Lip Sync Battle - Ruby Rose

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Ruby nos llena de glamour y pop con su lipsinqueo del clásico de Pink "Raise Your Glass".

Valeria venegas
me encaaaantaaa😍😍😍
Julie Lemoine
is she sick?she looks horrible
Sha DoraAura
i love her!!!
such a turn off.....
Aimee Jones
Ruby Rose. one of the main reasons I am into girls
Valentine Le Lourec
i'm so gay
Efsane Alimammedova
ya bir kere sana sarilsam keske
Remelda J
beautiful Ruby Rose awww!
Alex Baker Thorner
la amo csmre ❤❤❤❤
book lover
XTC Edits
ruby is hot
Adeline Zhang
Make me question my sexuality
Monica Xu
I'm questioning my sexuality now
Der Eine Da Hinten
hey Ruby, do some butt exercises!!!
Clay Jensen
Ruby Rose reminds me of Jenna Dewan with that short hair
Carmen Delia
fitst time i see your video. Is because im fan of katty parry.. what a lost of time..
miss leonard
hate ruby,go phoebe u are a better person.
Dennys Drew
mi amor😍💕
She's the hottest person I've ever seen???
Nina Müller
ruby rose 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chiyo Hyung
she is pretty 😍😍💜
Ladyrock Dethhart
I would rise my glass for how huge of a legend you are, not only for LGBT people.
Xims Flor
Oh fuck! She is so hot! 😍🙄❤
Alice Mad
ok, she is beautiful... but she doesn't have any rythm and can't dance. lol
Freya Jones
...I'm gay now.
smells s
She really does question my sexuality omg
nate Montie
this show is for people who cant sing why the fuck would you wanna sit there and watch someone mouth the words to a song what a waste of money im watching the new episode of lip sync battle and its with nicole ritchie fuck shes ugly now she looks like a younger version of jodie foster and i never liked jodie foster and she was hot when she was doing the show with paris hilton but now eww yuk and dances like a slut like i said americans are a bunch of filthy cunts all they think about is sex and being filthy fucks and anyway who the fuck is ruby rose never heard of her thats how famous she is in australia never heard of her and chicks with short hair they look like dykes in case you dumb fucks dont know what that is its a butch lesbian
Rongomai Ham
Seeing Ruby Rose and Milla Jovovich together is soooo special!
Tim Jack
The only reason to watch this show is LL Cool j , I'd love him to fuck me and vice versa
Robbie Jordan
P!nk is my idol 😍
fuking lesbian
Kai Raza
I'm seriously contemplating my sexuality because of Ruby Rose
Jodie Lee
How did I no see was gonna do p!nk😱😱😱
Vanessa Sánchez
Como se llama la melodia con la que abre la presentación?
Emma Lorde
keep the jacket, the jacket was hot
Emma Lorde
stop being so hot
Bree Lashibami
How can someone be so hot?...
Sandra R.
WTF those bones xD
Heidi Caterina
Ruby Rose is making me py...jamas so wet :D
Ever time I see ruby rose I have to rethink if I'm gay
Polo Gamero
Where is the beef? My bicicle has more meat!
Dawn Spencer
overated Aussie. terrible tats
IMajestic Potato
mrs quinn
ruby rose bae asf
Seihara Major
I wanna meet her so bad
Rachel Leonard
Who else wishes they were there?
Lucie Da Campo
ruby eat something please!!!!!!!!
Zarah Emily
ugh she's so awesome! so, so, so,

very gorgeous!
Clau lovato
que canción es y quien la canta
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