Dennis Romero
Looks stupid...........
Double Deeze
Poorly written, poorly executed. The Klingons are on an epic level. This is supposed to be before the 60s tv show and everything looks super advanced. This writing and production team has no connection to the fan base. Just stop it now. It is terrible.
Sebastian A. Stancu
What happened to the mini-skirts?
KC Martin
Brandon Reilly
Here's some crap I won't be watching. Way to ruin a Star Trek series CBS.
Michael Johnson
Soooooo, what's wrong with this? Looks alright to me
Donald Brown
More social engineering by the SJW writers ....this is a trash lie.
it was like a portal opened up in your tv and you were watching a vaguely similar version of Star Trek from an alternate universe where their Star Trek was really really bad..... and then you found out you would have to pay to see more with commercials.
Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery i copyed this from disc i have to say the technology is way backwards lmao the computer screens or clear in this one when on the regional star trek they had crt monitors lol. lol and all the bold klingons i thought klingons had hair to
CBS! This show is GARBAGE! To steal a quote from the AVGN: What a miserable pile of mother fucking bull fuck! And why is a woman named "Michael"??!!?!?!?! What where they THINKING!?!?!?! Disclaimer: I am NOT subbed to CBS All Access because of this piece of shit. I am subbed because AT&T and YOU have got into a pissing contest and AT&T Uverse pulled the local the CBS station off their system. The second the local CBS station is back, All Access is GONE. CBS, just cancel this piece of shit. I will say I have taken the opportunity to watch Star Trek: The animated series, which is pure gold compare to this garbage.
D. R.
Wow, this is some extra large trash. What a very expensive way to stick it to Star Trek fans by changing everything that has happened over the past 50 years. These writers need to be fired and the next crew has to have at least seen all of the series at least once before getting to work. Stay inside the lines!
I watched the first two episodes. THEY SUCKED. Oh my god, what did you do to Star Trek?! I'm so disappointed.
{{{{Ké Bay}}}}
clifford terrell
I just saw the first two epi I gave it a chance not a fan of flashbacks there were holes in the plot Michelle Yeoh always delivers my biggest concern was everybody knew the Klingons were dangerous even if I never seen a star trek epi everything screamed danger I first reaction would have been to get my ship out of danger till help arrived. There were too many scenes that had nothing to do with the story I not going pay CBS 6 dollar to watch a show that I already know how its going to end. Please give us more that a FX reel If the Hero I any story is a idiot it not worth my time
Aredi Barrett
This looks awesome. Looks like they picked the cream from the crop of today's make up artists. Love that imagination.
Dank Thug
I'll stick to The Orville I guess... this was meh.
Chris D
Ya this show blows hard. Greedy cbs... you can take your pay wall and shove it.
Might have been good if they weren't pushing a feminist agenda.
Gregg Innes
30 minutes into the series premiere and I'm annoyed by having to read the Klingon dialogue instead of watching the show.
Seriously........we couldn't have the Klingons speak English.
Even Gene Roddenberry had the Klingons speak english in 1966.
Strike one for a show you want me to pay for.
Adam Sarduci
Wow Star Trek Discovery was Horrible and worst of all it went total Liberal Social Justice Warrior with its characters and Plot! I do not want to think about stupid as political liberal SJW idea‘s when I am watching science fiction that I Love. . It was very obvious that the show went totally away from what star trek always was, the changed the Klingons and a lot of other things in star trek. Star Wars figured it out, when they re-booted the Force Awakens make a Movie/series that respects the lore and history of the series, make it fun, and above all make it a Love letter to your fans. The thing that upset me the very Most about star trek discovery was the VERY obvious crazy leftist liberal propaganda that is the new series.
The first and second officer are both Non-white females who are meant to be empowering and assertive while the only male on the bridge was a alien, that by the way was a Male coward, who was scared to even go outside the ship with the woman and who came from a subservient race who were dominated by the other species on his planet and him and his species and probably every Male in his species was subservient to other species and who only genetic evolutionary beneficial survival trait was to identify when death was coming and RUN LIKE A COARD. The only Man was an alien who was a coward and who was from a species of cowardly subservient people, who ran to survive.
I am not against strong Female Characters, but every Star trek Series had strong Male characters The original star trek had Jim Kurk, Bones, Spock, Chekhov, and Scotty all very manly Men who weren’t afraid to mix it up, The next generation had Picard, Worf, Riker, Data, and Geordi. Voyager had Chakotay Tuvok, Tom Paris, Harry Kim and the Doctor None of which were scared of mixing it up and acting like men when necessary. DS9 had ds9 male cast Odo, Sisco, O'brien, Worf, Garak, and even Bashir was manly compared to anyone on discovery. Enterprise had Archer, Tucker, Marcus, Travis, and Phlox.
My point is Star Trek NEEDS its strong male Lead characters, it is a series that always had strong Manly Male Characters and it seems to me like their trying to feminize star trek while beating it on the head with a SJW Stick over and over. Don’t get me wrong I Love strong female characters in star trek like Dax, Kira, Crusher, Janeway, and Seven of 9 but you need both strong male and Female character for trek to survive because that’s what trek is about equality not retarded 21st century whiney feminism. Star trek you also need to realize that 80% of your viewers are Male nerds ages 21 to 60 and 65% of those Males Nerds are white I am not trying to be politically incorrect I am just stating facts. You have to appeal to your target audience not insult them by portraying there demographic threw your series characters as dumb, cowardly and Non-Heroic Males, in all honesty when people identify with a TV series they want to see a piece of themselves in the characters they are watching and in so be inspired and perhaps find a heroic pulse inside there selves instead discovery insults it’s target audience not just by ripping apart the most believed race and culture in all of science fiction but insinuating males are cowardly and Need to have a strong woman Run them. What discovery is doing is not going to work mark my words it will be canceled in 2 years and that is almost impossible with a series as beloved as star trek but when you completely disrespect your fans and source material by not giving a shit about them you can as hard as it would be to do achieve making discovery fail.

