10 more amazing bets you will always win (5)


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What are friends?
Mia Wright
Connor Seywerd
That's not string buddy, that's what you call rope
beyonce VEVO
I'm just making money thx
Anya Hopkins
4:21 why da fuck you got your fingers on my face
Ruby Carney
i didn't get the last one.
Phoenox _7
1:24 ni&&a thats not a cube. its a circle
Indira Dave
All the bets are magical tricks.
Indira Dave
All the bets are magical tricks.
Indira Dave
All the bets are magical tricks
Indira Dave
All the bets are magical tricks
dantdm fan
0:10 you said ONLY a peace of thread (sorry if I spelt a word or more wrong)
Prasanth Menon
bad trick
JanlornzGAMING YT 15
sub to me I'll sub back 😀 no lies
Or to solve the equation, you can put a line through the =. It would say 9.50 is not equal to 101010
Neeraj Bisht
local magic
Adam Amri
poop olo
Adam Amri
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Baleszko Let'sFight
i dont understand the las!?
Amir Shaide
Ballistic Stripedog
Who's watching this but not doing anything
Swaroop Pm
very foolish video so childish
FearlessCatsWhoPlaysWithDragons And they Love TØP
Who just watches these bets and never does it
Sanjeev Goel
Gege Gege
0:59 i did this with my dad now my thumb is nearly broke ;( xD
YourLuckNow YT
You know how much MONEY i won from these bets
Kayleigh Tobin
Does anyone else just watch the videos and not try the bets
You call that huge thing a peice of string?
Grqnt ツ
for the equation one you can just make the 'equal sign' into a 'not equal sign'
Chicken Adobo
The Religious Atheist Bakchodi Corner
Next time someone says you're wasting time on YT, show them this series and tell them you're just learning some quick and easy ways to earn money.
Mago Gosora

Just snatch the money, Who said anything about not breaking the bottle?
Nikki McKenzie
I did this but backfired cause my friend already saw this vid
Bigg Reddo
is this dave hax?
0:46 my friend did it to me and i won B)
Footbalr Finn
On the first one he says using just a piece of thread

Casual Gaming
For the second one, they can drink off the table.
Anil Kumar
coolkid kevin
1:04 wait what?!
Its all about bringing some amusement amongst the friends
Ryan Sondak
0:34 u can just flip the pan upside down with the glass
ANdi JHimy
videox bagus banget saya like
Xander Pizza
Be Amazed ripped this channel off like crazy.
But Quirkology is much better
Is it just me or at 1:22 does he sound a bit like Alfie Pointlessblog??? 😂
Killerjaws 1103
this is good advice to trick friends
football vines
team extream
Dharamvir Sharma
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