Men Take "Birth Control" Pills For A Month

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"I get why it could be a pain, but I personally think I can take a pill everyday at the same time."

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Contraceptive pills
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Created by
Kristin Bendikson

Takami Chika
Lol why so much stress from only taking once per day
Takami Chika
Or just use a condom in the guy , sorry I don't understand cause I'm a virgin
Laura Sharon
Dude at the end nearly made me cry. And no, I'm not on birth control so that's my emotion without any extra hormones added.
Mercedita -
Great video! :)
Fox Bear
I wanted to see them use actual birth control pills 🙁
Sophie Jay
I have the implant in my upper arm and haven't had a period for 4 years 🤗 I'm the happiest women ever because my hormones are under control 👌🏻😂
whats with the no masturbation or the one hour missing the pill ?? last i checked its 12 hours.
You can take the pill an hour later... you do not HAVE to take it exactly the same time everyday. Just around the same time.
Angel Monica Elizabeth
Zach #boyfriendgoals
Car-Leigh Taylor
Umm... they make really birth control pills for men
Jessica Askin
What about the patch...? Easier. Much easier.
quack CLAN
Women don't have to take it
Annie Mz
Ultimate life goal : get yourself a man like Zach 🙌🏻
Jade DragonStone
I know its not really the same at all, but seeing this kinda reminds me of how I have to take antidepressants daily (but I can't take them at night since its a stimulant, but I don't wake consistently since I'm a student, and I appreciate sleeping in) so I have to take them at 12:00, so my friends think I'm over dramatic if I forget my pills at home, when my anxiety and depression is severe if I don't take my pill smh.
Its also simular with all the side effects that antidepressants also sometimes present...
Jazzy V
thats why I have an implant in my arm, least i can trust that..
Birthday Cookeh
Daysha had way to much fun doing his
With my pill I can take it 12 hours after the time I was supposed to take it and I'm still protected
See the one issue is the birthcontrol pills that she suggested are the most unforgiving pills, the single hormonal pill which I believe only has progesterone or progestin one of those in it. The most popular pill is the combination pill which has both estrogen and projesterone/projestin and is far more forgiving. You could (in theory) miss 3 days and be fine so long as you take them ASAP.
joseph washington
What's next Guys take pregnancy test.
Juliet Marie
Zach is the sweetest 😭😭😭 MEN NEED TO LEARN FROM HIM
Angle Succ
Hm. After I looked through the comments I now am questioning my ADHD medication and what the side-effects may be...
Dylan Wirkus
Eli really nice cool guy
The Thing
Go to my channel for a moody fight.....
i love daysha 😌 her personality is amazing.
Rap Monster stole my heart
Lol Eli was funny af tho
Speengbill Scorpants
Ugh.. you can just smell the stench of feminism in here
Eli Lamb
Eli makes Elis look bad everywhere.
I had a vasectomy, if she wants to be on the pill it's her call.
vc 23
No joke, but I thought they would actually take birth control, not Tic Tacs.
Eve Knightly
Birth control is an option not a must, if you are going to take it don't complain about it.
Jarrett Kitzul
Terrible....Try being a Man for 21 days...Cry some more about "How hard it is these Days" lmfao...You are pathetic.You have no clue what hard is lill girl.
Kirstie C
Lucky the women of USA get access to free birth control pills. In Australia and the short time I was in Japan, I had to pay for each pack. The national health insurance in Japan didn't even matter when getting birth control and there's a discount under the Australian national health insurance. I now have implanon only because under the Australian Government health insurance (Medicare), it was under AU$30 for the implanon bar itself and the implanting by a nurse was free.
This seems a contrived and token experiment. Taking a pill regularly is a standard part of managing many conditions besides birth control.

I agree with the message at the end though.
Courtney Michelle
I like Eli's face but he's kind of an ass😂
Sheris p
Eli is a douchebag
Kendal Leitch
Here in New Zealand oral contraceptive pills are free and available for all women at any age. I went to my doctor when i was 15 and asked to go on the pill, he asked for my details then gave me a 6 month prescription, i filled that out within 30 minutes after. I take the pill at 5am every morning which isnt a problem at all and even though yea bloating and slight weight gain is annoying i really cant relate to this video. But feel bad for those who do.
Elena Engels
Not only is this about birth control tho, all the stuff about the side effects, inconvenience, and the dread of knowing it's just beomce part of you life and you'll be on it for the next who knows how long, that applies to other things too. I need my pills everyday to function. Without my pills I can't think or read anything or sometimes speak and it scares me. All the hormones and stuff have me wrapped around their metaphorical finger. But I need them in order to live like a normal person.
Kye Marie
I was on birth control for 2 months in order to help regulate my periods, and I bled every single one of those 60 days. It was the worst thing ever!
Valerie Latham
my new favorite guys 👌
Abby Burns
my birth control used to be free, insurance kept rising and now it's $25 for 3 packs- i guess not as bad as it could be but definitely not great
Karen Carranza
Getting your birth control delivered to your home is the best thing! I recommend it!
Abby Burns
Eva Marie
Ok. So birth control is a choice. Not a mandate. There are people who have to take medication at the exact same time every day to keep their health in order. I suffered from hyperthyroidism and if I missed a day of medication I was literally incapable of functioning. My symptoms would be much worse than birth control symptoms. Also, that's how pharmacies work. You have to wait. And guess what, the medication I need to survive isn't free. I promise you'll live if you have to pay for birth control.Last, I have to take the same medication every single day of my life, not another 15 years. And shockingly, I've figured out the scheduling at seventeen years old so I don't want to hear a damn complaint from anyone about birth control.
Chris Browning
It's easy to remember to take a pill every day. I've had to since 13, it was never a problem. If you have responsibility issues, then that's on you.
This is a great video 👍🏼awareness
Bryanna Rowley
I understand the point if this video, but at the same time I do not think that other people should pay for my personal choice to use birth control through their own tax dollars. I believe in freedom of choice, but not at the expense of someone else. You want birth pay for it.
Meaghan Johnson
When the little pop ups from news stuff came up I had to go back and rethink my life because men said they weren't benefitting from women taking it ??? Why ????
Belinda Fisher
A tic tac a day keeps the baby away!
also i had cancer 5 years ago and i have to take pills everyday same time its not that freaking hard cry babies
Eli makes me angry. If you don't want to take it seriously, don't do the video.
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