Don’t get me wrong In the 60’s the addressed REAL social issues like Civil rights, much of the population was Living in segregation and did not have their Much deserved civil rights. The first time some 21st century whiney feminist try’s to compare the issues on the new show with non-whites trying to achieve their civil rights in the 1960’s I will completely lose my mind. Even when Dax had the first Homosexual kiss on Television I understood it. There were many Gay people in America whom were struggling for their own civil rights, trying to earn the right to marry and be treated like the rest of the population in America I thought star trek doing this was a very courageous move. But what is this new series doing for Social issues other then taking the Crazy, Liberal, Feminist I hate all white men ideology way to far. Woman’s suffrage was 100 years ago what exactly are you fighting for other then whining and crying because you didn’t get your own way and someone hurt your feelings BOO HOO get the hell off my favorite science fiction series of all time with your crazy idea’s, no one likes new age feminists, seriously no one likes you I have no idea how your agenda is being pushed forward by the idiots in the media. Really I hope no one try’s to compare the feminist agenda in this show and say it is groundbreaking for what it’s portraying on TV and then try to claim it is a step forward on par with civil rights for minorities or gay people earning the right to Love whom they want and marry like everyone else because the moment I hear the comparisons I will LOSE MY MIND.
I just want to sit down and watch TV without being bombarded by the media’s political agenda. I get it some of the issue’s are important and I do care about people and I am no where near a racist but man can I just watch football or my favorite science fiction series without this bullshit seeping it’s way into literally everything. Well here’s a news flash that’s why NFL ratings are down not because people agree or disagree with what the athletes are saying but because people are just tired of it everywhere especially when they try to enjoy their leisure time! Well discovery you should have taken a page from star wars and made your series fun, a joy to the fans, respect then history of the trek universe and avoid the Social Justice warrior liberal Bullshit and just respect your fans and your source material and made the new Trek series FUN. Well I do not know how you ruin Star Trek it would be hard to do, it would be like trying to make a good Pizza taste bad but congratulations you upset your fans and made a really shitty Trek series that pissed on the history of trek and on your fandom and your Series will not last 2 years! Sorry for the spelling and punctuation errors I am buzzed and kinda Pissed SJW’s ruined my favorite video game mass effect now they have destroyed my favorite science fiction TV show. I Hate SJW, I hope you all move to your own country where you can annoy each other and destroy good things while making shitty ones and where you can all be miserable together!
Coeur d'Alene Coop
Is this a series, or a movie?
The Uniform
Cancellation Incoming
Spell it with me...F...L...O....P.
Jake Explorer Guy

Don't change the way the Klingons look you stupid Fuckin idiots.
What we have here is a bunch of young retarded people who aren't Star trek fans and they think...

