Tractors Stuck in Mud 2017

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Sahil Basra
all this tractors video are older then me..... and trash for click bait thumbnail
Richar Eugenio
For those who are actually still using 240p cameras...

Pray for you to afford a new one
Harold Lewis
Wow that is some deep mud in the fields. Who in there right mind would go into them fields with 2 wd anyways? Common sense says get a big 4 x 4 tractor.
I would not be standing where some of these people are. if one of those cables broke and went the wrong way, it'd be game over.
Saniyah Marshall
Lmao how did I get here
why so many thumbs down boo on you
Kuldeep Shingh
Jair Camilo
um NM
Jair Camilo
Gayatri Pareta
doidera da porraa
henry rivera
por dios estas maquinas de ruedas son lo matcimo
Kids World
Nice vdeo
Ghd Bdhdhs
yfmbjuk hb
What is more amazing that stuck tractors is the idiots standing next to the cables and ropes. Particularly the one where the John deer is lifted from a swamp. That is probably 100tonnes of weight being imparted on the cable to lift that small tractor (ever try and lift a foot from deep mud with a rubber welly boot on?). If that fails, kiss goodbye to being a human that isn't in two halves.
Tube World
uma máquina dessa no Brasil resolveria vários trabalhos que durariam anos , mais infelizmente o governo do Brasil cobraria 4 vezes mais que no exterior o valor.
governo brasileiro corrupto e assassinos de crianças e idosos nos hospitais do Brasil.
Ravisha C
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Viet Hung Duong
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Luke Camp
some serious horse power..
Nagaraju Raju
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Nagaraju Raju
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Nagaraju Raju
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mian awais
I like but it now defense
Amitoj Gill
Man the first clip is best for 4X4ing
Hojefa Majadari
Mehak Randhawa
great video bro
Alfred Lukasek
Good judgment not their long suit
Andres Montero Calzada
Me encantan todos los vídeos de los jeep waz muy potentes
Oman dotkom
Human destroy the forest
Ollie Marshall
this is what you call making a good mess
Make more fake thumbnails so can report them all until your account is banned.
Mohamed RACHID
The wood attachment was really well thought!
The tractor totally inside the water is insane, I hope it's not dead though! xD
Bryan Glenn Genovate
wrong towing.. should divide the load of the one being towed to those that who would tow.. it would.create an efficient power to ease the process of it is safe if done properly ang less stress on the tractors chasi and engine..god how they abuse the poor thing
I don't know why all the fuss. Just inflate the tires with helium, the vehicle will float up to the top and drive right out. LOL
Antonio Catalano
Awesome video man i love it ;-)
Mr_2JZ_King YT
Talk about offloading
idiots need to learn how to tow. Dumb shits with the camera needs to get the fuck back so they don't get nailed by a strap or chain when it snaps
Pedro Rocha
Tom Risar
To all the people watching stuck tractors, do any of you know of breaking the tow cable/chain/strap( how common of death)? A local young farmer was killed when a strap/chain broke and hit the pulling tractor back window. A big no no to combine the 2 types of "rope", strap stretched and chain broke and it flung forward.
ncs productions
make more off-road/mudding
Anthony Butera
Louisiana? I can smell the clutches from here.
Love your vids and have done since you started but there is no need for that thumbnail mate lol
Nice vid but do you really need that clickbait thumbnail?
That skidder at the beginning is AMAZING!
Casey Herron
Cool video!
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