10 more amazing bets you will always win (5)


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Cole O
Will you sub to my channel πŸ™‚(Cole O)
ozzi 123
Bro 2 mill subscribers WT
Minecraftboss9865 Minecraftboss9865
On the 1st one he said only string and used salt
30 million views = around 2% of the world population has seen this. Only about 25% has a good internet, so 8% of the Internet has seen this.
Adam Li
This dude is so trolly
Rainbow Random
For the 9.50=101010 bet, the person you bet could also but a line through thr equal sign, making it 9.50 does not equal 101010.
Simon Tasievski
Strong friend = broken thumb
Her majesty elezebeth The second
But u said only sting ha
Boneless Bob
Puts salt on string, pulls string up, no ice, ice melted
Aleyamma Gasper
Awesome but I don't have any friends
The first bet is a lie... It's not just a piece thread, it uses salt too.
Vineet Ray
My friend broke my thumb
Liquid Nitrogen
Dawg if my homie did the no drinkie drink shit with my drink I'd have to eat his ass
Flying Mukips
at 2:12 i thought he would cut the string
at 2:12 he says "for this you need some scissors and some string" fam thats rope used to tie nooses, get your facts straight
Mohamed Ahmed
I won 5 bucks with the bottle and the dollar one
Max Durk
You could also draw a line through the equal signs. Oops. Oh well
Pizza Slimez
I took the match one and made it my own
TheFakeBomb Bro
You said just using the lead,you use salt also πŸ‘Œ
DaCrazyLeaf// aLeafx
1:10 voice crack
1:55 or just shove it through..?
The Emerald Torch
This is so old yet awesome
Hot Dog
Who want to eat me:)?
DR Mikki Mikki
Nice how u got this πŸ’‘ idea
Sisbro 125
The rope scissor one. Just cut the rope
Rahul Raj
What is it
Ayu Dianco
And this is why I'm rich
indian modern magic
Tyra Janela R Doromal Janela
I like your magic trick
PhantomGaming HQO
i allready won 15$ bet thx for the tip
Infinite Boi
Santhosh Santhi
Roblox Freak
Orange Fruit
Jokes on you, i have no friends!
MightyMidget 1701
The first one would not work because if you only use one string then you can’t use salt as well
Video is good but somehow comments ar much better
Owen Prescott
Or you could put a diagonal line through the equals, that would make it true
legend bricks
this guy is like dave hax but isntead of life hacks he does bets
Nancy Borghese
Cool thanks
Arthur Santi
thx for sharing
Jacob Stegeman
2:25 you call that string
TNT Gaming
the 1:25 one my mama killed me i roled it tip glass everwhere
Suarez_ isaa
I lost the fist one im too weak
Pickle Water
2:20 a weapon in an apocalypse
Nedelin Dimitrov
Joel Kwun
OMG I just realized that people are stupid xD
mr. Gameaddict08
2:19 congrats you made a weapon sorta like scorpions/creatous weapon
Mr.G ameguide
0:09 you used salt which is something other than just the thread so you would lose the bet
iroka alaa
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