Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

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Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

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im going to pirate this for sure
J'onn J'onzz
I feel that the problem is not diversity but the lack there of. The trailer did not foucus on the crew, but instead it foucused on the Hollywood money making tactic of an woman in leading role. Star trek is about how people from all backgrounds can work together to get along. Star Trek should not be about shoot, murder, kill, but instead it should focus on why we fight in the first place. Star Trek is a show that should teach you to respect cultures and views not assimilate them. The point of the show is to learn about how to get past communication barries and find peace.
My biggest problem here is that while Enterprise succeeded in making it feel like we were traveling with a crew of a ship that predated kirk and co, this one feels like we should be seeing a Star Trek show set in the 26th century. I mean, did these people not understand the overall setting for this show or worse: did they set this show in the new alternate universe of the new movies? If its the former then they have failed at making a good star trek show and if it the latter they should all be shot because the alternate universe stuff is crap.
Weird choice to only give up to 720p
Spenser Violet
This looks like ass
'Sunshine. Guardians of the galaxy 2. Star trek discovery. ' Dang,..Michelle Yeoh has def. taken her talent intergalactic! Just love it!
Aloma Tally
Come on people....give it a chance. You may love it. If you don't like it...then don't watch it....simple.
Guido Cydonia
Looks more like Star Wars than Star Trek.
Justin Lint
Seen the preview for the new Star Trek don't like it they're going to ruin Star Trek
Justin Lint
After the Three Star Trek that we just had they were good with this one they're going to ruin Star Trek
David Williams
I think it has been raked over the coals so many times it's a dead horse. Let it Rest In Peace and stop trying to revamp it over and over and over
Michael Gonzalez
Ugh... Why the fuck do they keep going backwards??? No one wants to see what happened before Kirk.
Christopher Macias
Black woman should not be in command of anything as Kirk has discovered!
Thank God! You finally got rid of those disgusting white men!!! HOORAY!!!
Geoffrey Maiden Mueller
I'm still going to give this new series a shot, but I still feel like I would have rather had a series with the reboot crew
All Access huh? ...I'll guess I'll be waiting for the bootlegs then...
Raul daSilva
Most of the ST sequels missed the point Gene Roddenberry was aiming for, to use Science Fiction to advance the human condition. Frank Capra's early 1930s films, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, carried dimension that takes them beyond quickly forgettable superficiality.. Star Trek sequels are all "actioners" and carry no humane dimension. For this reason most are forgettable. One memorable exception was ST IV, The Voyage Home, written and directed by Leonard Nimoy (who "understood) I'll be curious to see if this new series is yet more superficiality but I doubt I will pay for it on top of already paying a painful monthly cable bill.
Space Orbis Gaming
As cool as it is to have a new star trek show why is the technology so much better before Kirk's Enterprise yet later on star fleet doesn't have it. Unless this is a new timeline this doesn't add up at all.
Nick Zimmerle
What is it with the new star treks and excessive flairs? It was just plain distracting.
td fisk
Another femfest to constantly remind us that feminists are superior to all of us. They keep me laughing because they give female movie/TV heroes the very same traits that feminists hate the most about men. The more masculine the female hero looks the better, big muscles a big bonus. On one side of the gender issues there is the effort to eliminate gender altogether, with a long list of downright freaky variations, like ecosexual (they don't just hug trees anymore). On the other side is the effort to have a singular gender of masculine females. I wonder what they have planned for actual males, it will probably be revealed in movie and TV in small doses at a time.

I feel so sorry for the younger generations who are being bombarded with leftist messages in their favorite movies, TV and gaming. I wonder, do all the restrooms on space ships have hundreds of "sexual orientation symbols"? Question; do you need a compass and sextant to orient your sexual identity?

JJ Abrams slit an artery in the Star Trek franchise. The announcement of a new series bandaged it. The reveal opened the bandage a little. This trailer ripped it off. The series might just put a stake in it.
Keegan McNally
Not to be the guy already complaining but those Klingons look off
Shouldn't the Klingons look more human?
Another reboot.
I'll try to be kind here. I think the word I'm looking for is... underwhelmed.
World Wide Productions
This looks like a cheesy all bad cgi fan-made Star Trek show. Disappointing
Trent Knight
Dman Cluster
This comments section should probably be disabled.
Dman Cluster
People of Earth, I know you have every right to judge by trailer, but could you at least maybe see the first episode when it comes out before calling it absolute crap?
Ariel Fetters
100% not interested. There's something seriously wrong when all the fan production Star Trek series are better than the official stuff.

CBS needs to go to the fans and look for pro tips, not sue them to eliminate the competition.
neandrathug 88
its official SJWs have ruined startrek....thanks guys!!!
Ayleigha White
i love star trek but this looks so
Bruce Truong
I Love the old Capt. Kirk Star Trek,,and would like to Love this one also,,,but this doesn't make any sense,,ACTUALLY, if they just just say" A NEW VERSION OF STAR TREK" , that would make more sense.
Richard Zhang
OH NO I thought this is after, not before, uhhh i hate the prelogue thing
Son's of Liberty
It's dead in the water.
Dustin Shane Merrill
Bitchy trekkies. The worst kind of crybaby. When this show debuts and soars, I'm gonna laugh at all of you morons who said it would never make it.
Well this is gonna fucking suck.
EWWWWWW lens flares! Lens flare equals #notmystartrek Haha even though i hate lens flares...being a trekkie since before I can remember, watching next gen with my mom while I was in diapers, i want this to be good...I dont wanna say "its too abrams-y for me". I can look past that it doesnt look like star trek as long as it acts like star trek.
Wade Of Earth
You already screwed that one up with Enterprise.
Jesse Tellez
When this show dies, it will not enter Sto-Vo-Kor with the other honoured dead! I will not wish it to live long or prosper. F the Prime Directive in this case, fellow Trekies, we must interfere with this show's development. Fuck the stun setting, set phasors to maximum and let's kill this abomination!!!
Christopher Powell
WTH, C'mon why cant you just go further ahead of the star trek the TNG and Voyager, why backwards? the technology and graphics processing is advance now. you barely need as much work and real actors compared to back in the 90's
Chuck Pasky
I think Seth MacFarlane is going to make a better Star Trek then this show it looks stupid. I am a Star Trek fan and I want to see the future not the past this is so stupid
William 04467
This show is going to suck.
0:04. Aaaah yes, what better time to talk about commanding ur own ship than searching for Rey on Jakku, or R they on Tatooine searching for Luke. I can never tell the difference btwn the two, what, with the coarse sand getting everywhere and getting into everything !! :p :p :p :p
Weeaboo Horror Stories
Can y'all give this show a chance jfc y'all said the same thing about VOY
Chris Cosentino
The Klingons look like fish-people to me. Maybe it’s because of their costumes.
Albert Lamm
Where is all the hope and positivity though? Why does everything need to be so gritty all the time? Can't it have both?
Too bad it's going to fail because CBS is limiting reasonable access to it.
Class A Living
I fucking hate you people
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