A Navy SEAL explains why you should ‘test your will’ at least once a year

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Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains why it's so important to test your will and challenge yourself at least once a year.


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Cole fyre
Test Your Might!
Obi Oputa
time to play

Russian roulette
Roblox Gamer&Other Gabriel
I always test my will everyday in school
Jonathan Cuypers
0:40 sec replay <3
Daring Fawn
i'm a better person for getting my ass kicked i dont care - logic
i question my will to live 24/7 bruv
Desmond DeLeon
My test for this year was joining the Navy and spending a month in SEPS due to medical (SEPS being the place they keep all the rejects that wash out of basic for whatever reason). Those days felt like some of the worst of my life.
Casey Kobayashi
Why are there so many thoughtless comments? Shouldn't people who are interested in bussiness be sharper?
J.R. Campbell
Human will doesn't exist.
Frances Venezia
You mean like going to church....😇😇😇
Think for a second: what is better than competition? Did you think.....? Enough....? Got it? Better than competition is cooperation. Better than "being better than the other" is "helping the other to become better". Better than prove yourself something is to know already you are good and you have nothing to prove yourself.
In one word: your whole system, your whole way of thinking is totally wrong. Stop trying to give suggestions and think there are other (better) ways to live your life.
matt smith
SEALS are such a bad ass bunch
John Karavitis
What does Russia's Spetsnaz think about these guys?
Brandon Rager
Do this stuff Vitality Pro is doing. It will test you
I roll a fatter blunt everyday to push myself out of my comfort zone
Ronald Hayek
Hunting Soviet submarines will do this. ;o)
nicholas czubin
Originally clicked on this video hoping he faked own death once a year to see what happened to all his stuff in his will
Really Happenings
Getting my ass handed to me in a 15' inflatable sailing kayak, contending with passing motorboats and unfavorable wind & tide, that was a great day on Jamaica Bay! Everything definitely went wrong, even lost my paddle at one point, only to see it floating right next to my "boat" 15 minutes later! I survived. Small sailboats are great.
Juan Van Steyvoort
So well said !....
Thank you somuch for all those videos that you are making,and that inspire us...
From Brussels, with Love....
Hafiz Bhuyan
Clint Emerson has taught me some very valuable lessons, all in under 10 minutes
Joel McGuiness
Dudes a Navy SEAL and is probably used to getting shot at and being in fire fights on the regular and says that getting in a boxing ring with a bigger dude puts him out of his comfort zone? Yeah ok buddy
James Sullivan
The stoics used to sleep on the floor and eat from an animal's bowl once a year
Married mate, do it every day!
So basically what he's saying is to get out of your comfort zone, I definitely agree with what he's saying. If you want to be successful in anything you have to get out of your comfort zone.
gus dupree
this is testing my patience
Matthewpl123 !
Commander Crusher
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