Cool Airless Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test

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Cool Airless Radial Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test. Non pneumatic tires.
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Lok Jeff
ПаШа Римир
When can I get a tweel for my car
It feels like this tire is going to break
Mrazer Krazer
Stones and dirt can and will jam that wheel eventually. They have to close the sides.
بهاء المشاقبه
wooooow beautiful
Micheal Brown
Not safe
ethan Jacquez
Why cant they put those tires on actual cars.
Caleb Davies
Did they fucking copyright the letter X
beer bucket
Why am I watching this.
Walter Jones
They were hardly pressing on the curb with the michelin
ansha anvar
robert Zhang
This is cute
John s
Imagine if it had bose suspension
ganesh sen
very cool idea
Aizul TM
Am i the only one that thought the tyres look like airplane engines? 😂
Dake 777
Dake 777
Can i use this on 4wd vehicle for offroading?
Sweet Pancake
elan miz
Why am I watching this? I do not own any heavy construction machines. But great video 10/10
Aidan Bloch
What about tire ballooning
Ryan Nguyen
Joke's on you tire slashers
this + bose = ???????????????????????????????????????????????no broken penis during sex in the car??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Dimas Faiz
Lets go
koragot Madaeng
Solid is fucking bullshit😂😂😂
Wow the solid ones are absolute shit
Nikhil Wadile
these tyres are very nice and compatible and convenient
Michael Jamie
Chetankumar Sable
Jarmany are greet
Damn cool
Yasser Al Riyam
why would youtube put this vid as "recommended"?
fabricio biajone
e. bom. que. nao. bate. muito
Gia Kirvala
b go's
T Blazee
YouTube it was on my recommendations for past few months and now I watched it.. 🙏
Sono delle ruote troppo acab
Sophie the dog
At first i tought those were toys
Tony Park
great post. if you are in need of new tires or car products check out this site for great promotions
The Poke Chomp
Sooo coool these are the future of no punctures
Ministarstvo šumarstva Republike Hrvatske
Thats wery useful
Like to video
Aysel Kayisoglu
oman shaikh
what a qality
Belleza Prince
Very nice
Kaiwur oy
Subur Hariyanto
Very expensive... It think
Saif Chaush
Lacie Laborde
And fresh twinkle is ugly to
Lacie Laborde
I have to get s set for my lambo
Kommandant Wulf
2:20 dancing skidsteer
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