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The second Stop Motion Animation on ExplodingTNT's channel! You guys loved the first one, hope you enjoy this one as well! What will ExplodingTNT do when he finds himself in a scary dark forest with.... ZOMBIE TURKEYS? 

Animator: Monitogo Studios

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC
SERVER IP: mc.mcorigins.com
2ND SERVER IP: mc.thenova.net
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Are u secretly a GIRL?
Gizli Muz
Türkler disse abanın
emm this is a roblox toy
Cerit Cerit
dogukan Kılıç
as bayraklari
Gamerz 4 Life
Rip Me
Patricio Donoso
Exploding tnt YouTube aré awsome and such a mouse
Bio-Active Studio
I't looks like he's excited in this video conversation.
Keyif Oyuncu
Ava Corrigan
Wow!!! Awesome animation!!!!!
EvanXPro Gaming
CuteZ 123
Why do you have girl hair?
You Gonna Eat That Muffin
Was someone texting me a lot?
Adeline damayanti
roblox take over minecraft pls
Hi, I'm a turkey...
Sandra Sheep
like if u agree
Game Explorer
Are you girl?
Food Trip
im using messenger while i watching this i though someone reply me
Gochi Bread
Wait... on the Tube Hero it looks kinda like TNT is a girl... is TNT a boy or girl? XD
Enzo Inthavongsa
It's so smooth not slow spots
Da Jakester
I have the tube heroes set
archie lirazan
i want more of this anime video
It's such a great stop-motion! I've been doing stop-motion for years and I'm still not as good as you!
NckouA the swaG
nice lol
Griffin Eloriaga
wait if everyone was exploding tnt
Lee Westmorland
Great stop motion keep up the good work!
Matas Burmonas
wtf explotingtnt WHAT THE FUCK
Jemimah Hartley
I would buy that ExplodingTNT plushy for 400,000 dollars.
Kailash Reading
tube heros
MRO- MertReisOyunda
man i ak turkish
Haakon Storstein Haug
Are you a girl
y Gamer Lego
Iis Miïip
who thougth you got a msg
Superbrennan 404
Well this was strande
Cool Kevplayz Yo
Lazari G
tnts hair looks like girls hair
Fail Dragon
tnt is handsome
Milad Jan
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Minecraft King
Coolio video
Precious the Beanie Boo
so cute and awesome I love your videos
Lazer Beam
TRB - Kid-Friendly Content
I have the ExplodingTNT Toy!
Malcolm Nguyen
Are you a girl
Kuffs Copo
It's cool.But why TURKEY?
theminecraftcreeper TMC
check out doby vloggy and sub
T-Time Togo
TNT why you like a girl when your a toy action figure?
Kris angel anne's videos and more
whos watching in this 2017?
lizzie kat
My first tube hero was exploding tnt i could only find that on the store
Priyanka Abraham
Priyanka Abraham
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