Bro this is the music used in the British airways safety video 😂😂😂😂
allan luseno
it has touched my heart
Rohaila khire
Omg so romantic 😱
This is a masterpiece. I truly love the duet. I get chills every single time I hear it.
Viviana Marrone
Absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing.
start 0:15
Ella Dominguez
Love this version so much I've added to my Ulterior Designs playlist on Spotify and in the credits in my novel. (Ulterior Designs is my contemporary, new adult romance written under a different pen name.) Fantastic work. Continued success and creativity!
Noodle 405
he second one at 1.03 touched my soul
doom ray
nice very nice
The woman playing has beautiful hands whoever she is.
Walter Perez
just what I needed to hear... beautiful.
Yukie Smith
What a charming arrangement ;)
sweet song!cheers
Nice mood :-) The piano sounds cool
Sylvain Guinet
it's a very nice relaxing music, bravo i like it
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