i have osteoparosis
When you were talking about Disney. I was thinking about Jake Paul.
Kayla Murphy
Why did you not do Shawn mendes you can at least try to sound like him but he's like Beyoncé he a gift
SS sisters
Half of the videos views are from me
Dharsh van Oorsouw
I love Eminem and Green Day, but your impressions were too spot on.
Sudhakar Vadivelu
I thought that was the real bruno mars
Jen G
nice :)
Mohammedomran Alowais
Is it weird if I liked the harry potter theme mix here ? 😂
superpickle456 - music and minecraft
Anyone notice the joke for green day. "Act like your pushing out a dookie." Dookie. Green days album. Please say I'm not the only one who got that
Apps Rule
Your good at raping
still firbidden for me
Quốc Công Trần
It's late butt... I couldn't watch the BTS.
Syasya Huhu
That justin bieber part was SPOT ON hahaha
Shermaine Tan
This shows is a good way of singing. Also it is funny way of kinda dissing the singer
Mia Green
10:38 and onwards was legendary!!!
The little kid part was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Literally Livi
Anyone else notice how the plants behind him grew as the video went on?
Lowe_ 44
Why is Bruno Mars so accurate?
Isys Lam
What the actual freak the ending was pretty good...
Fuck you. Skeletøn clique unite
General Gaming
3:26 is so funny 😂 "I hope my mom doesn't watch this part" 😂
General Gaming
0:33 When You Hit You Toe On The Coffee Table
JJScott 3639
How come no E.T., Jaws, or Indiana Jones??
Rowa Al-Ani
LUIS Gutierrez
I hit myself in the🍆😭😭😭
Emma Gray
Holy crap that legit sounds like Green Day
FloweyTheFlowee 341
Do part 3!!!
Ender Steel
What kind of outro is that? Wtf?!😂
Andrea Hernandez
The Selena gomez one was hilarious
Jakob ildstad
This is so dumb😂
M.R Smart
Disney one is so true
rylie peno
"no it's too late to say that"

I died 😂😂😂
Taibah Jamil
The Weeknd one was on point
Samantha Holloway
Haha Dookie because Green Day has an album called Dookie :)
Lizz Stenson
So to sing like every Disney song you have to be David... Got it.
Magic Minnie 101
Who else's favorite part of the video was the Jon Williams
jade parker
Eminem part
I lost it😂😂🔫
Aleesha Myalil
3XStreme GamING
I died laughing at the chicken part.
The Starter
can u make a song of the lion king
we really need a third one
Hannah A
Poor Tyler Joseph
Emily Nishti
|-/ who else laughed so hard when the twenty one pilots came on |-/
Blurryface withapen
Twenty One Pilots one killed me 😂 in a good way
Diaz Marche
Ryan's actually an alright singer, is that me?
Monkey plays
9:26 best part ever
Luciana Valeria TEJADA LAM
"as the leaves ture browwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn"
i died
SOMEBO... n-nevermind.
Sania Musti
The last part was actually really good and impressive
Cod Zombies
5:33 Ryan looks like a girl.
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