Ken Patterson
Why do the Klingons look like reptiles or crustaceans?
Summers Winterer
Not available on Netflix or on CBS but instead a new paid CBS channel. No thanks. Doesn't really look good anyways. Will watch the Orville for free instead.
already people are talking shit about this show after only seeing the trailer......gonna just wait and watch it to form an opinion....
It's stylistically designed to be that way, and we can't undo it, but we can diminish the effects of it.

It's gonna be great
Will be a PC/affirmative action soap opera/sci fi drama, no thanks.
PC affirmative action crap running amok. They will make it into a space drama. Wanna bet any strong male figure will me neutered and never shown. Will probably be gay to fill that pc slot.
Jamie Velasquez
i cant believe all the hate for this. people can be stubborn and lost in the past -.if they dont change the character design and so on then it will always just be the same stale thing, that's what dora the explorer is for if you always need to go over a mountain, through a bush and around a puddle every episode... i like star trek, specifically ds9 (i know some dont consider it part of the true st line cuz it wasn't created fully on roddenberry's idea's ) though i think that's part of why it is better - even as a fan of past shows i always hated the clean cut perfect utopia they try to pass off, and the horrible fight choreography. alot of old schoolers whined about the remake of battle star galactica b4 it came out (especially with a female starbuck) but it turned out great.
Chuck Pasky
Okay CBS I have been trying to watch Star Trek Renegade what you're doing to the name and to the person is wrong Gene Roddenberry was a master genius why are you blocking why are you doing the things you're doing I just want to watch Star Trek in this day and era not five hundred million trillion years ago I want to see what modern Whopper tree and what modern warships can do oh let me rephrase that Starships can do you should be ashamed of yourself it's bad enough as a truck fan to watch these videos however the only one that is good is Rogue so get your s*** together and start putting out something worth while for people to watch if not you are not living by the great person who developed Star Trek
Ehhh. I don't want to judge it too much on just a trailer, but that trailer did absolutely nothing to interest me. Put simply, Star Trek is about one thing above all else: smart scripts that use space stuff as a metaphor to examine facets of who we are. Forget that, and just make a pretty-looking, effects laden soap opera, and this'll die with as little care as Enterprise did.
Slandy HD
Finаllу I've foоund hd Stааr ТТТТrеk mоviе hеeеrеее =>
Eugene The Workaholic
I will give it a chance
Does CBS not realize Star Trek has lasted since the 60's because of its fan base? So what do they do, alienate the entire fan base.

Even from a money making stand point, folks at CBS obviously have their heads way, way up inside their butts.

This is a great way to loose money, fans, and to kill a money making franchise.
The Ace of Spades
We wuz enterprise captains n' shiet nigguh
Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein
Star Trek: Galactic Affirmative Action
Neo Prototype
It's sad that fan-made Star Trek is better than any "official" garbage.
So basically, every new show is going to be either all female, black female, black gay female, black trans female. Does that about sum it up?
Hulk Smash
RIP Star Trek
richard maska
Holy crap, why all the venom for this new series?
Mike Teske
I thought Captain Pike was the Captain during the 10 years before Kirk?
Justin Blaine
What is with the Klingons? They look so stupid!
So fucking stupid
Rabid Dingo
Don't you all love the YouTube algorithm that removes negative comments and thumbs down because it may seem offensive. Yeah that YouTube they hate your opinion.
Jonathan Anson
Hmmm I guess I'll just have to be content with watching reruns for the next ten years before we get another good Star Trek show...The show does not portray the enginuity of traditional Star Trek .....Prequel.... no thanks.... and what's with the goofy looking Klingons?........ E P I C F A I L!........ crappy producers and directories who will make a ton of money but will destroy their reputation..... Fund some Trek nerds to produce a REAL tv show instead of suing them for making a half decent fan show with no money
Joan Nemeth
One more time with "feeling"?
Jim, it's gonna blow.
Finally got around to watching this. Sets and costuming look pretty nice. I like the inclusion of a lot more aliens in the crew and the diversity is nice to see as well. Not particularly sold on the time period, though. And maybe I've just been out of the fandom for a long time, but the dialogue and some of the pacing seemed pretty awkward in this trailer too. Like, the line "what have you done out there on the edge of Federation space" is just a bit too specific. I dunno, I get he's a Vulcan, but people don't talk like that. The rest seems like it's trying to be a mix between the J.J. Abrams films and the original show, but it's not quite working... I'm a bit apprehensive about this...
Sarah Bouachir
Evil Roy Slade
It looks cool. Just one question, is this the Prime timeline?
Alexander Heath
I guess the anti-sjws have only watched the J.J. Star Treks were theirs only one black person.

