Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

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Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

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they could be a race of mutated klingons...
dutch angle trek
blacks don't watch Star Trek.
So wrong on so many levels. The Starfleet ship looks half Klingon, but the Klingons don't look Klingon at all! The dialogue is stunted, almost childish, as if written by 8 year olds. Aside from a few visual cues, such as insignia and Star Trek trademarks sporadically plastered about, nothing about this felt like Star Trek (other than the last three seconds when we heard a familiar Star Trek musical theme). No sense of adventure or discovery. Not one character that could be deemed interesting. There wasn't one moment in this trailer that felt compelling. This looks like an impending shipwreck.
Color Safe Bleach
I guess I'm the only one that does not really mind how it looks. And I kind of get it that people are upset that it looks more futuristic then TOS, but come on, that was over 50 years ago and this is supposed to take place 250 years from now. What do you want them to do, make a set that resembles the 50's?
Tom Siegel
P.C. women as leaders and captains, great. They have obviously emasculated all the males.
Frank Ng
I really missed Captain Picard after watching this.
Alexandra Williams
King of Cliché
Thumbs... down!
Jon Hill
I like Star Trek but this new crew I Have to laugh. Good luck and how can anybody be excited to watch this. There sure is no Commander Adama or Colonel Tai. Im glad it looks bad because I try not to watch anything with the 3 letters CBS.
It appears consistent with the overall look and feel of Abrams' Star Trek. I like J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. I like all the Star Treks.

It's just a fictional show, people. None of it is real to begin with. ffs

more p/c garbage from hollywood.....
Edwin Giebel
Simply horrible. The only thing this Star Trek will manage to do is end Star Trek.
Star Trek: Diversity. Yawn
Looks good to me. The new captain is hot too.
Taurus27 Wiggins
She's a real heroes.
As a Star Trek fan, who would love to see a new series- I will put up with a lot of shit, but can we get away from the SUPER close shots, and lame ass lens flare? Is it possible for anything to remind you more that you are watching a television show than lens flare??? Why not just show the shadow of the film camera in every shot? Or let's just put a boom mic right in front of the actors faces in the middle of the shot! How about we just put the director in the middle of every scene in his director chair? Am I taking crazy pills??? How is this desirable ?
I can't help but think if STNG or Voyage or Ds9 or Enterprise came out with the a YouTube comment section you people would have tore it apart too. I know it's trendy to shit on new things but come on people.
Spaghetti God Ultra
I used to love Star Trek. This looks like complete and total politically-correct-greedo-fires-first, unentertaining garbage! SFX cannont make up for uninspired, unlikable characters.
Eldon Stracke II
So... someone dug out 'Enterprise' and thought, "you know... this is a really good series! We should totally make more just like this!"

