Brock Lesnar attacks new Universal Champion Goldberg: Raw, March 6, 2017

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While offering his “congratulations” to the newly crowned Universal Champion, The Beast Incarnate sent a painful message to his WrestleMania opponent. 


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Lokesh Raiden
Fate Turned Even, 12 Years back Goldberg Jack Hammered Brock Before Wrestlemania. Now Brock F5D Goldberg Before Wrestlemania.
Anoai Reings Romanman
Goldberg is wearing heels?
Troy Naval
Damn Goldberg is still ripped at the age of 50
Melody Turner
Brock doesn't care about friendship when he's in the ring
Aldrin Marcus Alcruz
Goldberg & Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman-Tag Team Match:WWE WrestleMania XXXIII
Cj Cruz
f5 goldberg
Mihir Katkar
1:41 ROFL!!
Cj Cruz
haa Goldberg
Sheryar Ahmed
brock plz come in pakistan iam your fan plz
moudafar 3002
still golberg will always be superior to lesnar
Indra Boroo
oho man
Sumeet Keshri
Lomash kumar
King Bull
Wait So Where Brock Lesnar Now 🤔
The Pro364
This man heyman makes any fighter look like a beast
The Pro364
The amount of energy heyman uses to introduce them to one another lol
Azhar Hussain
brok son aff dog
Dmitri Laine
What's wrong with Brock's right ear?
Bork Laser
Goldbergs foot landed on the title that's gonna hurt for a while
Black Emperor
how in the world fuck1ng KO won the WWE championship if he is so fat...
reso tv
0.03 and 4
Saqibabbasi Abbasi
Brock rasner best
omar yousef
It's ironic that the last guy who countered the F5 was CM PUNK
damjan velickovic
you are idiot Lesnar.GO KILL YOURSELF
Harshit Pandey
spear jackhammer and 123
Aayush Jaiswal
so,goldberg now you realise that how painful f5 is!
Rjp E
This match would've been so much better at wrestlemania if the universal championship was on the line
Sofian Berrachedi
brock's bi*** 😂
Ashok Singh
When he pinned Goldberg clean I went crazy
Memamti Bas
Wresting Zone
What happened if Lesnar low blow to Goldberg 😂😂😂💔
Wresting Zone
All hands Down to the Brock Lesnar you are great man 👏👏👌
Cooper Gregrey
Bro bro Brock. Is way better then anyone trust me that he is a fucken beast Iv e got him on wwe immortals
Brock just a bully
Mohamed KUN
Brock lasner Goldberg Goldberg Brock lasner 😠💪
Suplex city can beat cain Velasquez and overeem at once in any wrestlemania... UFC is for the weak.. real men fight at wrestlemania
no f###ING way
Roshan Meena
Aman Garud
GOLDBERG Is now turned into OLDBERG!!! XD
Foreign Speaker
Paul Heyman greatest ringside manager of all time...
Abdulhakim Tokhi
brock lesnar
Mo.Rajjak Khan
Goldberg the great hero
Mo.Rajjak Khan
Brock you cheer you loyar
Himanshu kumar Pandey
lesnar is a king of beast
Memamti Bas
Rohit Sharma
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock lesssssssssnar
Ricky Fleir
i hope the next week after goldberg's wrestlemania loss he will break brock lesnar then beock had to relinquish the title like finn balor then fatal 4 way(no kevin owens)
vijay kumar
you bloody brock you can't defeat goldberg
Shawn Lackings
think about this lets say thats there no more brand split so if the universe belt leaves wwe just think about looking back at all the universal championship.#1 finn balor #2 kevin owens #3 Goldberg
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