My Dogs Try Fruits And Vegetables

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FYI just because I'm sure someone will ask/comment: my dogs eat a regular healthy dog diet, they do not eat many raw fruits or vegetables regularly because they don't really enjoy them.  They do however eat them when they are cooked, and there are cooked vegetables in their dog meals that they like to scarf down, but as you can see they really didn't do more than taste a lot of things because they are an spoiled by an chickain.  AN CHICKAIN OR DIE!  And the lovely collar Peach has on is in fact a dog collar, it was an incredibly kind gift sent to our PO Box by a company/person called Beadie Babies (aw cute), they even sent ones for Kermit and Marbles as well but they tend to scratch or go dogatonic and not move when they have something foreign around their necks so I didn't subject them that since I wanted them to be comfortable to eat.  GOOD EATING MARBLES.  YOU HEAR ME.  REALLY GOOD JOB LITTLE GUY.  Just kidding vrrrooooom F.  But Peach doesn't mind it so I left it on because those pearls really hit me right in the girly feels you feel me.  But I just also wanted to make sure I clarified that so you didn't think I was over here covering my dogs in necklaces to be a dick.  Hope you liked the video, sorry they didn't eat more or try more things, it will have to be an acquired doggy taste for them I guess, but I really could watch Kermit eat watermelon all day.  That guy melts my heart.  Alright good talk see you later byeeee. 

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Ana Fox
I was always in love with Cermet, who for some reason I called Kermit. But Peach is my lady crush. And Marble is just the best snoozefest chill "I don't want to play that game" doggie. My dog, Luca, adores broccoli. WARNING: worst farts ever!
Daily Dose Of Something
Still more healthy than me
Cant Touch This
her hair
me: in my hands, a full, hot cup of tea
jenna: marbles who hurt you?
me: in my hands, a half full, hot cup of tea, wet tshirt, pain, pleasure
50 shADeS daRKA
This video made me laugh so much 😂
Ruby Games & Vlogs
The background music is barney
Angelique Arnhem
Remember when Marbles was still alive?
Shanti Simpson
I feel like I'm the only one who feels like her pets are so freaking cute😂
Teacuppig 44
Can u just make a video of kermit eating watermelon
Jordyn Haddock
My favorite thing is the Barney song playing in the background
Lára Ingþórsdóttir
Pause at 3:13 direcently becouse Peach will look like a bunny XD
Gothicgirl 0712
Blueberries are posion to dogs
kermit cries
Oh no who would've seen that coming?
alexandria vreeke
4:41 for the slip second it was asmr
Lemon won't help Cermet grow 🤧
Elena Nguyen
0:32 what a gentleman I mean a gentlewomen am I right...this is why I have no friends
Gustavo Gamer
I have a peach that is only one color brown
Why does everybody write ckremits name wrong

Emily Brown
The many licks of cermet
Flamingo Snake
Next episode: Vegetables try my dogs
myieshas lps
Kermets tinder profile
I'm a sensitive guy and likes watermelon and good mornings from my mom
It halps me grow
Your Majesty Chicken
My dogs will eat ANYTHING but they LOVE apples,blueberries, carrots and cucumber. I don't think they have tried anything else than that though.. oh well 😊
Princess Cold ivy cakes
Half of these vegetables I haven't heard of...
Jillian Henderson
Guess who is over 360 days late
Marshall Green
3:14 if you pause it looks like peach has buck teeth
Indie Girl
Jenna looks so good in this
Anna Badon
Just feed Kermit more watermelon , and make a Kermit eating watermelon for 3 minutes
logan talley
This made me curious if my cats would like watermelon. And now I can't eat it in the same room as them.
ahmad rahmani
i feel like jenna marbles is a secret psycho when it comes to dogs, im sure she does some weird tortures on her dogs
Leah zell
Abigail Aguirre
My dog doesn't care if it good or not… if there is anything in my hand he will run to me with his mouth open ready to eat a sponge. WTFFFFFF
Bootsie Baldwin
at 3:14 peach the cauliflower on peach's face looks like teeth
Gracie White
the description rlly takin it back to 2010 Jenna
Donna Quiroga
They should have had peach try a peach
Julia Haworth
Your dogs are so cute but just so stupid
LPS05048 AJ
Is it only me when she says "marble do you want some hicama??" (Idk how to spell) it sounds like it's a disease
The spunky dog 37
Feed them carrots
Frodo Swaggins
Wow, the try guys have really gone downhill.
Jeremiah Gregory
Low key pissed she didn't feed peach a peach.
potato bro
Blueberries are poison to dogs.
Rachel LeFevre
When he was eating the watermelon
Rachel LeFevre
Kermit looks drunk
Rachel LeFevre
Will peash I eat it
Rachel LeFevre
"Mables gives peshe's old toemato a bury it"
Samantha Sherman
Paige Says Hi
Dont make marbles eat vegetables thats cannibalism
Lady Suzanne
eW iS tHiS pOiSoNeD tReAtS wHy Do ThEy EaT iT yOu KiLlEd ThEm YoU aRe TeRrIbLe
Karen Tenhundfeld
Anna Brusi
So cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lauren Daw
My mom saw the dogs at 4:52 and was like "aawwww they're so cute" and I was serious(black)ly dying from laughter for no reason.
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