My Dogs Try Fruits And Vegetables

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FYI just because I'm sure someone will ask/comment: my dogs eat a regular healthy dog diet, they do not eat many raw fruits or vegetables regularly because they don't really enjoy them.  They do however eat them when they are cooked, and there are cooked vegetables in their dog meals that they like to scarf down, but as you can see they really didn't do more than taste a lot of things because they are an spoiled by an chickain.  AN CHICKAIN OR DIE!  And the lovely collar Peach has on is in fact a dog collar, it was an incredibly kind gift sent to our PO Box by a company/person called Beadie Babies (aw cute), they even sent ones for Kermit and Marbles as well but they tend to scratch or go dogatonic and not move when they have something foreign around their necks so I didn't subject them that since I wanted them to be comfortable to eat.  GOOD EATING MARBLES.  YOU HEAR ME.  REALLY GOOD JOB LITTLE GUY.  Just kidding vrrrooooom F.  But Peach doesn't mind it so I left it on because those pearls really hit me right in the girly feels you feel me.  But I just also wanted to make sure I clarified that so you didn't think I was over here covering my dogs in necklaces to be a dick.  Hope you liked the video, sorry they didn't eat more or try more things, it will have to be an acquired doggy taste for them I guess, but I really could watch Kermit eat watermelon all day.  That guy melts my heart.  Alright good talk see you later byeeee. 

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I'm basically these dogs with fruits and vegetables
Paesh is so cute
I've been staring at the bottle of Bacardi πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ oops!
Erica Warren
i cant believe she was feeding a dead dog. rip marble (no hes not actually dead)
Kawaii TabithaChan
Marble is dead
Pessimistic Commenter
Well then... 10,000th comment?
Hoppy Away
3:14 it looks like peach has teeth
Red Grill
"Marbles gave it a


when they tried the lemons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chicken Sketch
jenna wtf tomatoes are bad for dogs
Jane Ships
Their lack of eating is so foreign to me. If my dog was there he would inhale all of the food like a vacuum before the others even had a chance to eat. Then he would look back up as if to say "is that all?". He is a beagle.
Animal Skipper
I am marbles... Afraid of vegetables.πŸ˜‚
Raiah Bean
dogs actually can't have blue berrys
my dogs love watermelons
Kate Hughes
I feel like Marbles just wants to die. Like he's waiting for his moment were he can find peace.
Whatever Isabella
marble who hurt you πŸ˜‚
Emilly Roberge-Chapman
You should create a Kermit and Peach and Marbles channel and have them do funny things like this are this and what are this on their own. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Captain Molly
Cerment needs watermelon. If your cermet does note eat watermelon he wile not grawe
Bhagya Arshad
why dose kermit cry
Adrienne Otis
No fruit for cermet only CHIckin so cermet will GroooW and occasionally WaTER meelon Everything is spelt that way for a reason
Megan Burdette
Jenna blueberry's are fucking bad for dogs
Emma Vertefeuille
Summer Long
there is alcohol in the background EXPOSED
Kermit looks like he's nervously waiting to meet Kermit
kanika israni
Marble is like I know all your tricks ...go away jenna don't annoy
Ella Godfrey
This makes me laugh every time
Richard Oakley
A better question than will marble eat it? Is does he eat?, or is he alive?
Ava Lauren
Make a meme of Marbles at 3:30
Morgan_ Draws7
my dog would love this XD he will eat anything lmao
Bianca Jackson
0:31 I'm dying
Crystal Nebula
Hey Jenna, could you make a 10 minute video purely of just Kermit eating watermelon?
Veronica Raschke
Why is marble so smol?
He didn't eat his veggies so he did not growwww
I saw this old couple today walking downtown with cermit and peaches twins, and I was all like, "stop! those are jennas retard dogs!" and immediately regretted it after because I realized that they where probably about to call the cops, so I fled, like cermit.
I lost my shit when she said "marbles would file this under a traumatic experience"
ATL β€’β€’β€’
Jenna looks so good in this video
Lindsey Moore
My babies love watermelon! They're pretty fond of grapes too but they only get one grape every once in a while.
Stitch is Cool
My dog fucking loves cauliflower
Charlotte Leblanc
4:40 cermet (Kermit) looks like an old person trying to eat...anythingπŸ˜‚
Amariz Duran
rewind to 3:14 and peach has buck teeth
Marie Edwards
Marble looks like he wants to go into hibernation 24/7
me: when i hear the song in the background this little noun
floating around
names a person, place, or thing
with a knick knack patty Whack
these are English rules
isn't language fun and cool
Riddles With Mariam
Your dogs are so cute. Don't listen to anyone
Nadine Ashory
Bene H
haha my Chihuahua's love fruit! We used to have grapes in the garden and Toschka, our oldest one would eat all the ones she could reach, and when she couldn't anymore she started barking at me so I would give her some :D It was adorable
Savannah Baulderstone
I love you Jenna julien Kermit peach and marbles β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜„
cora weldy
My dog actually likes lemons. It's probably because I love them.
Hannah Gibson
3:53 offended much
Oxyclean laundry detergent
did anyone notice all the liquor bottles damnit jenna next time invite me.
Random Lani
Dogs cabt eat tomatoes....
Do naht feed cermeht vegtebles et does naht help him groaw
PandaNoodle xx
Do not feet your an cermet watermelones. It will not help them grow.
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