The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer

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Seems that the Avengers will finally get some serious competition :)
Here's a mashup imagining what would be their reaction.
And I love both Marvel and DC so this is some really exciting period we live in right now.

This is a parody. No copyright infringement intended.

The editor deserve to earned a medal
abdullah mushriq dahham
Hori Manuirirangi
The avengers just looked scared while watching the trailer
@Pogo Suhan DC's movie didn't suck dumbass. Gtfo of here
Raph Mickael Paclibar
omg i love the outcome. hahaha!!!
Oh, would you look at that. JL is shit.
Barbara Colebrook
and scarlet and bruce
Barbara Colebrook
I'm loving Tony Hank thor
Ashley McGuire
Its funny when they say "we'll beat them together" when in reality it only took Thor
Angel Cortez
Damn, that’s some good editing! 👍👍👍
DynamiteBear //DynBear
2:24 😂😂😂
Francisco Torres
If there going to go toe to toe with the justice league then they need to work on better friendship instead of civil war
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Looks like they had nothing to worry about
jayman 10
Ironic considering how that moive turned out
Kale Chip Krunch
• Remember to read in the most annoying voice your mind can conjure up

Hey guys look at me I’m a DC fan girl!!! Omg Batman is the actual best!!! He can’t die, it’s awesome!!!!!(plot armor) and don’t even get me started on Superman!!! He’s so great! They made him so overpowered that nothing can kill him(except for Batman, because “prep time”) !!!!!!

JK!! Or should I say JL?🤣

Abel Garcia
Would have been better if it ended with the Avengers 3 logo
1:23 Best Moment 😏
Tommy Indra
Well it seems like they only react like that on the trailer, not the actual movie lmao
Michael Tyrus Derupe
Epic edit. I watch both brands, but i prefer MARVEL movies, great story telling, real life problems, you can relate to their char. And the heroes are not overpowered. MARVEL owned DC movies.
Hardik Patel
avengers is the best team
Hardik Patel
avengers is the best team
Juuh Malafaia
1:04 KKKKKKKKKK a Wanda ta tipo "copião"
Alpha Gaming
God director
Marvel is always better than DC
Too bad justice league sucked ass
Well this didn’t age well...
I am Perfection
They're fucked
Dray Gaming
Flash:What are your super powers again?

Batman:I'm rich

Me:What about that a power?
Coming back to this so say that Justice League was no threat. Haha
Juan Calderon
avengers infinity war hasn't came out yet and it still did better than justice league
Juan Calderon
or a DC vs marvel movie
Juan Calderon
there should be a justice league vs marvel movie
great editing
BOY nextdoor
In Marvel the chemistry is real!!
Patrycja Kulig
DC rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marvel for ever !
tony is like shit that is my super power anxiety just sank in there lol
O que a dc não faz pra aparecer em pessoal para com a viadagem de fica falando que a Marvel e melhor que a dc e dc e melhor que marvel parem isso e coisa de criança
Joanne Menjivar
Nice editing
Mocha M
Tis is good
Licensed Contractor
1:34 im dead
Peter Zoy
The best part was when Bruce Wayne said ‘’I’m rich’’ and Tony’s reaction to that was just, perfect! xD
Khadija Ali
Lol haaaa that look on iron man face haaaa I am rich halirious lol haaa loved it
Eric Berkling
Avengers vs Justice League Teaser Trailer 2017 Movie 720p
Avengers will kick their ass easily!!😎😎😎
Eric Berkling
DrMachakil presents Avengers vs Justice League Official Trailer
Bill Archer
Avengers? ....Justice League couldnt even handle CoCo ..5 days after the JL premier.. CoCo became the #1 movie
Darrian Chasteen
Their faces you put together in the moments was just hilarious
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