Men Take "Birth Control" Pills For A Month

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"I get why it could be a pain, but I personally think I can take a pill everyday at the same time."

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Contraceptive pills
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Created by
Kristin Bendikson

samantha slagle
I prefer Nuvaring
Zoe Kouf
This guy was worried about placebo pills? So he doesn't know what they are.
Dhruv Khurjekar
This sucks
Corn Brewer
Taking a pill is not that big of a deal, I mean I have to take 8 different pills a day and some of them have terrible side effects but I deal with it.
I agree that women deserve to have cheap or even free birth control though if they want to use it and no men should not force there significant other to use birth control use a damn rubber. If you want that extra sensation but she don't wanna use birth control use a damn flesh light.
Just use the Nuvaring
What about the increased risk of blood clots? -_- I'm thinking of stopping taking mine even though I take it for non-pregnancy reasons (painful periods etc.) - each time I go to the nurse they make a bigger and bigger deal about blood clotting.
Brian Linscheid
Haha, yes... don't savor your tic-tac. You wouldn't want to cheat yourself out of the experience.
Will Siles
More daysha and Eli videos please
Wired Wrong
This is not good inless it was sugar pills.
Brenton Harris
set a friken alarm on your friken phone
Wow I learned quite a bit
Quinn McCarley
oh boo hoo you have to take a pill a day oh no
Alyssa Loyet
I'm always glad I have an IUD. I don't have to think about it for 5 years.
just a jamerican
52% of men say they haven't benefited from birth control. 😄 look at your bank account is there not money there? Do you own a school bus full of kids? Apart from medical, lets be honest many People get into relationships and are not wearing condoms nowadays.....Where are they taking these samples from? Trump supporters? Trump is stupid and illogical. I hope it doesn't pass, either way birth control will be back very soon. It's not publicly known but we are at a water crisis. So in years from now birth control is going to be in everything like fluoride in water, folic acid in flour, iodine in salt. matter fact it's in our stuff now. Bpa, lotions, perfume, pesticides, salmon(farm), gmo, water clothes, carpet....nonstick pots... cancer and infertility products
Everyone is so focused on the non convience about taking bc but this video isn't about that. Daysha put that in the video to make this less heavy but it's a serious topic about women being given the option to decide when and if they need bc. And yes bc is a heavy pill that even caused a small group of deaths and even though small, some women did die from taking bc or survived an illness caused by bc. The alternatives however are for different reasons not (available) for every woman.

Daysha did an awsome job making this video in a positive way that showed (some) men can be caring too about a subject that they indirectly are in contact with everyday.
Lindsey Castro
Zach is a precious flower, Eli.. c'mon boi
elegance in a name
eli smh... don't agree to work on the project if you aren't actually going to participate and have an open mind.
Becky S
Oh my God...American woman have to PAY for their pills? That's insane. God bless the NHS.
Ok now you're really running out of ideas
Mrs. Renard Noir~🐺
I'm birth control is free.
Seems like Eli needed to gain some respect...
Cruz Den
I LOVE DAYSHA LMFAOO this video had me dying!! Her videos are always great
Ha! I can take my pills without forgetting the shits, or something. I'm a tuberculosis victim so, you know the pills.
Tiago Alves
How I Cureееed Му Yеeeаst Infеcссtion
Eхxх Suffеrеr rеееvеаls seсrеt sуstem
For Lаsting Cаndida Freеdom
Bailey Derby
So Eli is an a-hole
madison gillespie
Another thing added to the list of things girls have to spend money on that males don't
elena gee
Zach is so understanding.
Kanoka Uchiha
there is male birth control
Emily Kohlert
Fuckin' YES. This!
It'sanonymous Bye
I have to pay $8.20 for my pill and it would be $19 if my mum wasn't a pensioner it's bull!
Faith VanVleet
I'm lucky enough to be able to stay on my dad's insurance through college and luckily it covers the depo shot I was taking the pill but when i started working full time I was AWFUL about remembering to take it. So I chose the depo shot. IT's so much easier than taking a stupid pill every single day at the same darn time. however, because of stupid Trump i could have that taken away from me and that is sooooo wrong.
Emm y
i dont know i found this a lil viney. u wake up in the morning take the pill. thats it. theres nothing that hard
Clorox Bleach
Men should try out periods
E Moods
I want Zach to be my bf
Luke O Grady
taking the pill is like sending streaks on snapchat ☺
Marcie Day
This is really interesting, so in America do you have to get your prescription every month? Here they give you 3x3 month packets at a time, so 9 months worth until you get your next prescription
Sarah Walter
I feel like guys can be very inconsiderate.
(Not saying all guys and not trying to be offensive)
Hannah Renee
0:28 "52% of men say they haven't benefited from woman having affordable birth control".....😂😂😂 GOOD! Birth control isn't for men. It's for WOMAN to get benefits. Not you men bastards.
Zach woke af
Carter Mangum
jesus dont get preachy i watch this because im bored and need mindless background noise.
Michael Kern
just get a vasectomy
why, just why?
This is basically just having to take any medicine that's time sensitive. It's simply being responsible for yourself. They just have to wait until they're older and dependent on medicine, though hopefully they won't be. I'd like to see them react to the side effect of reduced/no libido from birth control that would be amusing
Georgia Elliott
I don't know if this is my naive perspective, but taking birth control is not a problem for me. I just take it every morning when I wake up, I have a 12 hour window, I never have any significant hormonal emotions.. it's not that deep lol
Screw Eli man...
As frustrating and costly as birth control is Im very grateful that for now I have control over my future and my body. I recently got an IUD (which I highly recommend if taking the pill is hard for you) and I now can have peace of mind for the next 5 years.
What is the reasoning behind that they can't masturbate if they miss a pill?
namnam cheoreom
that video was amazingly done, great work !
Bonnie Hu
And this is why I spent $400 on a Mirena IUD. (I'm in Canada.)
This is a cool experiment and everything, and I don't know if this is even the right place to post this comment, but it's weird to me that so many people are uneducated on natural birth control. And no, I don't mean abstinence. I think that's anothaaa part of reproductive education that's lacking. Learning about your body and knowing what's actually going on DOES take time and might be annoying, but it's free and so liberating idk just some thoughts.
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