Anna Wedding Dress - Frozen Anna And Elsa Try Wedding Dresses On For Anna's Wedding Day - Mini Movie

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Anna Wedding Dress - Frozen Anna And Elsa Try Wedding Dresses On For Anna's Wedding Day - Mini Movie

Frozen's Anna is in a rush to try on her Wedding Dress in Preparation for her wedding with Kristoff. Elsa and her friends are helping her try on her dress for the big day. There is so much to do she has to prepare her wedding day vows, her wedding song, the venue but today she is going to try on her Frozen wedding dress. 

Since Frozen's Elsa and Anna were children, they have been dreaming about their big day, and now it's nearly here Elsa and Anna want it to be perfect. When they try their wedding dresses on they also do their hair styles and makeup.  

This video is part of our Frozen Dolls videos series. Our Frozen videos with dolls for children are fun and imaginative.

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