I'm not a SJW btw. I hate both sides. You're all equally cancerous.
Timothius Zamora
lady Curtacci
where's Hillary ?
Troy Kipping
You may ask yourself "so their rewriting Star Trek now?" It was always about forcing marxism down our throats you're only realizing it now.
g walker
Star Trek goes all the way into the 31st century yet all these new shows keep going back. I would love to see something after the DS9 / Voyager days. But whatever... I'll watch this first then reserve judgement.
Wayne Bake
CBS is leaving a big wet steamer on the chest of the ST franchise. The technology looks like it's ahead of the TNG/DS9 era, the costume design is wrong, and the Klingons didn't look like this during this time. Ridiculous.
this is retarded dog shit
Jonathan Hernandez
Alex Kurtzman...shudder
Anthony Campo
Can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope this dies faster than Enterprise. This does not resemble any form of canon Star Trek that I've ever seen. At least the Kelvin Timeline movies have a story arc showing the progression of Kirk from an irresponsible, over-confident cadet to a more experienced, more stable officer. This... this is just a sad excuse for Star Trek.

The closest things we've had to true Star Trek recently were Axanar and Renegades, which were both forced to be dulled down to a shell of what they were supposed to be (because CBS probably feared that they would over-shadow thier movies and shows).

Star Trek used to be a show that caused discussion about important topics in current society; a platform for social progress. Modern Trek is just a shoot-em-up franchise used to make money, and anything that resembles legacy trek is sued out of existence.

I will be watching Oriville. It doesn't appear that it will have the same effect as TNG, but it is way closer to trek (mainly TOS) than anything that currently exists from CBS and Paramount. It even has a sense of humor, which with current events... we all need a good laugh.
Frank Rizzo
Let me guess, they're going to re-do all the original series' story lines. Episode one: Amok Time Episode two: Space seed......
Reason and Moderation
Great graphics, but I have a feeling it will be corny
Cheshire Kat
I wonder if they'll have any run-ins with Captain Pike and his crew.
Jeremiah F
SASHA from walking dead !!!!! I love it!!!!!!! Great Unifiers !!!!!
Man Stuff Channel
Looks like star trek is getting the BSG treatment.. Looks interesting
So .... I HAVE discovered/CONCLUDE THAT Star Trek discovery IS BASICALLY A RIP OFF OF STARTREK.....
Tower Review Films
If they do a pre-pre-pre-prequel would Barron Trump be commander?
When star Trek fans at every con voted Galaxy Quest a better movie then STID or any AbramsTrek and screamed no reboots for 10 years - what in the name of common horse sense made you think it was a good idea to alienate your core demographic and make a rebooted TV show after Beyond bombed? Do you all have any sense what so ever? Netflix, why would you fund this train wreck? This is not Star Trek, not even close.
kristopher barker
Is this the Prime Timeline, or the Kelvin Timeline?
Straight Talk
Basing your judgements on a trailer, (Not to mention acting like someone switched your fanboy big gulps for actual juice) is neither accurate nor productive.
They are in the future, in space, and in a stage of change, while all of you, are fapping joyously to your own diminishing boyhood dreams.
Overbound Game Studio
What's that? More Star Trek Prequels you say?
Rick Jones
Star Trek SJW.
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