Cool Airless Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test

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Cool Airless Radial Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test. Non pneumatic tires.
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Gulfam Zindran
Stephen Espinosa
I already do this
A miałem sie uczyć do matury :/
Vibin varughese mammen
is this type will last for years.... I think after rough use if the inner layer breaks then it's doomed....
Jake M
Where can I buy a set of these for my car
Amit Kumar
can these tractors carry a family?
長谷川和輝 8003TV
Djdee duenas
those burnouts
Nikunj Sartan
Checkout the Goodyear future tyre instead
Chase Hunt
Can it fit on a four wheeler
Keaghan Martin
I need that for my bike. do you think they can make that for bicycles?
Jason Moyle
Its just called a Pneumatic tyre.
Trent Szeponski
In no way do you need to bounce a skid steer in order to turn it with any tire shape. This video being without words is going to fool people who do not practice there words in mind before speaking.
This tires will love rocks like your running shoes. Good luck to get them out
Sadabrat Puhan
ok, ok, i'll buy it!
ملاكم boxer
But , can't enter to a clay
George Kariuki
great innovation, great technology, make it mainstream production before it is suppressed
Ces top !
Pan Czekoladka
lol what am i doing here
Azel Destyano
wow new tecnology
Charlie Faith
Man tires are one of the big money makers of some auto repair places aren't they? That would be great ( for us consumers) and fucked for the companies, if they made those for street vehicles.
porque coño estoy viendo este video? si no voy a comprar ni una maquina de esas, ni siquiera las llantas? coño me voy
this will be terrible for drifting lol
Should have had the board of nails test.
Weird tyres
This is a cool thing. Not a new idea but speeds were not the same. Tweel loader was driving much slower. Just watch the 3 way side by side comparison.
Golden 47
It's cool for machinery and construction type vehicles. But it's quite dangerous for people on highways trying to break
Vince King
The things don't seem to have suspension
Luis EatsBaconn
Like this, cops can't shoot out my tires!
Rafael Merida Caballero
Hace almenos 18 años que están probando esas rueda y todavía no las sacan al mercado que coño esperas
jesus forbids the use of tweels. that is all!
Kit Kat
The real question is: Can I put them on my Skyline?
Montana White
damn, the solid wheels look like hell
Wait until a stone gets stuck in the tire...
John Low
Skid loaders are so much fun.
Pak Besar
2:20 looks fun :o
Francois Edmond
2:20 pneumatic wins!
Colby Carver
can we just skip to flying cars
Minister Of Silly Walks
Hahaha the poor bloke that got stuck with the solid tyre in the test must have been pissed.
Evan Wheeler
I want to see these on forklifts lol.
Juan Leal
Can it handle mud!
YO Gamer
keren pak beli satu boleh nih
jefferson legado
I can't use or say X anymore without paying royalties.
Logan Poe
This is a scam ha this is so funny
they look like toys!!!!!
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