How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist (pt.2)

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It's been nearly 3 years since the first one, but due to popular demand, here is How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist part 2!

Watch How to sing like your Favorite Artist (Part 1) here:

Watch bloopers and Behind the Scenes for this video:

Huge thank you and shout out to David Choi for helping me with John Williams part! Check out his channel:

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Rucksack Gamer
Do another one with Nirvana. That should be amazing...
Oliver Klems
"5 Seconds of Summer" Ryan: "you know when your a little kid..."
Frosted Fun
When he was doing the Drake part and was sneezing, I literally sneezed before him! 😂😂😂
Sister Daniel
5 seconds of summer is my favorite band and I honestly laughed when he sang Amnesia :D :D
Not trying to be racist, but did anyone think that when he did Sam Smith and yawned, he looked like Kim Jon Un
That dude Who Cheats on ur wife
The Fetty wop one was so accurate that I'm seriously thinking if fetty wop hits his nuts every time before he sings........
Oh Yea
Guys please help. My mom is being criticized by this nasty person making fun of her looks and she is in tears and i feel so bad. My mom was so nice to her and she just randomly turned on her. I am going to need your help. Here is her phone number. 623-687-4212. Please keep calling her till she literally dies. Guys I seriously need your help. Dont tell her who sent you just call her and when she answers do anything call her anything but dont tell her anything about this message. She is doing this on facebook and instagram too. Like so more people can see this.Leave a comment saying i called her
Hyper Samurai
nice gt86
Syed Kazman Abbas
editing must have been hell
DeathStar ColorEar
He should have worn a blue beanie for the twenty one pilots thing.
Slice Down
"Have a couple hits,then disappear" that fracked me up 🤣
Aryan Nadgauda
did any one notice that in eminem and Calvin Harris and lords there was no plants
No chill on LORDE holy shit
Tyler fun time 369
Wow must have took so long!
The Cardinal Studios
make a part 3
Kenny Bang
That Sam Smith impression was so f*cking funny😂
Idar Kalsnes Goksør
One of the most creative youtubers.
Kenda Monzer
3:30 to 3:32 lol "i hope my mum doesnt watch this part" well if she did then your dead
Holy shit appreciate the 10 hours of editing
Kenda Monzer
twenty one pilots selena gomes and bruno mars were amazing and funny and the rest wonderful please keep on making these videos they are amazing
who is sleep and what is theirproblem
Im obsessed with twenty one pilots and i dont know whether i should be offended or laugh

i choose laugh
Anthony Tran
when he done the selena gomez part cracked me up.
The Silento one was so accurate.
Oscar Tracey
i crack up every time i see the little kid
Bethany Kemp
Does these even work
Dance Goals
I like shakira leave her alone at least.
Lucy Vincent
JuniperPotato AJ
a lot of these are actually really good and accurate.
Marlene Sosa
am i the only one who thinks Ryan looks like Kim Hyun Jong from SS501?
Terrarian L
The jhon williams the only part i came for
Bunches GT
this is so funny 😂
Daffadill Cat
To sing like Fetty Wap all you have to say is "YAHHHH BABY".
Neha Arunkumar
Make a part 3
Fernanda Sant' Ana
i almost didn't realise you put a plant for each impression omg
Gokul Krishnan
This. Is. Ridiculous. Holy shit.
for watch we whip silent came to my cosines barrmintfa if barrmintfa is for a giblet he was really there
for bruno mars i always accidentally yell back since I have 8DHD and lose privliges for a week or a couple months but I do not care because she always forgets about it and I get it back the next day but I am not aloud to have video games on the week anyways but I should oh and in health my friend made up this parody song oh baby won't you come my way ay ay my boobeys are bigger than you say ay ay even though we are 9-10 year old boys I am 10
Allen White
If you do part 3, do one with brendon urie
Clare Lawrence
pleeeeeeeeeeeease make a part three
Clare Lawrence
I wonder how many hours did it take to edit this video.
The Stupid Mario Bros
Danielle Chytra
can you do michael j
Kaylee Marie
omg 5sos
6:14 😂😂😂
Angry Angels
And he just had these wigs laying around?
this made my day wtf... hahahahaha died at laughing
Alexandra Margraff
the Naruto shadow clone jutsu reference! Did anyone else catch that?
Puddle Jumper
I think this is better than the first 🤣
Ryan: I want my face in a dinosaur
The tøp one reminded me of the way brock from shaytards used to sing jingle bells
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