Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

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Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

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After watching this STD promo, the one thing I miss is Star Trek .
Here we go with the "SJWs Ruined...!" comments coming. -_-
Best ST series since the original. Love it.
tony solondo
STD full of SJW Garbage. Its so horrible I wont even pirate it. Best Antipiracy method there is
This show is truly terrible. It’s like a crappy show that comes on before the show you want to watch comes on the sci go channel
James L. Riggs
Well yes, of course, before Kirk there was a woman captain and she was smarter, stronger, and braver. Thank goodness we have another woman to save us. When will they stop the B.S. already?
fossil Sol
I refuse to watch this show!!! the little fucktard nobody, Anthony Rapp. Fuck him!!! he escaped sexual advances. What he won't escape is his shit show ratings. His obvious obsession for attention of an incident 30yrs. old, 30 fucking years, and now he stars on some piece of shit T.V. show, and suddenly this incident from all those years that he kept such a dark, horrifying, nasty sexual advances that came his way on that dark night. Fuck The Producers that shit this turd among the stars. Oh and by the way everybody. ALL of Hollywood is about Rape !!! If you think that isn't a true statement. Get insanely famous and die suddenly. They will rape your ass Jackson style forever at warp speed. this show is a rapp.
Melony Vance
This is great! Check me out!
Colorado Cyber
Star Trek discovery AND paramount and cbs ALL suck giant targ dong. The series is devoid of anything actually Star Trek. The morons behind it flipped the bird to the true Star Trek fans. If Roddenberry were alive, this POS would have never aired. The Orville is true Star Trek... and Roddenberry would have agreed. There is a reason the ratings of the Orville are sky-rocketing and discovery is in the toilet.
Star Trek: Galactica
Richard Smith
Klingons sure do evolve a lot.
Wendell Scott
Great looking show. I've been watching Star Trek since the original series... Star Trek is not going to die anytime soon.
Hank Moody
the commander performs mutiny in the first episode. LOL. I have absolutely NO respect for this character. This show is politicized garbage. 0/10
Damien Rochford
Jesus these comments are depressing. Star Trek is an expression of an aspiration -- the aspiration for a world where the kinds of hateful sentiments expressed in these comments have no place in human society. We seem to be moving further away from that world every year.
Ron Chu
3 Seasons tops, another flop
Brod Words
Jim Bridger
Lame. Hate it.
James C
Stopped watching since it’s not a family show. Won’t willingly subject my kids to this kind of degrading entertainment. Turn this ship around before it crashes
Nope! I'm watching Orville for free!
San-Oni Gaming
And MAJOR PROPS to the composers Jeff Russo
Alexander Courage, true piece of work guys! LOVE IT
San-Oni Gaming
Most of the comments come from people that probably hasn't even seen the show
I see a lot of comments talking about they have destroyed your childhood. All I can say is, "GOOD!!!". I'm sure race has nothing to do with your response to this trailer.
Wasn't CBS the news organization With The Harvey Weinstein Rape confession and they buried it?
Patrick Farmer
I can't wait tell your enemies at CBS fire and black ball you. You will never do lunch again in this town. You know this is coming don't try an deny it. I think Saddam Hussein spider hole is still available.
Patrick Farmer
Great video. "Look, my Lord. The ship is perforated." said the young Klingon weapons officer. I still think it is wrong to make fans pay for a new series. The fan base has saved Star Trek several times. This is how do you repay the fans? Gene Roddenberry is famous for fighting NBC executives. This makes CBS look weak , insecure and greedy. No one going to pay $11 per month to watch NCIS? Balloon headed shit for brains CBS executives
Valentin Islas
Ya'll do know that Michael Burnham is Lieutenant Worf's grandma right?
Max Power
you take a knee scum bags , no more star trek for me, un american POS
Nigil Nightwind
I am glad they put this show on CBS All Access garbage so now most of the Star Trek Fans will never see this Female Feminist Agenda BS. I was not going to watch it at all anyways cause of the female lead, but I am already paying $175 a month for DTV and each network is now going to think they can stick it to me for another $5-$10 charge on top of that, fuck all of them. I already pay DTV for access to the Network channels and now more fees. Soon I will turn off DTV also and go to a Leaf Antenna or some streaming service and save a bunch of cash cause this is getting ridicules. Not to mention I am paying all this to watch shows that have a Feminist, Black or LGBTQ agenda, no thanks.
Good effects, tech..etc. Bad that they are going overboard with feminizing it. Too bad because I really want to like this. What is the point of doing that, making males cowards and females somehow stronger than males in all circumstances? Is the Production done by all gay men and "gender sameness" females?
Rod should not be allowed anywhere near this he hated his father and would have nothing to do with Trek until his recent documentary about his father and his life long feelings about Trek (not good) can someone say $. I fear this will be the last attempt at the franchise on network television. Watch Orville if you need a SciFi fix.
The Orville out Star Treked Star Trek!!!
Joshua Shank
So yeah I was cautiously optimistic about this show. Turns out I was completely wrong. Discovery is complete horse shit! Don't catch this STD. There isn't a cream for it.
Zach Champlin
Seriously, when are they going to learn that prequel shows suck?? All I want to see is a continuation of the series, not these crappy prequels. Who the hell thinks the concepts they keep choosing are good ideas?
EDIT:: SERIOUSLY producers! why dont you listen to the fans already?!
It's so BAD. SJW campaign is a perfect description.
Orville is more star trek than this.
Luke Prater
Vulcan Dad is so MEAN! And species-ist. Jeez.
Todd Zornow
i like the new show period!!, although i do think Michelle Yeoh is killed off too soon!
Brandon Tillery
Way to go CBS!!! Other than the Klingon aesthetics and overall special effects, you somehow managed to drive a Beloved series into the ground.
This shit is an abomination love child of Michael Bay, Anita Sarkeesian, and Spike Lee. Please CBS KYS.
Peter Lamoureux
This is the worst Star Trek ever created.
tj g
money making pigs...keep your s___
Now that we are 3 episodes in, Discovery will be cancelled early and The Orville will run at LEAST 8 seasons. ST: Discovery is a HUGE blemish on the Trek franchise and a colossal smack in the face to Trek fans everywhere! I hope these people loose their asses in debt. THAT is what these greedy "pay to watch" CBS SOB's deserve! Changing an entire race, changing timelines, changing Star Trek protocol and story flow... just garbage with a nice coat of paint is ALL this show is! You people should be ashamed of yourselves for writing such shit and slapping the Star Trek name on it! Poor Roddenberry is rolling in his grave, of that you CAN be sure!
Didn't think to much of it. It was real stale. I'm more of a fan of Deep Space Nine. Still I remember when ST first came out. That was pretty good but this isn't.
Hussein Obama
I can't watch this since they brought political shit into this.
Such scum bags. To watch this you need to have CBS All Access. $7 bucks a month. Okay I get that. But the really douche bag, jerk move they do.... There are still ads! They double dipping! Don't charge the viewers and then make money off of adverts. I really want this show to be a success but I do hope no one pays for that BS. Thank you and good night.
Katy ActorSpace
"My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone, to sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now" Yes, out of Kirk's phaser, which is set to kill. No one likes a Debbie downer... I sense death wahhh wahh wahhh.. Thankfully this STD comes wrapped in a paywall condom.

I was looking forward to a new star trek...
Government Man
Dennis Romero
Looks stupid...........
Double Deeze
Poorly written, poorly executed. The Klingons are on an epic level. This is supposed to be before the 60s tv show and everything looks super advanced. This writing and production team has no connection to the fan base. Just stop it now. It is terrible.
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