Tronix Games
Guillermo never interviewed kyrie
Ninja Jack7129
i was expecting a 1v1 lol
Natalie Rantisi
My chest is burning from all of my laughing
Natalie Rantisi
I love this
Lol jimmy should interview LeBron then we gonna see if he gonna talk to him 😂
kenzo guillaume
Supreme processing contractor trailer practice confident sexually assistant.
Jing Guo
I think Lebron is a little bit rude.
RoyalGaming RG
Lmao "Let's go shower todether" 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭
Azrael Baphomet
Guillermo: i m not talking to you😤
Lebron:k 😒
AA 15
Guillermo is funny asf lmao, is this acting or is LJ kind of a racist??? just kinda confused
Guillermo is the reason i clicked this video
jonne stegenga
prosecutor wherever poem die international roof testify tunnel ear used insurance.
Evan Paccione
3:36 why he look just like the microphone
Steven Bautista
The way he says "lebron" got me dying 😂
no wonder they lost the finals....
Toshiki Takahashi
love how richard jefferson cracks up when guillermo yells at lebron across the court that he's not talking to him.
Igor Gamzukoff
guillermo super funny
did he just called kyle korver, ashton kutcher???!!! hahahahahaha
Billioncross7 footballskills
If you are scared of snakes just skip from 2:27 to 2:50
Squidward Tentacles
By the time LeBron talks to Guillermo Donald Trump will already become presi- uhh nevermind
Vamanos Ninja
The white guy is cute.
Vamanos Ninja
I'm surprised he gets in.
adeline chang
Kevin love is love.
Sally Michelle
So Funny
LeBron James lost the finals because he didn't talk to him
Jerry Whitlow
Screw Guillermo... he did roast Kyle Korver tho LMAO.
Rowan Baker
Like chest participation zvknd pause stuff missing bone onto.
I hope the Cavaliers came back next year im Curious what will happen next to LeBron James and Guillermo
That guy Richard Jefferson sounds so white 😮
King Catracho
Lebron a hoe sound like a first grader saying leave me alone
Cooper K
Guillermo must be 4 feet tall
Felo Fresh Gamer
What if lebron goes to jimmy Kimmel and giuermo tries to talk to him and he finally does
KD legit looked confused af at the question lol.
Cancerous Aleks
this is the reason why the cavs lost
aT Simbaa
Guillermo is awesome and hilarious
Jorge lopez
lmao , basketball players have the worst sense of humor. Trash
Chance H
Guillermo was the reason the Cavs lost the finals
4:10 slow mo' LBJ is smiling, LBJ & guillermo together confirmed
Blaze Youtube
Stacking Time
Guillermo: "Hey Lebron, I'm still not talking to you."

You just talked to him.
The Weeb Patrol
You got Kyle korver position wrong he's a sg
bdwj1987 wwe 2k17
Lebron James sucks. He never will on The Jimmy Kimmel Show
Anthony Lui
Guillermo you da real MVP.
Ronald McDonald
y didnt gilmore win the finals mvp instead
Union Swoosh
They should have lebron on the show to talk to Guillermo
ashton kutcher................ LOL
Liam Russell
Lol Lebron not talking to Guillermo lost them the finals
Jericho Yang
Ashton Kutcher lmaooo
I always look forward to these
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