Film Critical Condition - Jeff Bergman fires himself

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We call that job security!
Also, what a Hitler moustache!

pat shepherd
my son dreads wwe making one more episode with freaks and geeks featuring kevin owens and charlotte flair guest starring if not the reboot he will calm down for right now still
Jada Lee
j yb7bln
Zachary Noah
Keldrick Jackson
Mr Spacely was the original Vince McMahon.
Jeff Bergman really had fun in this movie.
Nicholas Hamilton
1:12 Jeston! You're fi- Oops, lost the connection.
Aaron Ladner
For the Billionth Time, STOP SCARING GEORGE!!!!
I don't which is funnier, the one where he gets fired, or the ones where he thinks he's fired.
where did you clips from the jetsons and wwe robo wrestlemania
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