
Gau Yang
Love it!!!
GalaxyGirl's World
Middle finger to Fallon for stealing this idea from a YouTuber! He could have at least given credit to him!
Moisés Ávila
She is so fuckable
Anonymous Fluffy puppies
When there Anne Hathawill, there Anne Hathaway.😎
The WWE, Madden, and NBA 2K Channel
In your presence, my front is not felt.
Sofia Quezada
"Löö mind, kallis, veel üks kord" it means Hit me baby one more time in estonian
"Χτύπα με μωρό μου άλλη μια φορά" it means Hit me baby one more time in greek
and "私の赤ちゃんをもう一度ヒット" is the same but in japanese
Queen is never late, everyone else is just early
Diana Flores
Mary Nolan
Anna looks goth
Dang, she's pretty good.
Charles Bryant
Fuck them for not featuring Melinda Kathleen Reese.
Borna Japundžić
I mean it's obviously scripted
Jeremiah Boulin
You should make more of these
witty jade Catalino
your so amazing actress anne not only that your a good singing too,,
E-flix live
2:47 I'm ready to hunt, YES!😂😂
Riley Bowling
"i never punctual, i will be punctual"
Maca B
Gabriela B
We can love reeducate!
The Joker
I lost it as OOPS OOPS
Damn that girl can SING! I'd love to hear a ton of songs by her, even if they are just covers. I'll always remember Ella Enchanted - Somebody to love!
Esra Akemi
this is like this like in the tonight show one with most comment likes with anne hathaway
Wassabi Juice is a logangster
Alanna Hood
he totally stole this from malinda Kathlin reese
Techno beast
Riley Fountain
Sorry but I not going to be punctual
James Carl Manzano
how coincidental the new translated words have almost the same exact amount of syllables as the original...CONSPIRACY
Kpop As Fudge
I strangely love the 'love reeducate' bit
Tatum Stoddard
Well, the really strange. He laughed me standing alone. (my comment through five layers of Google translate.
Wizardly Sheep
What the hell? This is Malinda Kathleen Reese's idea! You can't just steal somebody's idea without permision or even giving them credit!
E-flix live
''I'm aware that I'm aware'' I'm dying!:,D
Kristjan Kaljuste
Löö mind kallis veel üks kord is estonian and, im from estonia so yea
Bojler eladó!
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