"oh, I got a good idea. Let's make the Klingons look 100% different because it will be cool"
Well you stupid fucks! You people are dumb. Respect the Star trek universe! You can't just go around changing the way people look.
You could have went further back in time. Before there was the first starship with Captain Archer and the hot Vulcan chick t'pol. Then you could explain why in the hell they look different instead of trying to do a spare the moment facelift on something that has worked since the 60's.
This won't last one season.
Keith Forseth
Oh let me guess.....the Captain is a black female (way to be typical Hollywood) and lets see, what should the bad guys be....hmm....albino white evil men???
TheHumanVulcan THV
Gregory Butler
First the Federation was created at the end of the Enterprise series...don't care for the new Klingon look...too many holes, too many errors...too much CGI...
Terry Peterson
The best thing about this trailer is that it serves as a reminder to watch... SOMETHING ELSE!
The Ordinary Gamer
“Let’s take Star Trek and use it as yet another opportunity to pander to leftist ideals of female/minority leads”

“but they aren’t a huge part of our watcher demographic”

“Who cares if the show makes it. It’s not like we’re Star Trek fans”
True One
correo alterno
“Shaka, when the walls fell.”
I know I've seen this before, but where? Oh right, The Force Awakens, Stargate SG1, DS9, Babylon 5 & Enterprise. The creativity well is clearly dry here. I stopped watching Star Trek when Enterprise came out. You're compounding the mistakes they made, and you're making entirely new ones.

There's so much else to watch that's already included in my cable, Netflix & Amazon Prime subscriptions. Passing on this is soooo easy!
Ah paramount shuts down fan based vids,why because there isn't a buck to be made off of it.......
How are you suppose to reach the fan base? Stream a fee? Your shows are supported by sponsors thus commercials take my advise and learn a thing or two about fans and shows,looks like cbs is going to end up with shit in the end because a greedy exec that should be shown the door...........
Deplorable News Media
here's the latest official sjw trailer.
Muffin Man
Unbelievable...Netflix Customer Service says that this show will be available in other regions in Sept., but not the USA just yet. Well, Netherlands, enjoy the show on Sept 25th.. Also, these folks get it before USA:
Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas. But mostly in Europe....omg seriously wtf
"SJW" Is alt-right code for "I hate/can't handle seeing females or non-whites in major roles in popular franchises" Remember when the alt-reich cucks boycotted Star Wars because they were triggered by Rey and Finn? Such losers lmao
Onna Kiti no Nabi
I don't get why everyone is hating one this.
eddie willers
Looks awful.
Giovanni Masi
I'm confused why did the casting team decided to give the black woman a mans name? Micheal??? Why??
Does this share continuity with the latest movies?
CBS just screwed up the entire franchise.
Europa H2O Alien
10 bucks this movie will have a token gay person and a transgender alien along with a wimp ass SJW narrative.
Dave Gunn
I may or may not like it but will not see it until on something like hulu or netflix since I will never sign up for CBS all access.
Dman Cluster
This looks good, but If they were going to do a prequel, they should've done one of these choices:
1. Sulu's years on the Excelsior. 2. A better version of Enterprise. 3. Kirk's early years.
Lee Rilea
What we want and need is Star Trek Continues.
Lee Rilea
Another junk series. JJ was bad enough, this lowers the bar. Far too much like Enterprise in the way it looks. This is set only 10 years before kirk and Spock. Doesn't ANYONE look at TOS to see how things looked???????? Look at The Cage, or The Managerie you bunch of losers. Between JJ and this travesty, Star Trek has been ruined.
Wow, just wow. Not in a good way either... rehash, with new forced female lead(s) and goofy side characters (engineered to sense death?, jeez. Bet he senses it in every combat situation. No crap idiot. ). Yeah yeah we get it, girl power and diversity for the sake of diversity. Let's see if it survives it's own propaganda.
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