recently i found out that I had a disorder where I have extra hormones in my body that are more sensitive than the normal mood swing ones. Called PMD or something, but considering my DNA and crap I am more sensitive to dark thoughts and all that jazz. Now I have birth control AND a psychiatrist. Men are lucky they only have boners XD
The current male birth control is capable of killing. Men get more acne too btw.
Why is it so much work to get the pill in the usa? Having to go the the pharmacist to answer questions every month?! In Norway we just text our gp to get a new e-prescription every 9 months - 3 years, then pick it up at any pharmacy in 2 minutes.
LuLu Woods
No need to take birth control. Just don't be sexually active
Danielle Johnson
I failed at taking the pill. I always forgot! Good thing they have other options out there
Eating sweets each day is apparently hard for these guys. Just keep them in ur pocket and you'll know when to eat them especially if you have ur phone on you 24/7
Ronathon 69
why do they find it so hard to take a pill? try taking anti-depressants for 6 years and not being able to come off them because of the side effects/withdrawals
The13thHood Roxas
Don't worry babes, I brought the non-latex rubbers :v lul
^ for the " I don't want to get pregnant" comment they made
Mr. Painted Hills
The Big Dude Is A Girl.
these guys dont need birthcontrol there already noodert
Willow Star
I like how men are like "I am so strong, and I can do this!" and a day later they are like "wow this is hard! why did I say anything!" now think women HAVE to use birth control and men are saying "women should have to pay for this and that" and don't even get me STARTED on the tax on period products!
I only take birth control because my craps are HORRIBLE. But they dont work...I have to take pain killers
Anni C
Women demand equality in komparison to men. When in kourts if a female does not show up, the trial or whatever is postponed. But if the male does not show up, the decision making, like for divorces and/or child kustody , goes to the female automatikally. Why?
Matt Maillet
I get the side effects part but taking a pill at the same time every day isn't hard... I currently have to take a needle every 3 weeks for the rest of my life, so thank god I'm not afraid of them!
Priyanka Roy
Here in India we get it for a very very low prices
Socially Awkward
they act like the pill is the only birth control method- boy you can have a pill every day, a patch that lasts a week, a shot that lasts a month, an implant that lasts 3 years, or a iud that lasts 5 years, this only showed what it's like to take the most inconvenient and in that way is a little biased, i have an implant, and after a month all side effects go away (if you get any at all), you don't have to remember to take it, i hardly know it's there, i haven't had a period in over 4 months and the last period i had was spotting for a day and a half, and on top of that, it's 99.9% effective, whereas the pill is only 91% effective, soooo... plus, birth control isn't only used for preventing pregnancies, it also helps people who have endometriosis and other reproductive issues
Savannah Steele
All of this is exactly why I have the nexplanon implant. There is no way I would be able to remember to take the pill at the exact same time everyday.
Koy Samurez
first off if your brain is alive in 2017, Men cannot get pregnant why is this so controversal?
PlayMyMind 1335
still have no idea what birth control is..
Ashbananas !!!
where's all the color coding and the specific pills for specific days? they got it easy :,D
Anna Xiao
Wait why is there a Ladylike outdo at the end
they were working on a male birth control but it caused depression and one of the people who took it killed themselves
Steven Malone
Alexis Kien
when this video reminds you that you have to take your pill
Jenna Sessum
I wish she did like different scenarios with the insurance cards like one doesn't have insurance at all, one has insurance but it does not provide coverage for the pill, and one have pretty good insurance with a low cost co-pay
Olivier Tostevin
I have a idea for a new buzzfeed video "Women try male condoms for a month"
ST.Deklin Grant
Beating your wife is so much easier
ST.Deklin Grant
Jus because it's buzzfeed it's trash
Literally just set an alarm for like 10 am and just take it everyday when you wake up as soon as you wake up and make it a habit. Boom problem solved. Don't have to worry about forgetting the time.
Zachary Donnelly
The people I know walk in and out of the pharmacy
this is a little BS. I take birth control. my doctor told me that I could take the pill within 3hours and it would be fine. it is really not that difficult.
Feminism at its finest people
Tombee 123
so condoms right?
Eric Wells
What if a man takes birth control pills?

But my question is why would a guy do this?
Eli sucks
Why cant they masturbate if they miss the pill?
y no ejaculation pills
Neuro Mancer
Daysha's face should be more than enough birth control
Robert Delgadillo
Wow. He really is boyfriend of the year
Danielle Williams
I'm only taking birth control for medical purposes. not as a contraceptive
Danielle Williams
forgot to say bot to drink alcohol with it. they don't have the side effects tho. sooooo yea
Shiro Infires
Weight gain does not actively come from the birth control pill, it's because your hormones are high and you have more appetite than usual. It's actually your own fault, there is no rule to take birth control
I live in canada and I feel like my birth control process is different? The very first time I got my pills the pharmacist had to explain the side effects and so on. But after that i get 3 months worth. It used to cost me $45 for the 3 ($15 each) but i have a drug plan where i work so its only $1.50 for the 3. I renew my prescription while i'm on the last pack and my pharmacy is open 24 hours 7 days a week :/
Its really not all that bad.. I'm lucky to not have crazy side effects. Even my periods aren't as bad as they used to be before the pill.. Am i just lucky or are they over exaggerating?
Bulba Zard
Did she just think that only females get acne weight gain and mood swing. Men also have these
Does anyone know the guitar instrumental that's played at the end of the video? 😊
LOL the receipts were so extra
Petra B.
So I took the pill for medical reasons (over the top PMS and life-ruining mood swings) for a few years, until the artificial hormones gave me a blood clot. Now I'm not allowed to take ANY knd of hormones, ever, and I've been put on antipsychotics to deal with the mood swings. Talk about side effects.
aishasherif sherif
Wait did I miss something? Because I clearly don't know how Eli is such a bad guy tbh 🙄. Chill people, I think he was just joking
Devon Harding
anddd thats why the IUD is getting so popular!
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