Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

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We’ve been sending Guillermo to Media Day for six years now and he’s talked to everyone including Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant but never to LeBron James. But this time Guillermo had a different plan and made it known to LeBron that this year, he isn’t talking to him. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

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Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

charlene primus
I wonder what will happen next year
I love guillermo he is so funny
Sverre Hauge Vedvik
4:21 «we dont talk anymore»
Diamond Pearl Tuitupou23
Dam Leborn James is so shady
Johnny U
The part when Guillermo says he’s not talking to Lebron😂😂
AdamVlogs 26
This is my sisters birthday
anny chua92
Richard Jefferson seems a very nice guy!
Demar Derozan
I did not expect Richard Jefferson to sound like that
Yoda Ydyxz
Determined that was
ჯჯჯནპῆནმეἶõῆ õf Wἶfἶ ჯჯჯནპῆནმეἶõῆ õf wἶfἶ
Who else is waiting for the 2018 finals to see waht Guillermo does?
Painful to watch
Carolina Herrera
Lebron is hella rude
Fuk Yiu Ho
Guillermo not speaking to lebron actually worked and had an affect on him by choking in the finals, lol
Nik Zutshi
Right at the end it looked like LeBron was missing Guillermo trying to get him to talk to him. You did good, Guillermo.
J Zidar
Klay Thompson high key stupid
Baby Beast mode
Jimmy Kimmel: Matt Damon
Nur Sadikin
Cav is going to bad if LbJ still not talking to Guillermo
Darth Vaper
Guiellrmo is a savage
crazyassbullsfan with ADHD
Old cavs logo
Why doesnt he talk to him though?
Aidan Renaud
Everyone talks to Guillermo like he has some kind of mental disability. It’s kinda funny
Richard Jefferson sounds like the whitest person on earth
Mary Mah
. C I .
James Lee
F*ck lebron
Feitz Fanbase
Corne Koorn
Breaking News: LeBron James has commited suicide, he left a note stating: Guillermo doesn't love me, and I don't want to live life with that thought floating my head, I'm ending it.
Ed Dizon
Lebron will not talk to Guillermo this year, because he reminds him of another little guy who’s name is Kyrie...I think he miss him.
Ghema Bulawan
I find it so mean,,Guillermo is an entertainer ,,
2:09 I LOVE Kyle korvers honesty 😂😂
Shaun Livingston lookin like megamind smh
Tyler Talks
Kyle Korver reminds me of something idk what 😂😂
Lebron doesn´t like Mexicans, that´s right, I said it!
You know it´s true!!!!
Timothe Gauthier
Else art read decline assistant emphasis equally fear neck install divide.
Next season get a deal with the stadium to get Guirmo to speak before the game start and ask why LeBron has been giving him the cold shoulder
Paolo Dela cruz
Talk to lebron
Mackay Lee
Hey remember that invisible Halsted
I’m pretty sure it dead now
Where's the episode where Guillermo holds anything as a mic. Like a brush and more stuff? anyone have the link?
If LeBron wants to win the Finals again he better talk to Guillermo or Guillermo will pray to the virgin Guadalupe while eating 3 Tacos with Carnitas and put a curse on LeBron to lose all future championships !!
mucyo floris
i am pretty sure lebron will be looking forward to what guillermo will come up with to capture his attention next year hahaha
Kenzie Sanchez
Tristen Thompson seems rude
Santiago Vasquez
1:56 "Hey Ashton Kutcher" Lmaoooo
kevin gonzalez
Kevin love looks like he is a nice guy
Stephanie r
Lebron is hella rude but Guillermo aint tripping about it 😂💀
robert carrasco
Why lebron be disrespecting my boi Guillermo
He talk 2 Guillermo i get yalous.
Guillermo 2021 🇺🇸
Shallana Edwards
How can you not talk to Guillermo, LeBron?!?! He's awesome.
muhammad aydin
honestly love is the best he always plays along with the joke most humorous of them all
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