Brock Lesnar attacks new Universal Champion Goldberg: Raw, March 6, 2017

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While offering his “congratulations” to the newly crowned Universal Champion, The Beast Incarnate sent a painful message to his WrestleMania opponent. 


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Ciaran Ke
Srikar Dasari
even at that age goldberg stood up..
Pradeep S V
They Skipped the CM Punk Chants lol
Sean Thilges
technically its 1-1 brock beat Goldberg wen brock 1st started in the wwe
Alexx Sandoval
like si no entiendes ni una mierda pero igual estás aquí 😂😂😂
Ressurection Zone
my Neighbor is Wrestler at School, which I did not know.
My Wrestlemania prediction goes like this: Goldberg will be screwed...either by some "electro-shocking" (remember/compare the good old WCW days...NWO...Hall and Nash) or by Bret Hart coming to the ring...taking revenge on Goldberg for ending his career with a kick to the head at Starrcade 1999.
D. A.

PS: That Belt is so Ugly...
Someone needs to re dub this with a love song over the recording. I'm going back to the UFC website.
Koko Mongilong
Brock Lesnar is a monster
Âryan Bhai
Goldberg and Brock Lesnar special referee of Steve Austin is the great match
Joseph Collins
brock lesnar goldberg, goldberg buhhrock! lesnar!
Kryptic Kreature
Brock's ear is weird asf
Mork Floostic
Spoilers for Wrestlemania 33

Suplex City
Suplex City
Suplex City
Suplex City
Suplex City
Suplex City


1,2,3 and NEW Universal Champion BRROOOCK LESSNARRRRRR
Prem Singh
Goldberg is a looser
Achu Khan
wwe is fake and Brock Lerner will defeat goldberg
gugun gunawan
i not like brock lesnar
Brock lesnar
Eat, sleep, councer Goldberg
ya Brock beat Goldberg and you come everyday in raw
Jack Tek
What did Paul heyman said
hido bronx
Frank African
LOL! Goldberg didn't want to let go of his belt!
Gil Guizar
puto brock lesnar
15s and is win goldbrak .
Goldberg should win but not easy or quickly. This should really be a long brawl with both of them constantly kicking out of each other's moves until Goldberg finally makes the pin so that he can prove that he rightfully earned and deserved that title. Goldberg must really take a beating in this and then come out on top at the end.
Luke Yu
brock lesnar ... goldberg ... goldberg ... BROOOCK LEEEEESNAR! :)
اليوزرسيف الجماعي
بول هيمن مضحك ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Ben Watson
Not a fan of Brock but I honestly have no idea how anyone can square up to him. Dude's a freak.
4 million views but cant get 1 million likes smh
Miguel Gutierrez
Goldbergs Face. 😂😂
tahir love
Goldberg you are best
Bananex Play Games
Ekta Patil
i still love goldberg he is my hero
jimbim juko
Abhay Kumar
Goldberg suck when they was in Lesnar sholdier they hold their universal title in his hand👵👶
Nirmal Dhap
Goldberg 👍
Arkeyjimmy aj
brock lesnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Troubled Coast
Age is catching up to Goldberg he use to be bigger then Brock now he's smaller...
still spear jackhammer 123
dion mitchell
like I said before the biggest one on one face offs before WrestleMania always starts at my home town Chicago.
Prashant Kolekar
Old lion get in trouble
if lesnar and reigns win the two respective matches, i will actively promote a boycott of WWE. You would have lost legions of fans, including this 20 year fan.
pappu khan
Brock will kill him at wm33...
Anthony D Anemal Bright
Simon Lara
Here comes the gaandu
David Arenas
and his name is brock lesnar. new vine everyone
Ajay Maheshwari
Devan Devanarayanan
this is bad brocklesnar cheats when shake hands but goldberg will revenge
Willow Scaletta
i hope he enjoyed holding BROCK LESNAR,S title
yung_ riley
sooo many ppl hatin on brock lesnar smh
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