Surely there must be some producer out there who actually understands what Roddenberry was trying to say.
Bobby A
Well the last go around we had TNG and a bunch more Trek shows come out within a fairly short time after. They weren't all gems either. Maybe this is just the first show of many more? We don't know what could be in development. Maybe the next show will be post VOY and better? In the meantime, this is what we get. If you want to watch "new" trek then just choke it down like a bad meal and hope you can make it to desert. If not then forget it exists until the next one comes along. Besides, this is merely a trailer and they are often misleading. In this case lets hope so. Either way, I'll at least watch the first episode before judging which abbreviation fits best for it. DIS or STD
I don't understand why people are judging so negatively. if it were just like the original series you'd be complaining. I'd say watch the first ep and then offer an opinion. And its set during a time when the federation were at war so OF COURSE there is going to be some action. There going to be more action then usual, going along with the exploration.
Hoo boy, this looks like it's going to be disappointing. Ah, well. I guess they're trying to capture the same audience that got hooked by the recent flashy movies.
So where is the hot girl? I mean there needs to be a hot girl!
andre rio
1st thing "STARTREK IS NOT REAL" so why do the people who make it trying to do as if it was? startrek was better when it was a fantasy. make the new startrek on the 24th century (or 27th) with a better normal looking ship and go from there, new effects, new crew, instead of trying to tell a story of how the fantasy federation could become something real. IT IS JUST A FANTASY.
Michael Greaves
I seen this and was excited as shit.. but then I wasn't.
I couldn't even watch this whole trailer. Good lord. :(
real world history or ancient antiquity
well, another jj I don't do cannon piece of trash. another lazy we will make it up as we go so we don't have to actually really think out quality movies anyone else besides me tired of jj screwing up startrek?
Richard Ched
I haven't seen one good comment here. Sorry CBS the fanbase is smarter than you think. #BringbackAxanar
Dear CBS : Fuck you for blocking this in every region except the US. And fuck you again.
Kamakaze D
Oh so thats why they are desperately trying to kill Axanar so they could steal the Aris Class ship design and screw the crap out of it for there crap show seriously pull up a image of both ships and tell me im wrong.
john o
Paid CBS streaming only after the first episode. Yeah no thanks with that.
Pay wall for what is supposed to be on TV. Pass. I watch NOTHING on their broadcast television, they come up with one thing I might watch and they want to charge for it. Why are the Klingons so messed up, drag queen aliens.
n44b n44b
The last Star Trek series with a female captain was a bust - and while the special effects might be better, this one looks just too damned "politically correct" to be worth watching. I'll pass.
Lisa winn
Has possibilities, I'll give it it's chance.
Jason V
You look at Vulcans, Tellerites, and Andorians--all established and
feature in TOS show up in Enterprise when better make-up was available, and they look
similar---As far as TOS Klingons vs TNG, well lets face it it was
probably a shocking change, but after a total of 25 seasons of Star trek with Klingons looking a certain way, to change it so drastically in both JJs movie and here is kinda dumb--there better be a reason--I read maybe they are an ancient Klingon sub-species---I hope thats the case.
Matt Pelzek
Monty's Playhouse
Set phasers to "Keep It" and fire.
Thomas Roscoe
I am such a Star Trek fan that I welcomed this new show with great enthusiasm...until I found out that I have to pay an additional $5.95 a month on top of a sky high cable bill. I'll wait until it goes into syndication, ends up on Netflix or found somewhere else for free.
Let me guess what this will be about. It is good to be fag. White men suck. Women pedophilia is cool. Women are leaders. Feminism is our savior. Africans are all scientists. And moozlims are cute, especially when they cut heads of white men and rape white women.
Oh , I forgot, it is not rape if muslim does it.
Star Trek is all gone. You are living in Left tyranny.
Scott's Wood
Well, Looks like CBS has ruined Star Trek for TV. Of course the tech is way better ten years earlier than Kirk's Voyages. Probably won't be watching it. Have better, real-world things to do.
StarShip Tech Journal's
They fucked up don't mess with Sonequa Martin aka "Sasha Williams " from the walking dead the Klingons dont know who they are fucking with she has spent the last years fight and army on the living dead and the evil people who rules that dead world
Dylan Green
I was hyped for this show then I saw this WTF If its before enterprise how come there ship is 10x more advanced and there crew shouldnt be so diverse and there uniforms are wrong
Song Master
Stardate 2270, society has finally become the liberal fantasy of politically correct and strong women with bad accents are in command of the starship Discovery, while lowly men serve down in the bowels of the ship in the engine room... why? Because someone has to know how the damn thing works. :)
10 years before Kirk? Yet another failure before delivery. Berman needs to
walk away. Star Trek is about moving forward. Not following your recipe
for Star Wars. Hey Berman when your ready to create a real Star Trek
series I will be here. I will guide you. You seem to have NO idea of
what Star Trek is. Oh shit have to add. FUCK YOU BERMAN this is not Star Trek. Just saw your shit show of a Klingon! Again FUCK YOU BERMAN. Dead before arrival!
Roddenberry is spinning in his grave.
Plutonius X
Why does this look like a fan film? Acting is shit, cheap lens flare effects....barf.
Jay Ramos
still not better than star wars.
Phlogistan Jones
I think "The Orville" looks to be a much better "Star Trek" than this festering boil.
Bobby A
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