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We play the real food versus gummy food challenge where one person eats a gummy and the other gets the real version of that gummy.  Find out who gets to eat alligator, frogs legs, shark, sushi, pizza, worms, carrots, and a hot dog.

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Jake and Ty:

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That YouTub3 Family
This was a fun video to make, hope you enjoy this video! For an even crazier video go check out Allaroundaudrey, she took this to a much higher level of crazy!
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Brittney Vaughan
you shoud do dog vs licwid dog food if I mess up at speing I'm sorry .
Alisha Taboada
I love them favorite
Daniaris Delgado Aleman
it was pig`s feet
Mohammed Yosef
JacyAndKacy I subscribed them and also We are the Davise😎
Sara Aleksova
i have tried frogs and they are deeeeeelicious
Marsya Halim
And eat you sushi adrey
Sydney Webb
Chicken feet
Jen Hill
Jordan your face turned red
Ethan Buggy
If I could get to meet you in person I would huge TytyπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
Ryan is My Name
I love we are the davises as much as you guys!
Jaslene Garcia
πŸ˜€My dad is from Chicago
Nico Ehappy brthday
dad you are awesome
Jessica Pearson
I watch we are the Davises all the time I just wanted to start watching some other new videos
BillWillBarry 90
I love we are the davises
AvaSofia Felipe
awesome vid
AJ Riv
I ate an alligator before it actually tastes so good 😊
Natalie Berthelsen
i love sushi
Jordyn Ramos
It was a chicken foot
Liz Jennings
I love this video
Lindsey Crompton
I love the Davies
Stacy Scott
i love your youtube videos
Virginia Korcha
Cassidy Jane
I know that Chanel
Sofia Zepeda
Ruby Chism
I love suise
Ronald Payne
number one it looked like he was eating a frog button like if you agree 😍
Tyrone Tolentino
OK I so love this video I gonna sub in like it love soso
Faith Angelina
My aunt was from Chicago and I want to go visit her and yes that's how it looks like
Sylwia Krzyzewska
I love sushi 🍣
Trinity Davis
chicken foot
Jeremy Terrell
the crazy thing was a chicken foot
Sadie Nordahl
how old is Jordan and Audrey
Caysh Lee
I love sushi 🍣
Michelle Leyva
Matt Poland
I saw gummy ring pops love your vidsπŸ‘πŸ˜€
Harmoniccube _276
ive eaten fried alligator but Ive never eaten alligator jerky and I like fried alligator
Luis Rodrigues
The life of Ava anthony
I love that YouTube3family y'all are just so wonderful y'all made me want to do videos also would y'all tell me your address so I can send yall a nice note I just love y'all so much ❀️❀️ava
Katie Pham
They had pigs feet , chicken feet
Naziah Pedro
chickins feet
Sapphire Ashworth
Ariel Silva
Poor Dad and Jordan
Ariel Silva
I should watch All Around Audrey also for Real Food vs Gummy Food but I want Real Food vs Gummy food with Mom and Dad.
Juan carlos Bernal
do the wet head challenge please
Jennifer Heredia
Yes it is a good reputation of a Chicago hot dog
Gamer summer Cool kids chanell!
skiler mendez
pigs feet
Gabby is here
It's not as bad as eating bugs (the worms part)
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